An Encroachment that is Leading to a Slow Erosion. 

Whenever I express my opinion, I realize I risk losing another friend or client.  It seems to be easier / simpler to lose a friend or client than to get either.  How I get through this fear of losing a friend or a client is telling myself:  I love my friend.  I believe in God.  Others believe in God.  There are 300 million people in this nation and … several of them will like me and few will love me.  But the few need to be God, Diana, and me.  I would also like to include my family.  Yet, no pressure on my family.

I wish my relationships will always be stronger than an opinion.  

What the hell are we doing with our nation’s children?  Why are they being introduced to so many adult issues at such a young age?   

Have we forgotten that our children observe / listen to nearly every damn thing we do and say?  I would have to say YES is the answer to that question? 

What the hell have we done to our nation’s parents?

When did the government (public schools) decide that others know how to raise your children better than you do?  Why did you parents not stand-up and defend yourselves? 

These questions have come to my mind based on four recent stories:

South Dakota’s failed attempt to pass a bill

Our response to the Coronavirus

A California assembly bill to make it illegal for stores to have an aisle for boys’ toys and an aisle for girls’ toys.

And a video of a dancer dancing for a girl who looks like she is seven years-old

I have developed a theory:  SOCIETAL-PHYSICS.  The definition of inertia:  Law of Inertia it’s also called Newton’s first law of motion simply stated it means an object in motion tends to stay in motion or an object at rest tends to stay at rest unless the object is acted upon by an unbalanced force. 

What is happening in our nation is we are seeing changes in our society that will cause us not to “bounce” as high because we lack the law of motion to bounce back as high.  When our society is going through rough times, we could count on the strength of the family and faith.  Those who had the “order” of family and faith helped get us back on track or get us to bounce back from those low times. 

What did help our nation bounce as high?  Family and Faith.

When I look at the Great Depression or World War II, the family was strong, and folks were connected to a faith.  There was order. 

Now, this is when I am going to lose more friends.

I have grown to accept / tolerate the United States family has changed.  Instead of a man and woman being father and mother, we have two dads or two moms or a single-parent or stepparent.  No doubt.  We are never returning to the a-typical United States family being led by a father and a mother.  I understand.  We are not a theocracy.  AND … There are plenty of studies to show a family that is led by a married couple (man / woman) is very “healthy.”  I believe a family led by a married couple (man / wife) is important to a “healthy” society. 

What I have grown not to accept is the adult raising the child, abdicates the role of the “parent” and turns parenting over to the government. 

When I see legislation that “sides” on the child against the wishes of the parent, this is a sign that our Societal-Physics is “slowing” down or is suffering from some sort of “unbalanced force.”  The parents should have the final say for how they are to bring-up their child.  I understand there will be exceptions.  For gosh sake, anyone with common sense knows that if a child is endangered due to the parent’s abuse, something needs to happen. 

However, if the child wants to change gender, then we really need to be careful to make a decision that will impact the child’s life forever.  The parents should have the final say for such a major change.  A change they will live forever.  The government doesn’t live with that decision.  The government cares less or cares far less than that child’s family cares.   The South Dakota law said, “… under sixteen.”  That is reasonable.  

There are cases where people who have changed their gender, later to regret it.  Are we going to see lawsuits against parents for harming their children for changing the child’s gender? 

It is also interesting to see, when a family does what it can to keep the child their biological gender, those parents are labeled awful / abusive.  But, when parents approve a gender change that leads to hormones / surgery, those parents are doing the right thing. 

I am just a high school music teacher.  I am not a psychologist.  I would ask parents to do all you can to be THE parents for your child.  Clothe your child.  Feed your child.  Be involved with your child’s education / volunteer at school.  If there are two or more parents (again, attempting to be empathetic with our “Republic” – let God judge), one of you needs to be THE parent.  You need to be the one to go to the school meetings / performances / athletic events / etc.

Do all you can not to have the government step in on your behalf.  You are your child’s parent – no one else.  In fact, defend your child against the government.  Share your story with the public!  

The most challenging part of being a parent is seeing your child hurt.  No doubt.  We want our children to have happy lives.  Yet, our job is to prepare the child for the road, not the road for the child.  Be with them.  TELL THEM, THEY HAVE THE POWER TO GET THROUGH THE CRAP.  You are going to be there to get them through the crap. Don’t give into their pain. 

Age seven, they know who they are?  What they are?  Again, I am just a high school band director.  At the age of seven, they are pretending.  As a biological boy, they are pretending to be a girl and vise-versa.  You would be okay beginning the transitioning from boy to girl (or vise-versa) at the age of seven? 

Being a parent in the United States is getting to be extremely challenging.  Right now, it seems the parents’ job is to do all they can to make their child happy… literally…all they can. Part of being a human being is realizing being happy all the time is unrealistic.  It is realistic to know that being happy is always around the corner.  You don’t know happy without being unhappy!  

I pray for parents.  I am so sorry to see we have allowed the government to encroach in the family.  An encroachment that is leading to a slow erosion.