You Want “Real” Diversity? Tolerate “Andrew Tate”

Written on August 28, 2022, and posted around 11:39am (PST)…

It’s been a while since I wrote my last article.  A lot has happened.  Thanks to God … most of what has happened to me / for me has been very positive!

What I am going to write about today is my frustration with those who support the idea of “cancelling” those who differ with them.  The lack of tolerance from those who believe they are the most tolerant people in the world is frustrating.

I do not “know” Andrew Tate.  The first time I heard of “Andrew Tate was an interview by Tucker Carlson and just the fact I mention “Tucker Carlson,” those of you who are the most tolerant, just stopped reading because I listened to an interview done by Tucker Carlson.  See how that works?  You stopped reading because you are intolerant of Tucker Carlson.  Ironic!


What I learned from the interview is a person such as Andrew Tate is not allowed to be “Andrew Tate.”  And how “we” do this (not allowed to be “Andrew Tate”) is by taking away all social media from him and taking away access to his finances.  Effectively banish him from the town square!  I believe he is banned on nearly every possible “platform.”

Until Andrew Tate bows to the beliefs of the “Woke” / “Ultra-Liberals” (hey for every “ultra-MAGA” – I guess there is an “ultra-liberal” or “ultra-leftist”) he needs to pay the price.  Really, it’s the USA / Western Hemisphere’s version of Mao’s “Cultural Revolution.”

How does this “you must be like the rest of us” feel “American?”  IT DOESN’T.  BECAUSE IT IS NOT “AMERICAN!”

  • I disdain the idea to fight racism you must use racism.
  • I disdain the idea of schools (public (government) / charter / private) teaching children about gender / sex (especially as young as K-5).  What are the correct pronouns?
  • I disdain the idea teachers are supposed to hide a child’s “identity” from the child’s parents / legal guardians.  And … there are abusive parents and schools are MANDATED to protect those children from their abusive parents!
  • I disdain the idea teachers / the adults at school know the children better than their parents!  AND … sometimes parents are in denial about their children.
  • I disdain the idea of teachers displaying flags, such as the “rainbow flag” / “BLM flag,” in their classroom.  The only flags displayed should be the state’s flag and the USA FLAG.  That’s it!  They represent all of us!
  • I disdain the idea books written in the last five-to-twenty years should “replace” the “classics.”
  • I disdain the idea of a man who is Caucasian / Heterosexual / Christian / masculine — to the point where he opens the door for the lady or pays the bill for a date is the new “Public Enemy Number One.”  Yet, those who dress in drag OR date only their same gender OR date males or females not their ethnicity are “real” men.  Men are men!  Women are women!  I know… very binary!

Yet, here is the big difference between many of you and me:  I DO NOT WANT THOSE PEOPLE WHO PERPETUATE / PROMOTE WHAT I DISDIAN TO BE “BANISHED” / “PUBLICLY HANGED” / TREATED AS THE MODERN DAY “Salem Witches.”  HELL NO!!  I cannot write that enough.  I want to live in a country of ideas and discussion of ideas.

Why do you (those who agree that the “Andrew Tates” of the world) want people to pay the price for their ideas?  And then … have the nerve to say, “I am a tolerant person?”

You (who agree with the treatment of “Andrew Tate”) are no more tolerant than the “Conservative Christian White Male” you criticize.  You are the type of person who behaves like the people you hate / you disdain.  GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

To be an American means to .. yes …  tolerate those you disagree with and FIGHT for their right to be what you consider “stupid.”

When Americans support the idea of oppressing others for their beliefs, we are seeing a changing America.  I find that change to be extremely sad.  BTW – those people using social media / making it difficult to get money to get people to conform / agree with their ideas … those people are about 5% of our nation … certainly, a small VERY SMALL number!

Here is an idea… 

  • It’s okay for a person to think differently than you.  If that difference is more important than having him/her continue to be a friend / client / associate, then explain to him/her how important that issue is and either, walk away or set-up boundaries about “no-go-topics.”  Do not make it a crusade / your mission to change that person.

Before I go to heaven, I hope I will see the United States of America return to the idea that it’s okay to be an “Andrew Tate.”  I am not a fan of “Andrew Tate.”  I am a fan of without losing the RIGHT to express himself on a public forum or the ability to earn money, let “Andrew Tate” express himself and deal with the consequences of being “Andrew Tate.”  I do not want social media or the government forcing “Andrew Tate” to change.  That “forcing-to-change” is Maoist China!

As I have done, I want “Andrew Tate” to come to the realization that being kind is going to get you far in life and also, being kind in the way you share your feelings can… C A N … also lead to you losing people / relationships.  Life is difficult.