Band Together

The Plan

I began teaching January 1989. Since then, I have turned mistakes into progress and through that progress I have developed the plan that can make life as a music teacher or a leader simpler.  Not easier, simpler.  Also, you will be able to allow your students or team members a chance to turn into some of the finest leaders. No one succeeds alone and we should stop trying. The plan is to include your students or team members in the process of making you a better leader and in the process they become better followers and eventually leaders.

Through a carefully designed process and personal consultation, we will help you build the foundation and expand upon that foundation to develop a fantastic culture. A culture that will build trust and interdependence. Your students will appreciate the opportunity to be part of your ensemble or team. You can also appreciate all they will add to your life.

We will come to your school or company and provide strong material that can give you and your organization a safe way to build the trust we all want to have. As one of my clients said, “Mr. Everts. You don’t so much want us to be better leaders, you want us to be better people.”  ABSOLUTELY!  In fact, when I say, “We,” I include me!! I always walk away from these seminars feeling so inspired by what we (all of us) accomplished.


The Goal

For all of us, THE GOAL is to learn one thing while adding value to another person. When we have rehearsals, our goal for each rehearsal is to improve and to learn our fellow musicians’ parts in the music; how does our part fit with our fellow musicians.  Well, that is the goal for our seminars:  how do I improve as a person / leader, while adding value to another person’s life.


Material – Time – Costs

Depending on what you need, we will provide:

  • numerous practical handouts,
  • motivating / STIMULATING presentations,
  • lead fantastic discussions,
  • depending on the group – TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITIES;
  • ready to help build a MISSION STATEMENT.

Remember: this seminar is personally developed for you and your organization. I prepare for each seminar to last as long as you need me: hour; all day; two-day seminar. I am very happy to periodically return for a “re-fresher.” Again, costs will be a factor, but not “the” factor. Costs are completely negotiable. I will ask for assistance in transportation, food, and lodging. Having been a high school music teacher since 1989, I understand that money is tight! I will do all I can to keep the costs to a minimum.


Who is this wonderful opportunity for?

Although the name of our company is BAND TOGETHER, we are prepared to serve any group (secular or sacred organizations; middle school students; high school students; college students; non-profits; athletic teams).  We would love to have part of the day be dedicated to both your boosters club and student leaders listening to the same message and the boosters club observing the students participating in our seminar. So. let’s BAND TOGETHER and help one another be better leaders by becoming better people.