Now, What to do? BE PATRIOTIC.

Following what many of us have been seeing occur in Ukraine, it is time for me to address our patriotism.

Seeing the response from many Ukrainians is tremendously inspiring!  NO DOUBT.

And on the other hand, let us remember that Ukraine has some major corruption, as well.  • Corruption perceptions index of Ukraine 2021 | Statista  In fact, that same website has the level of Ukrainian’s corruption being higher than RUSSIA!  Not by much … • Corruption perceptions index of Russia 2021 | Statista


Therefore, I when I wave the Ukrainian flag in support of that nation, I know these two countries that are not good.  And unfortunately, there are few nations that are “good.”  Our dear nation has issues that are leading to us having an unfavorable rating, as well.

In attacking Ukraine, President Putin has shown tremendous power (an unintended consequence).  He has the power to bring the left and right together.  Who knew Putin’s power of bring the left and right together would be by his mistake in attacking a fellow corrupt nation?  President Putin has the power to create heroes in a corrupt nation.  He created a hero in President Zelenskyy.  As you know by now, President Zelenskyy is a comedian / actor.  We see and hear President Zelenskyy’s heroism!

As of February 28, 2022, I am siding with the people of Ukraine … and Russia.  The governments?  Please.  THEY ARE AWFUL.  President Zelenskyy continues to allow corruption, in part partnering with USA people, to run rampant!  Ours could be heading in the same direction, by the way.  Remember there are all sorts of stories about “leaders” in our nation and Ukrainians doing “evil” things.  And as far as the government in Russia?  We see the Russian government in action today!  The Ukrainians and Russians do not need to be experiencing this horror and pain.  Remember.  This started February 23rd and it is February 28th.   We have a way to go.

One more thing about President Zelenskyy.  When our nation offered a place to go for President Zelenskyy, he turned down that offer and made a request for more weapons / money!  What does that offer from our nation say about our nation’s leadership?  Would they accept an offer to leave our nation?  That is worrisome.

So, now I quickly turn to PATRIOTISM.

To defend its nation / a sign of PATRIOTISM, we see Ukrainian students making Molotov cocktails.  When the United States is attacked by a foreign or domestic enemy USA, do I see college students making Molotov cocktails to defend its nation?  Not enough.

To defend its nation / a sign of PATRIOTISM, we see Ukrainian students learning how to use rifles.  When the United States is attacked by a foreign or domestic enemy, do I see USA college students learning how to use rifles?  Not enough.

To show PATRIOTISM through music, we see and hear Ukrainian people – in their subway stations – singing their National Anthem.  When the United States is attacked by a foreign or domestic enemy, do I see USA college students singing our National Anthem?  Not enough.  I would bet there are more college students who DO NOT know the National Anthem than know!

We need to return to being a PATRIOTIC NATION.  A nation that takes pride in its rituals:  standing for the National Anthem; standing for the Pledge of Allegiance; 4th of July Parades; Memorial Day Parades; learn PATRIOTIC SONGS at school; have CELEBRATORY weeks of being AN AMERICAN.  Currently, we have many public-school teachers (at least in California) that shudder to think of a such a thing as “AMERICA IS GREAT” week!  They have NO problem celebrating other ethnicities.  No problem!  Cinco de Mayo day.  Black History Month.  But, at a large majority of the public schools, when a teacher raises the idea of “Constitution Day” (in California – where I live), the “loud” teachers will throw out the word, “jingoistic.”  That teacher will be mocked / shun.  (How do I know?  I was that teacher being mocked / shunned). Sad.

If we do not teach our students what PATRIOTISM is, our nation will fold to our enemy.  I know that sounds a bit “jingoisticy” (made up word)

Especially if you have elementary school children (K-5), ask your child’s teacher, “PATRIOTISM is love for or devotion to one’s country.  What are you (teacher) doing to teach my child to have love for or devotion for the United States of America?  Will I hear my son be able to sing the NATIONAL ANTHEM?  Say ‘The Pledge of Allegiance?’  Know what the US Constitution?”

The teacher will be shocked! I would be SURPRISED and DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY if the teacher actually had a plan / a unit to teach “patriotism.”

In California, on too many US History walls in high school classrooms, there are no presidents’ pictures, no pictures of heroes (including a variety of race / gender), no copies of founding documents (i.e., Constitution).  Such a shame to see too many US history teachers not accepting the responsibility to teach PATRIOTISM – love for or devotion to one’s country.  Ask that US high school teacher, “What are you doing to teach my high school daughter PATRIOTISM – love for or devotion to the United States of America?”  I would be curious to hear their answer.

Thank you, UKRAINE, for showing the world why PATRIOTISM is so very important!  Our nation better wake up before the “WOKE-UP” suffocates our love for or devotion for our GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  We have almost lost a generation of would-be-Patriots.

Now, I know my “Now, what to do?” series has been a “Christ-Centered” series.  Can one be a Christian and be PATRIOTIC?  The answer is a LOUD YES!

Again, GOD BLESS the citizens of Ukraine and Russia!  May Ukraine continue to be a sovereign nation!

Here are some sources to look at:

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