Dear Students, I am sorry.

DISCLAIMER:  I wrote this article on July 14, 2020 at 10:40am.  At the time I wrote this, our local school district was still deciding how school was going to start.  Our school district is in Placer County, California.  I will not name school or district.  My blog represents me.  Plus, you can find out where I am…so what does it matter?  If we do not go back into the classroom for the start of the school year… this will be my apology.  

Dear Students, 

Sincerely, I hope you are doing well.  I have done my best to give you space, while at the same time doing what I can to let you know that I love ya!  I care about you (not care for you; do not take care of you).  Therefore, here is my quick letter of what can be – an apology. 

I am sorry that we (all of us in the education world) were unable to come up with a way to get you back on campus with us.  I am not totally responsible for the decision.   So, my “apology” is one of regret. What does an apology of regret look like?  According to Gary Chapman / Jennifer Thomas’s great book The Five Languages of an Apology:  Expressing regret is the emotional aspect of an apology.  It is to acknowledge the pain, the inconvenience, the disappointment, the betrayal of trust done to a person . It is to feel guilt, shame and pain that your actions or words have caused to another person.  

Seeing other nations being able to have their schools open and / or remained open during the COVID19 really gave me hope our state / nation would have been able to have done the same for you.  We did not.  Hence, I am sorry.  

So, please, do all you can to keep your head together!  Seriously… when you are feeling “loopy” – reach out for help.  Remember one way to help you feel better is?  TO HELP ANOTHER!  Go help someone!  Remember the “E-Triangle:”  Respect. Responsible. Discipline. Integrity. Ethics. Faith.   

Guard your heart.  There is actually such a thing as “Broken Heart Syndrome.”  Broken heart syndrome, also called stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy, can strike even if you’re healthy. ( So when you feel that your heart is heavy or beginning to break… THAT IS FOR REAL.  Look for a way to heal it.  Again, helping someone is one way to heal your heart.  Be organized.  Be disciplined.  Be honest.  Make small goals and accomplish them.  Read good / positive books.  Listen to good / positive music. All those listed are ways to help with your heart.  GUARD YOUR HEART!

In closing, we are not responsible for COVID19.  We ARE responsible for the choice to have online learning.  That is the current choice. 

Therefore, comes the next layer of responsibility.  We are going to be responsible for the work we do while being ONLINE.  I hate (hard word – I know)… I hate ONLINE LEARNING. Yet, that is also a choice to “hate” something / someone.  I will need to work through my hate.  Own my hate.  Get mad and then … forget-it-and-drive-on.  

Please know, I am reaching out to folks for support.  I have had thirty years of teaching high school music.  I am washing my hands.  I wear my mask where and when I am supposed to.  I am taking vitamins.  I am walking five-to-ten miles a week.  I have lost fifteen pounds.  Once I saw what COVID19 can do to a person, I have done what I can to get me ready to fight to live. 

I am here for you.  I will answer your call for help.  Once my student, always my student.  To see what is happening now saddens me and again, I WILL BE SAD.  Then get over it.  And then, be honest with yourself and learn to say and do:  I AM DOING THE BEST I CAN!

Many Blessings / Stay Health / Agape,
Mr. Everts