Hello World:

This is my first sentence of my first-ever blog at the age of forty-nine years old (soon to be FIFTY  January 6, 2016) and I bet you will find something wrong with this first sentence.  Syntax?  Micro-aggression because I mentioned my age.  Something will be wrong with what I write because you of how you read it.  I would ask that one read my blogs with an understanding that what I write is an “opinion.”  There will be facts, such as I am married to a woman; have been since March 30, 1991.  We have two beautiful children.  Those are facts.  My wife is the best wife in the world:  OPINION.  Two beautiful children:  OPINION.  (Strongly believe in those OPINIONS, but they are opinions.)

So, what will be the focus of my blogs:  EDUCATION / FAMILY .  I am a high school music teacher.  I have been a high school music teacher since July 3, 1989.  Love it.  However, I do see the end coming near and I will share that with you in the future.

This may be the shortest blog I write… but I want to give you a taste / introduction of where I am going.  I have attached an article that would be something I would share.  I believe PUBLIC SCHOOLS need to support the PUBLIC, which includes RELIGION.  If a music teacher can find good music (of course, “good” is in the “ear-of-the-beholder”) or music that contains specific musical elements (rhythms, key signatures, dynamics, etc.), why does it matter if it is sacred or secular?  It is a PUBLIC SCHOOL.  What happened to PUBLIC?  I understand why there would be folks worried about a MUSLIM song, but that worry is YOUR WORRY and your CHOICE to be worried.  Please consider how your “worry” is handed down to your children.  I think all parents should really embrace what the parent (the parent / family member) is teaching his / her children.

From this Christian man:  congratulations to the teacher for finding a Muslim song to go with the Christian and Jewish songs.  I wish all of us a more safe and tolerant / free world in 2016.

Parents Question Choice To Sing ‘Allahu Akbar’ At Holiday Concert