“the absurdities of capitalism you live in”

Wow… terrific (context of the word?  FRIGHTENING) experience with a former student on FACEBOOK.  I never thought I would have a student who would be so assured that communism is “the best” system until today.  The ignorance to world history is frightening.  On FACEBOOK, another time a “friend” (who sent me the reason to “unfriend” me from FACEBOOK) compares Trump to Hitler.  Again, my stance is CANNOT STAND “THE MAN” TRUMP.  Did not vote for Trump.  Wrote my name as a “write-in” candidate.  Yet, his policies seems to be helping many people.  I don’t know how much longer this will last, but for now, there are folks doing well due to President Trump’s policies.  And again…there is THANK GOD only “one” Hitler.  To compare Trump to Hitler minimizes the atrocities of Hitler.

So my response to my friends ANTI-TRUMP post:
Conspiracy Theory:  I am seeing the way the government is destroying people’s lives / using people as pawns being similar to the beginning of communism and how the communist leaders treated the Kulaks.  But, again, I would include white men in the analogy being Kulaks.  Success sees no gender / race / age.  I am going to disagree with the Trump analogy to Hitler / Stalin and agree there is a movement to destroy successful people as the communist  government did to destroy the Kulaks.  The USA government just does it nicely – prison instead of Siberia.  STUDY THE KULAKS.

Former teacher colleague’s response:
You will excuse me if I don’t believe that rich, straight, christian white men are a victim of anything in any way, shape or form.  I’m about ready to take the advice of some of your wonderful compassionate christian FB “friends” who delight in making fun of people who have a different opinion:  Leave it because I’m too ashamed to love it.

Now … former HIGH SCHOOL student of mine and former teacher colleague:
When you have no idea how communism works because you are brainwashed in the 50s by a hyper violent capitalist government.

My response to FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student of mine:
Just out of curiosity, what did you learn in high school about the Kulaks?  Or what did you think about the book THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO?  I am assuming you have learned about the Kulaks and read Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn’s THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO.  How come you still believe communism works?

former HIGH SCHOOL student of mine response to me:
How come you still believe capitalism does?

My response to FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student of mine:
I have studied communism.  I believe in capitalism because self-discipline / responsibility are awarded.  As I sit in my house, watch TV, following a great dinner.  Tomorrow, my students and I go to where capitalism may be tough on folks.  A homeless shelter.  We can help those folks.  Looking forward to showing them love and give items they need to get through the day.   Communism has robbed people’s lives.

Then my FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student sends me four “photos.  Of course, I look at all four photos and look at the bottom of each photo… to see the source.  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia?  UNWater?  Poverty.com?  And then of course… Liberation News…

My response to my FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student:
Scary…frankly…would be interested in doing some research who is sharing this information.  I mean my goodness … communism has NOT done any destruction?

Response from my FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student:
Sources are at the bottom of these images.  If you can read this and not see the absurdities of capitalism you live in, you don’t have a place to begin speaking about communism because you read one book by an anti-communism puppet 50 years ago.  No longer interested in discussing with you because I know your history of blind faith patriotism and some other really concerning stuff in the past.

My response to my FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student:
Oh, I see the sources on the bottom.  Just would be interested in who is financially backing each organization.  Appreciate the “discussion.”  I enjoyed you as a high school student.  Glad to see things are going so well for you following high school.


My FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student who is now a college student in the BAY AREA is an example of today’s young citizen.  I am saddened to see she would ignore or put aside my thoughts.  However, I do consider the age.  The “sources at the bottom of these images” are again:  UN-WATER; POVERTY.COM; CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL OF PHILADELPHIA.  The children’s hospital is paying for posters to be made; posters protesting capitalism?  NO.  I don’t think so.

We have “lost” a generation of children… of course an “exaggeration.”  Yet, a quote I love dearly:  just takes a few dogs to shepherd a flock of sheep.  The youth who want communism / socialism may be a minority of the folks AND THEY ARE THE MINORITY OF THE FOLKS… but, they are being supported by people with money.  And frankly, they are being supported by folks outside the United States of America.  Today, to prepare for our concert to support a homeless shelter, I wanted to show the JAZZ COMBO a video about what it is like to be homeless in OUR nation.  Would you be surprised and/or scared to know that a couple of the videos were supported by countries outside the United States of America? … Iran being one of them.

Folks, we are seeing a difference in front of our eyes.  Communism is HORRIFIC.  To see one of my former students defend it so strongly is sad.  To have her “attack” me with:  I know your history of blind faith patriotism and some other really concerning stuff in the past is the slippery slope we are heading.  Love the “hit” on my character.  “Patriotism.”  “Concerning stuff.”  Because I love my country and frankly have endured false accusations, I have a taste of where “these folks” are heading.

Purpose of this entry is put us on alert.
1. We need to do a better job teaching our children the HORRORS of communism.
2. The positives about our nation.
3. Be ready for the “inferences” of “you” being BAD (not just “wrong) – but bad)
4. Sad to think that “I” was just an ordinary dude 29 years ago… TODAY?  “I” (Caucasian; happily married to a woman; christian; male; love my nation; take care of my students) am “bad”

“Someone” is stirring the pot and we are – to paraphrase my FORMER HIGH SCHOOL student “blind” to the evil!

Although the kulaks [Kulaks: Wealthy Russian farming peasants, who strongly opposed collectivization – Stalin killed many. ] were relatively wealthy and successful, the thousands of tiny, backward peasant farms were not producing enough to feed the population.