Someone Needed You To Listen

First, sorry for not writing sooner.  I am balancing my communication tools between this blog and podcast.  I do encourage you to please listen to my podcast.  The goal for the podcast is to give some positive information in a negative world.  I do believe there is evil in this world and I have accepted

Took Our Flag for a Walk

On April 14th I decided to take “my” flag for a walk.  I have done this several times and the response to me carrying the flag is so flippin’ cool!  I must admit.  I get a kick out of the response to me simply carrying our American flag. Now, I know I am the “crazy”

Put Others First

On February 25, 2018, I wrote an article for my blog “PLEASE…JUST DO YOUR JOB.”  At that time, we were told that law enforcement did not engage the EVIL at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  I stand by the overall message of that article.  The message is DO YOU JOB.  What I do want to

Please… just do your job

The time has arrived where we are now being asked to accept people’s stories for “WHY I DIDN’T DO MY JOB.”  Seriously.  The time has arrived.  Well, I am going to do my job and hope you will join me in doing your job, as well. I cannot stand by and allow a high school

The Power Of Choice

What I have enjoyed the most about being a citizen in our nation is:  THE POWER OF CHOICE.  There is something that is in our DNA as AMERICANS that includes THE POWER OF CHOICE.  There are other nations that take that power away.  I am afraid that is beginning to happen in our nation.  We