Pick A Lane!

As we know, May 25, 2020 will be a day that will be an important date of history.  The murder / killing of George Floyd.  The days that followed are going to be not as “important” as that one day.   However, many life changing things did happen following that day (as of June 10, 2020 – when this was written).

  • Thousands peacefully protested – an American right
  • Riots did happen.  Looting.  Businesses burned. Property damaged
  • During the riots, people murdered.  People injured.
  • “Defunding the Police” became a thing.
  • Monuments taken down.  Monuments vandalized.  Wanting monuments of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington take down. 
  • Losing friendships. 
  • Making friendships. 
  • Choosing sides.
  • Not choosing sides. 
  • People losing the right to speak-up with confidence they would have their job / business the next day, only to realize, the “new” America (for a day) will lead to you losing your job / business if you say the wrong words.  That is “cancel culture.” I would encourage all of you to please continue to voice your opinions and remember, you are sharing an opinion.  Others have their opinions, as well.  I would remind you when you voice your opinion, others are going to disagree with you.  Fine.  You are going to disagree with them, from time-to-time. 

I want to bring up several questions:  How come, prior to May 25, 2020, you and I were doing really well?  Was I wrong?  Did I not see that our friendship was so weak that if something like this (a crazy human being wearing a police officer’s uniform had his knee on a handcuffed man MURDERING / KILLING him) would cause you and I to no longer be friends? 

Since March 13, I encourage all of us to consider what our minds and hearts have endured.  We have been challenged unlike we have been challenged in our lifetime (I am 54 years-old)! 

  • A government shutting down its economy:  cities / counties / states / nation. Leading to over 40 million without jobs.   
  • Information about COVID-19 being fluid. 
  • People shaming one other with the mask / no-mask. 
  • A president who cannot control his tweets / thoughts. 
  • A presidential candidate who cannot clearly express his thoughts.    
  • No professional sports. 
  • No concerts. 
  • No schools – well we have “pretend schools” (distance learning is “pretend school”). 
  • Increasing suicides / suicide attempts / alcohol / drugs. 
  • Big businesses (COSTCO / WALMART / etc.) open, while small businesses offering similar products deemed “Non-Essential” 
  • People protesting and yet, we cannot go to church?!    

The United States of America is a great country.  And that statement alone, I just had more friends leave me.  Why I believe we are a great country?  We look for ways to improve. 

Yet, some of the ways (defund police; taking over blocks in a city (Seattle); people losing jobs / businesses because they have disagreement with others – “Cancel Culture”; more “relief funding” oppose to – GET A JOB!) being suggested to improve our country?  Come from a weakened / tired nation.  When we are tired, we make mistakes.  There are mistakes being made. 

Again, before May 25, 2020, we were doing alright.  We were.  Now?  Look at how much we have lost and now … let’s see how much we can grow from our losses! 

A lobster grows by losing it’s shell.  It becomes uncomfortable.  Sheds the shell and grows another shell that is comfortable.  I cannot think of another time – certainly, in my adulthood – where I have lived in a more uncomfortable time.  Shed that shell and let’s grow! 

OKAY!  I need to admit (knowing full well only my friends who support me read this 😊), I am ready to pick a lane.  I have done all I can to avoid picking a lane, but damn it… the time has come. 

The lane I choose is:  THE MIDDLE LANE! 

You forget that many freeways have three or more lanes.  The left lane is for the fast drivers (want change now!).  The right lane is for the slow drivers (know that it takes time for change).  Well, I am the dude who likes to just cruise in the middle lane(realize that some change can happen with speed and some change needs time) and get to my destination alive and well. 

You stay in your lane.  Go ahead.  Get in that left lane and go fast and risk hurting others and yourself.  Stay in that right lane and go slow and steady… and realize, that every passing day you let go, you miss an opportunity to make an improvement.  Or, like me, stay in that center lane and just cruise.  Allow those in either lane to come-on in your middle lane and when you (“my” middle lane people) feel it is time go fast – get in that left lane.  And when you feel that it is time to go just a bit slower – get in that right lane.  When we are all moving forward together, we have a chance to get to our destination. 

If you still “like me” after May 25, 2020?  I AM BLESSED.  If not, I had a great time enjoying our friendship.  You are my friend and I want you to be happy.  If being my friend is making you unhappy – please go find another friend who shares your vision of the world.  The Law of The Magnet:  WE ATTRACT PEOPLE WHO ARE LIKE US. 

I will be here for you.  Not waiting for you … Just here for you.  Why?  Because, I love you.

Do all you can to allow many people to share the freeway with you.  Do your best to seek first to understand and then be understood, while at the same time, be true to yourself.  It is AMERICAN to have people you like, share differing opinions.  It is AMERICAN.  Let’s be Americans.