About Paul

July 3, 1989, Mr. Everts began teaching high school and “paused” his high school music teaching career on December 22, 2021.
Mr Everts aught at five public high schools and one private high school and one small 8-12 grade independent school.  During his career, all five high school music programs experienced significant growth and success.

Mr. Everts is known for his ability to grow programs.  He has received numerous honors including:  middle school honor band director for four different honor bands; Top Ten Teacher in Sacramento (2000 SACRAMENTO MAGAZINE); nominated as a 2013 Grammy Music Teacher.  Mr. Everts is a consultant for student leadership.

Mr. Everts is married to Diana, and they have two children (PJ & Katy), a daughter-in-law, Ashlee and two grandsons: Jason & Wyatt.



Paul is a certified member of the John Maxwell Team: Learn More Here