Discipline Leads To Peace

Sitting down… during the final day of the Spring Break… writing this article for possibly one person to read… takes discipline.  This article / random thoughts / blog entry / essay is about the foundation of my “E-Triangle” – DISCIPLINE. 

The word “discipline” seems to get a bad rap! 

When many of us hear the word “discipline” we think “I get disciplined when I do something wrong.” 

Well, that is one way of looking at the word “discipline.”  However, “discipline” is very important.  Super important.  It is more than just when you are wrong.  

As a person who occasionally lacks discipline, I know how important discipline is.  Due to me not having better discipline, I am 100 pounds overweight.  Due to me not having better discipline, I waste time on Facebook / social media.   Due to me not having better discipline, I drink too much (I have a tendency to “indulge” / “binge” on nights I drink.  I do have discipline to NOT HAVE ANYTHING to drink on weeknights). I could go on showing you how NOT having a better grasp on discipline has negatively impacted my life. 

Now, let me share with you the personal victories I have enjoyed due to having discipline:

  • Thirty-year marriage (still going…)
  • Two children who are both graduates of University of Idaho.  The discipline to have been an ENGAGED / ACTIVE FATHER! 
  • A high school teaching career that has been over thirty-two years (29 years public school / three years at a private school) and still teaching at a public high school (not for long 😊)
  • Daily – taking ADVAIR to help with my asthma; vitamins / supplements to help WARD-OFF “The Vid”

I know the difference between the success due to being disciplined and the failure due to being undisciplined.  If I had a choice (well, I do have a choice), being disciplined is ALWAYS THE BEST

I want to encourage you to do all you can to be disciplined.  Do all you can to recognize your choices show your sense of understanding – DISCIPLINE. 

At age 55, I am doing what I can to increase my discipline because, I WANT TO ENJOY FREEDOM AND LIFE!

Discipline = freedom?  Seems oxymoronic!  I love Jocko Willink.  Here is his meaning of DISCIPINE EQUALS FREEDOM:  Freedom is what everyone wants — to be able to act and live with freedom. But the only way to get to a place of freedom is through discipline. If you want financial freedom, you have to have financial discipline. … Discipline equals freedom applies to every aspect of life: if you want more freedom, get more discipline.

In the end, as long as the United States of America continues to be what the FOUNDERS OF OUR NATION envisioned, we will have individual sovereignty / individual freedom of choice(s).

Please …


Please know, our country is blessed with individual freedoms.  More times than not, our country “awards” those who are disciplined!  If we continue to see, our government increase its “presence” (more involvement in public education NATION WIDE; more laws in our lives), those “individual freedoms” will become fewer.   

As a teacher, I enjoy asking questions…

  • How is your life when you “practice” a disciplined life?  Then, how is your life when you are undisciplined? 
  • How is the world looking when it is focused / disciplined / believes in its principles?  How is the world looking when individuals want to do their own thing?  Follow their own set of principles? 
  • How does it feel when you make it a day / a week / a month following your diet?  How does it feel when you break your diet?

You can see where the questions are leading.  When we are disciplined, we have a sense of integrity.  Our actions and words are matching.  We have PEACE!  

Again, please know, that I am experienced at both:  discipline & not disciplined. 

My hope, by you reading this, is EMBRACE Jocko Willink’s FREEDOM THROUGH DISCIPLINE. 

Let your actions lead to your feelings, not your feelings lead to your actions. 

Discipline (words / actions matching; set / achieve goals) is always a “winner.”  Do not wait until your life is chaotic that you need discipline.  Needing something is a sign of emptiness.  Be full!  Set a goal.  Achieve that goal through … DISCIPLINE. 

Allow discipline to work for you!