The Power Of Choice

What I have enjoyed the most about being a citizen in our nation is:  THE POWER OF CHOICE.  There is something that is in our DNA as AMERICANS that includes THE POWER OF CHOICE.  There are other nations that take that power away.  I am afraid that is beginning to happen in our nation.  We


Good Morning 2018!! I don’t know you yet, but let me tell you… I do have some hopes and dreams for our GROWING FRIENDSHIP.  I offer my hopes and dreams (2018) to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I would also add, for my friends who do not believe in Jesus Christ – please read and send

End of the Year Letter

DISCLAIMER:  NAMES OF CITIES AND SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN CHANGED!!  Those who know me will recognize the cities, the schools, and the events.  Out of respect, I changed the names of the cities and schools.  My experiences are MY EXPERIENCES and I do share my experiences because I want those who have similar experiences know —

Mean is the seed of “EVIL”

So, how do I spend my first day of VACATION?  Well, I talked to Jon on facebook for a while.  Enjoy talking to people about issues with REASONABLE tone in our voices.  And now… I blog.. Today, I blog about the word BULLY… When I hear the word “bully,” I see the douche on the

A Public Thanksgiving Letter

When I got a new phone, something happened to my “folders” in my computer / COMAST.  HEAVY SIGH!  So, I lost my password to “my” website.  Hence, this being posted on December 19,2017.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING MY BLOG.  I have about nine of you and I am very sorry to you FAITHFUL


Today, I was listening to my talk radio.  Because, I want people to read this, I will not tell you who I listened to.  If you knew who I listened to, you may not choose to read this.  The radio host’s guest was Erica Komisar, author of BEING THERE:  Why Prioritizing MOTHERHOOD in the First

Support of Fathers

Support of FATHERS.  Mothers … you are incredible.  NO DOUBT.  But, when I did a search on “fathers,” I was taken aback by what I saw / read. —————————————————————— October 1, 2017, Las Vegas, Nevada The son of a father who — “…robbed a string of banks in Arizona, escaped prison in Texas and tried