I am responsible for my emotions

Since 1989, I have taught high school music.  During that time, I have been at five public schools and one independent school.  I have wisdom about education.  Plenty of stories that you can read in my book CONDUCTING MY LIFE.  I am attempting to remember a time when chanting USA was considered offensive.  I really

I am a Marrano.

“De-friended.” “Blocked your message.” “How can you be a Christian and support Donald Trump?” “So, you support Donald Trump?  Wow! You must be a white supremacist!” “You don’t believe the colonization of the United States was the largest “cultural bomb” our nation has faced?!” “You didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton?  You didn’t vote for Donald

The Final Tuesday of Vacation

Most people may have written this type of “article” on the first-of-the-month or a Sunday night / Monday morning, but a Tuesday?  I had a free Tuesday, so I thought – what the heck?  My readers in Accident, Maryland; Embarrass, Minnesota; Two Egg, Florida; and, Waterproof, Louisiana needed an “article.” So, what are you thinking,

Why are you crying, Paul?

My current setting:  sitting at my computer:  which sits on one of those very old folding tables that my aunt used to play Bridge on; the cover on the table, due to it probably being forty years-old, is tearing away; sitting in a very nice, two-story,  2,200 square foot home.  Full of boxes.  Unfortunately …

Stay with your mission.

 I haven’t written too much about my faith.  I do want my blog to be open to all.  My faith unfortunately will turn-off people.  I want those “turned-off” people to hang-in there with me.  I will have some great “secular” insight.  Please do look at my “sacred-entries” as just another part of “Paul.”  AN IMPORTANT

My First Public Prayer

The purpose of my BLOG is to give some insight from a teacher (BY THE WAY…NOTHING ON THIS BLOG REPRESENTS MY SCHOOL OR DISTRICT….n o t h i n g ! ! !) and what I have learned and continue to learn being a husband and dad.  I know several of you will be “put-off”