Attitude is a Choice. “I am going to keep a positive attitude and use it to influence others.”

I am writing this in a darken house.  My choice to have a darken / many lights are turned off.  With that morning (7:24am) crispness on Wednesday November 23, 2022 – the day before Thanksgiving.  First day listening to Christmas Carols.  I wanted to find a book that I can share with you.  I found it and what is the first chapter of the book:  ATTITUDE.  What a wonderful word the day prior to Thanksgiving!  Also, great timing for this word because for many off us our attitude gets a bit “wonky” during the holiday season.  Right?  Too many of us put too much stress on making this the “perfect” Thanksgiving / the “perfect” Hanukkah / the “perfect” Christmas / the “perfect” my way is the right way.  All of that “making perfect” is a choice!  Many of us reflect on the pain that this season has oppose to the joy this season has been and could be.  That choice should be a question, “is that (today is more special than any other day and if it doesn’t live up to the “special” life sucks) the right attitude to have now or any time?”  Dr. Jordan Peterson:  “Life doesn’t suck.  You suck.”  Yes.  We choose what our life is today and tomorrow.

I am using John Maxwell’s (of course) MAKE TODAY COUNT.  I will use his “BOLD PRINT” subtitles to help me – help you!  I am not going to use all the “BOLD PRINT” subtitles.  BUY THE BOOK!  The quote in the title of this article is from John Maxwell.


One of the traits in our culture was RESPONSIBLITY.  I purposely use the past tense “was.”  We are seeing the “evil” of being a victim / not accepting RESPONSIBILTY being a part of the “Woke Religion.”  Therefore, it is very challenging to help too many of you with this first “bold print” directive:  Take responsibility for your attitude.

What people forget is they have choices.  “The Dash” is a great poem.  The title of the poem refers to the dash between the birthdate and death on a tombstone.  That dash is your life.  A life full of choices.  Yes.  I believe my attitude is a choice.  And, like you – I make poor choices.  I do believe as we get older (I am 56) we realize we are responsible for our life, including the choice of attitude.  Do all you can to simplify your life with:  My life is my responsibility.  See what happens to your day when you truly accept the responsibility for your attitude – good or bad.

Develop a high appreciation of life.  There truly is something great and special about life.  I appreciate the opportunity to sit down here and share ideas with you.   I appreciate every day I have the opportunity to help others.  Life is wonderful!  And again, that is because I choose to appreciate life and accept the fact life has valleys and mountains.  I cannot know what great is unless I have experienced what not great is.  Not being political:  all of us struggle (should struggle) with the idea of a life being taken – in and outside of the womb – BY CHOICE.  Therefore, those who choose to struggle with the taking of a life have a unique perspective of appreciation of life.  I respect their appreciation for life.  Appreciate your life.  Appreciate the opportunities you have to be alive!  Appreciate others’ lives, as well.


Due to being out of alignment, there are times when we need our tires adjusted.  Well, our attitude will need to have adjustments.  We need to recognize that our attitude needs DAILY adjustments.  When we feel our attitude is turning to a bad attitude, take a breath, and go help someone ASAP!  Do what you can to put that bad attitude away.  Life is too short.  And again, I fall into a bad attitude often.  Remember, as you are reading this or anything I write, I struggle with the topic.  I write this for you AND ME.  Writing this is a reminder for me to walk-the-walk.

Remember, I advised you when you feel like you have a bad attitude, GO HELP SOMEONE!   Make a phone call to a friend and ask your friend, “How are you doing?  Do you need anything?”  Great segue way to find someone positive in every situation.  You and I have friends that seem to have the positive-attitude-meter on ALL THE TIME.  Connect with that person.  And guess what?  That positive-all-the-time-person may be having a bad day / bad attitude and you… YEAH!  YOU … get the opportunity to help them with their attitude / day.  “Two positive people are much better at fighting off the blues than someone going it alone.” – John Maxwell.

While writing this article, I realize much of our attitude is us with a little hint of others.  Unlike many other species, we are a species that needs others.  How about showing your gratitude to others?  You have that chance this Thanksgiving season!  You have the chance to tell others how thankful you are for them being a positive part of your life.  Great feeling telling someone how much he/she means to you.  When you do that, it can / SHOULD only increase a positive attitude.

At the end of each chapter in the book MAKE TODAY COUNT, I will give you one of the three questions.  BUY THE BOOK for the other questions:  have you already made the decision to choose and display the right attitude daily?

Let me put into practice what I wrote:

I am so grateful for you – friend or acquaintance – for taking the time to read this.  I am also grateful to be able to have the ability to share this really good material with you.  We have one life.  Today is the only NOVEMBER 23, 2022, we will have.  Knowing today, November 23, 2022, is the only one you (and I) will have, what will you do to make today that special?  You already did one special thing:  you took the time to read this and that made me smile.

Just a little “commercial” – please consider hiring us to come out and do a leadership workshop for you, your organization, your family, your school (students and/or staff)!  I am very capable of providing a secular or sacred presentation.  I am here for you!  Hope to hear from you.  Thanks again for reading this!


Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success Is Determined by Your Daily Agenda: Maxwell, John C.: 8601404837890: Books