This Just Happened!!

Just a reminder… October 6, 2021 – I was given five complaints about my teaching style (NOT one parent conference regarding anyone of these five complaints, which is disappointing considering this meeting was with principal / assistant principal / district administrator / union representative.  How does it reach this level without a parent conference and/or

Image of God

Thank you very much for being “here” with me today.  In a finite time to live (according to many; others believe this is a stop on the way to heaven or hell), for you to give me more than thirty-seconds means a lot to me.  So, again … thank you!  Just to give you an

No cake. No balloons. No flowers.

I just returned from an incredible three-days-two-nights in Bodega Bay, California.  Located about 90 minutes north of San Francisco.  Bodega is known for the film THE BIRDS.  Charming fisherman’s (person’s – if you want) town!  Love our time.  First time we have used VRBO.  Very cool.  House is a tri-plex.  Sits right on the water’s

How About Returning to Healthy Confrontation?

Disclaimer:  When I share Bible verses, I share them to help the reader better understand my view on life.  IN NO WAY, am I proselytizing (LOVE THAT WORD – MAKES ME SOUND SO SMART)!!  You see it as proselytizing!  I see it (sharing Bible verses) as… “WHO IS PAUL EVERTS?”  Please, keep reading this article

New Year’s Message

Happy New Year!  It is 7:10am and we just got off the phone with our pregnant daughter-in-law / son and their son.  They live in Japan.  So, it is 12:10am in Japan and their 2022 has already started.   I will make this short.  I want you to read it.  There are going to be firsts

Explanation of Retirement

Why at 55 years-old Mr. Everts?  Why in the middle of the school year?   Good questions.  I will give you the reader’s digest version.   On October 6, 2021, I had a meeting with the principal, district administrator, assistant principal and union representative.  There were five complaints from the guitar class.   I made the mistake of

CRT Presentation December 5, 2021

Thank you very much for attending the presentation where I was one of the guest speakers.  I appreciate you willing to learn more about Critical Race Theory.  I hope our presentation was either reaffirming of what you know and/or you learned something new. Also, as stated at the presentation, I am NOT representing my current


First, as I was fighting COVID19, “THANK YOU” to all the folks who sent me so many loving and supportive messages.  COVID19 is no joke!  So, again, THANK YOU.  Your love and support really helped.  I am so glad August 2021 is over.  Reminds me how blessed we are to have so many Augusts that

Surviving COVID19

On the morning of Thursday, August 12, I was in my bed crying watching FIELD OF DREAMS.  I was still recovering from a rough bout of COVID19.  I find any movie that centers around or features a father / son relationship to be rough on me.  Even at 55 years-old, I still feel the pain