Carefully? Cautiously? Courageously?

Well, you have one opportunity to conduct your life like music, you want your life to be better than a "C".

Paul Everts
Conducting My Life

“ I believe that every teacher, parent and student should read this book. There a lot of GREAT life lessons in this book. The life lessons are not JUST for teachers, but EVERYONE. I enjoyed this book very much and even had tears in my eyes through his struggles and triumphs. Thank you, Paul!” – G. Panos



Presented by Paul D. Everts, Founder – BAND TOGETHER

November 4th, 2023 (Odd Number Laws Event) Time: 9am–3pm

March 2nd, 2024 (Even Number Laws Event) Time: 9am–3pm


Location: Westside Church, 2000 Opportunity Dr. Roseville, CA 95678

(Notice: This event is not affiliated with or hosted by the church.)

Paul Everts


Paul Everts began teaching high school on July 3, 1989 and since then, has taught at five high schools – four public high schools and one small 8-12 grade independent school.  During his career, all five high school music programs experienced significant growth and success.

In “Conducting My Life,“ Mr. Everts uses personal stories to show you how he conducts his life with all those “C’s” with another important “C” – Christ.  Jesus Christ.


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