About the Book


How do you conduct your life?  Carefully?  Cautiously?  Courageously?

Well, you have one opportunity to conduct your life and like music, you want your life to be better than a “C.”  In our nation, “C” stands for average and the definition of average is:  the best of the worst or the worst of the best.

Mr. Everts hopes we would conduct our lives with the goal of being the best of the best.  In “Conducting My Life,“ Mr. Everts uses personal stories to show you how he conducts his life with all those “C’s” with another important “C” – Christ.  Jesus Christ.




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Look at what some readers are saying about CONDUCTING MY LIFE

“In “Conducting My Life” Mr. Everts not only shares the stories that came with a lifetime of teaching, but also the insight and reflection that turn the stories into true teaching moments. I would encourage every teacher, not just music teachers, to read this book. I would also encourage everyone,not just teachers, to read this book. In it you will find humor, joy, heartbreak, and inspiration. Like a true music teacher, Mr. Everts’ lessons are not confined to a musical classroom, but to life, and living within our communities.” – 

“Eager to read as this is written by my former teacher- and being a teacher myself I can relate to the struggles and challenges…. And Mr. E’s real life reflections are spot on and so encouraging to never give up and always give your best… Whether in music, or life itself! Please read and encouraged by one who has been in the trenches!!” – HappyShopper

“Paul writes on the trials and tribulations teachers face from a myriad of circumstances: parents, teachers, administrators and students, all the while relating his real life experiences to how the conductor perfects his/her craft. A must read for young teachers starting out in teaching and conducting.” – Amazon Customer

“This book is a must read for musicians, educators, and people from all walks of life! As a former high school student of the author, I cannot begin to express my gratitude for his teachings and life lessons I learned under his guidance. Paul’s stories of tribulation, trial, and triumph will be humbling but will be equally inspiring. As a musician and future educator myself, this book has brought to my attention that being a teacher in the 21st century is extremely challenging. Through all of Paul’s difficult experiences, his wisdom and success would serve inspiration and courage to teachers of all subjects. Education, music, and the difficulties aside, Paul’s message of humanity is something that ALL PEOPLE from ALL WALKS OF LIFE should read. If children are the future of the world, then those who we trust to teach them are vital to their success or failure. PLEASE PURCHASE THIS BOOK AND READ IT!” – Amazon Customer

“Awesome book! Moves quickly and keeps you interested the whole time, even with such personal stories the lessons learned still ring true!” – Amazon Customer

“This is a life story of a teacher I have known for a short time but have become instant friends. While I do not have a music background I was interested in his insight of his career and factors surrounding his career such as family and certain point of views that you would not hear on school grounds. Here is a man who lived and is still living his dream as a music teacher who has turned mediocre bands at best to something to be proud to be a part of. It hasn’t come without harsh challenges in life. In this book you will see what he had to do and go through to be where he is today. You can be a music major or be as close to music as your iPod (me most of the time) and still take what is written and apply to your day to day life as there is a lesson for somewhere for anyone to learn. It is an excellent read.” – Giancarlo Penninella

“This book, much like the teacher, will change you. You will find yourself identifying with both the author and the various situations, even if you don’t teach. We all need a reminder that we don’t always know the full story and that the side we get may not be the shiny side. The author encourages risk, but cautions the readers to be willing to pay the price because there is always a price. As well, the book offers a reminder on what’s important (family and personal morals) and to be true to them, even if the cost is high. There are a few books in my life that I read once a year because I always seem to learn something new from them, this book is right next to those on that book shelf. I am already looking forward to the next read of it.” – Anonymous

“I just started reading this book, and thought I would give it and the author some praise. It’s well written with honest insight on the struggles with being an educator in the arts. It feels as if the author is having a conversation with you, telling a story, as apposed to talking at you. I’m sure many people can relate to these stories with their own experiences. This is a fun read, and I’m eager to finish the book.” – Amazon Customer

“Such a great book. The real life of a music teacher” – thetrom

“While probably not a member of the target audience for this book, I still took a lot away from the stories Paul Everts shares in Conducting My Life. The notes at the end of each chapter pulled out life and career lessons from his anecdotes that are applicable to everyone (not just high-school music teachers) such as leadership, team-building, and perseverance, to name a few. Most importantly, the stories illustrate the benefits and importance of having a strong faith. Paul’s faith is Christian centered and demonstrates an unyielding belief in God’s plan and control over events in his life. However, I would not consider this a “Christian” book or overly “preachy”. Plenty of times throughout the book, Paul’s Christian beliefs are in conflict with those beliefs held by others. Instead of stubbornly demanding compliance to his beliefs (or citing scripture and explaining why they are “wrong”) Paul approaches these encounters with love and sets and example I believe more self-proclaimed religions persons should follow. Furthermore, Paul explains that sharing love in the face of conflicting beliefs (or actions) should be practiced whether a person is religious or not. Paul emphasizes this at the end of the book as he eloquently explains The Golden Rule. Framing his story in the context of The Golden Rule allows for both the religious and non-religious reader to appreciate the lessons and wisdom shared with the reader in Conducting My Life. I find the insights and commentary on his stories to be relatable, pertinent, and useful in any reader’s life. This is a must read for teachers (especially teachers early in their career) and every parent of school-aged children. The stories in Conducting My Life provide a window into the lives of the people who spend as much time with your children as you do (if not more). I would also recommend that any professional read this book as the interactions with peers/administrators/parents are analogous to the conflicts seen in almost any line of work.” – Eric B.

“Absolutely amazing! 100% worth the read if you need inspiration, or just need a new book. I would recommend this to everyone.” – Amazon Customer

“A great read! The stories are insightful, interesting and at times amusing. I would highly recommend this book!” – Amazon Customer

“Clearly written by a teacher with a huge heart for kids and teaching! Speaks to the difficulties and struggles teachers face on a daily basis but also celebrates the successes! A must read for all but a definite read for teachers everywhere!” – Amazon Customer