First, as I was fighting COVID19, “THANK YOU” to all the folks who sent me so many loving and supportive messages.  COVID19 is no joke!  So, again, THANK YOU.  Your love and support really helped.  I am so glad August 2021 is over.  Reminds me how blessed we are to have so many Augusts that

Surviving COVID19

On the morning of Thursday, August 12, I was in my bed crying watching FIELD OF DREAMS.  I was still recovering from a rough bout of COVID19.  I find any movie that centers around or features a father / son relationship to be rough on me.  Even at 55 years-old, I still feel the pain

Do Not Owe Anyone a Gold Medal

I am perplexed by the thought of an eighteen year-old’s statement “do not owe anyone a gold medal.”  This is the response by eighteen year-old Sunisa Lee.  Miss Lee is one of the United States’ gymnasts who earned a silver medal in the team competition.  I want us adults – let’s say 35 year-olds and

Congratulations! You’re hired!

“Mr. Everts, we here at ‘Right Side of History Enterprises’ are happy to say, due to your qualifications:  white / heterosexual male (cisgender, if you will) / fifty-five years old / Christian meet our ‘Team Equity’ standards … YOU HAVE THE JOB!”  I believe … strongly believe … this is going to be the United

Critical Crossroad

Letter to My Students – Sixth Letter in a Series  Hello:First, as always and since July 3, 1989 – I love you.  You mean a lot to me.  One of the cool things about being a high school music teacher?  More often than not … MUCH MORE OFTEN (sorry – NOT sorry – for the

Nothing to See Here – 01

I want to be careful to NOT make this blog “feature” the length of a THE ATLANTIC article.  Just started to read a lengthy article and instead of reading it, I thought I would listen to it.  There are publications that have audio presentations.  This audio presentation of THE ATLANTIC article is 45 minutes!!  My