Begin With The End In Mind. Be Responsible.

This is part of my series focused on the “inevitable”  “The End.”  My end.  Possibly your end, as well. This is the third in the series.  The first one was “Be Kind.”  The second one is “Be Respectful.”  Now, if I was to re-write “Be Respectful,” I would change it to “Be Respect.”  There is

Today’s SPECIAL: Know Sandwich

I am going to make a “KNOW SANDWICH.”   Here is what I know.  I started to write this on May 7, 2020 at 1:49pm. 1:51pm – just as I got all comfortable, I had to go to the bathroom… okay. Now, I am back… I love Wyton Marsalis’s album with the English Chamber Orchestra.. Listening


I am writing this on May 2, 2020.  It is the day following a very large protest in Sacramento at the state capitol.  I live in Roseville, California which can be twenty minutes north-east of Sacramento.  I was taken aback by the pictures of the protest to “RE-OPEN CALIFORNIA.”  I was glad not to see

Begin With The End in Mind. BE KIND!

HOPE YOU ARE WELL. For “fun,” I have begun a “FACEBOOK NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PATROL.”  The idea came from seeing vulgar language towards people, name calling, and wishing people were dead or would get COVID-19.  Yes, unfortunately, this poor behavior was around political topics.  On FACEBOOK, I enjoy presenting topics for discussion.  I appreciate folks participating

We are on “Paid Administrative Leave.”

On Friday, March 27, 2020, I had three great phone calls. My “Chaplain” – In June 2016, my “Chaplain” and I met one another on a cruise to Alaska and have been friends ever since!  At that time, my “Chaplain” was a Chaplain for a jail.  So, he is an ACTUAL Chaplain.  LOVE HIS KNOWLEDGE

Guess The Title

We have experienced our first week of SCHOOL CLOSURE due to COVID-19.  On social media, I have seen so many wonderful and loving messages from my colleagues to their students of all ages.  Heart warming.  And, yet, my experience has been very different, and I thought I would share that with you.  I do hope

Suck is a choice.

As strange as it sounds, I was doing really well today until I saw things being canceled.  I had today off from school – not because of COVID-19.  There were mid-terms for period one and two and I have those periods off.  I was very excited to be home with my wife, Diana. We went