Let Them Play

Wow.  I don’t even know where to start.   At 10:30am, Thursday September 24, 2020.  I was starting my third period guitar class.  I received a phone call from the principal’s secretary.   “Paul, I am so sorry.  Rob can not make it to the evaluation today.  He has just been called to an important meeting.  He

Celebrating the Day of Encouragement

September 12 is the Day of Encouragement.  I had no idea.  The Day of Encouragement  was established nationally 2007 by President Bush.  The day following September 11, seems to be fitting to have a day dedicating to encourage one another and frankly starting with ourselves.   I am big believer that everything needs to start with

I Want to Honor My Grandfather

The fire control officer bursts onto the bridge, “Sir, I can’t get to the engine room.  It’s fire everywhere below.”  “Go back and try again,” McVay said.  Janney then appeared on the bridge, and McVay told him to take another message down to radio, “Say we’ve been hit be two torpedoes.  Give our latitude and

I am not a BITMOJI

I am starting to feel the stress of “Dynamic Online “Learning.”  I put “Learning” in quotes because I don’t know what “Learning” is happening.  Calm down purists!  I am being sarcastic.  I got your jargon:  summative / formative … I got it.  Yes.  Learning is happening..  We just completed three days of Professional Development using

Hours of Zoom? Really?

Well, tomorrow (August 6th) is the first “official” day of the 2020-21 school year.  No doubt the beginning of a school year like none other of my 30 previous years of teaching high school music.  On the eve of my 31st year, I have some thoughts.  I am going to take a risk and be

Thoughts about Distance “Learning”

As my thirty-first year of teaching high school quickly approaches, I am one of thousands that have concerns about Distance “Learning.”  I wanted to share with people my thoughts. 1).  March 16 to End of the school year was, for all sorts of reasons, a disaster. We (public school teachers who teach in the classroom)

Dear Students, I am sorry.

DISCLAIMER:  I wrote this article on July 14, 2020 at 10:40am.  At the time I wrote this, our local school district was still deciding how school was going to start.  Our school district is in Placer County, California.  I will not name school or district.  My blog represents me.  Plus, you can find out where

For One Day: Look for the GOOD

I love our country.  No.  Really.  I do! I love our country. Therefore, when I see all the anti-American rhetoric, it can hurt.  I know.  “That’s strange,” you might say.  Well, when you love someone or something and others don’t, that doesn’t bother you?  Just a little bit. “Paul, how come?  How come you would

Do We Need A Leader?

With all that has happened the last several months leads me to ask the question, “Who is the leader of  ‘insert-name-of-group?”  When I asked someone that question, “Who is the leader you are following?”  The person responded, “I don’t know.”  Fascinating.  To be part of an organization / movement and not know who the leader