Do You Need More Time, Paul?

“Do you need more time, Paul?”  That was the first question the “Little Town” school board president asked me in March 2008.  Why did he ask me that question?  Because, I was crying.

See, at the time of that private “Little Town” school board meeting, I had been on paid administrative leave since February 5, 2008 and it was now March – FIVE WEEKS!!  It was my time to tell my side of the truth.  Something I had waited five weeks to share.  Some seventeen allegations / accusations and NOT ONCE did I have a parent or student conference about any of them.  NOT ONCE.

My answer to the “Little Town” school board president:  “No.  I have waited five weeks for today.  Please, let me get through this.”  The private “Little Town” school board meeting lasted maybe 90 minutes.  If you want to know more about the why / how I was placed on paid administrative leave, buy my book “Conducting My Life.”  I am very honest about the entire event.

I share with you that I was crying because it seems to be a time when a man who is crying is “odd.”  Even — GUILTY.  A man who shares emotions is out of control.  Even — GUILTY.  At least, that is how I see Judge Kavanaugh being labeled.  Judge Kavanaugh is unstable! (Says the liberals; while the conservatives say, ‘wouldn’t you be unstable if you were attacked / falsely accused?’). I am not here to defend Judge Kavanaugh.  NO.  I don’t know enough about Judge Kavanaugh to take a side:  for or against Jude Kavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court.  In fact, I could care less if he is on the Supreme Court.  I live my life fine with whomever is on the Supreme Court.  I seem to have survived fifty-two years though all the justices that have ever been.

No.  Men are experiencing the revenge and retribution for a minority of men’s behavior throughout history.

However, we (men and women) are experiencing the change of not being a Christian based nation.  What I mean is we are seeing more humans taking on the role of God.  In Romans 12, it talks about only God is to have vengeance / retribution.  (17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. 18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. 19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,”[d] says the Lord.  Therefore, I don’t sue.  I don’t hold grudges.  Yes.  I am weak and will, from time to time, hold a grudge.  But, I find my life to be simpler when I allow God to take care of those who have hurt me and/or my family.

As far as continuing to go down the wrong path of vengeance / retribution, when a US senator … FEMALE HAWAIIAN senator … says men ought to SHUT-UP, how can HER statement / direction be anything other than wrong?  How is it wrong?  Well, would you want a male senator to stand up and say, “women ought to shut up?”  NO.  And you’re correct in your “no.”  And then we have folks say,  “Well, that’s (telling women to ‘shut-up’) the way it has been for years.  Now, it is your turn men.”  WHAT THE HELL LOGIC IS THAT?  This is what I am talking about vengeance and retribution.  On Thursday, following Dr. Ford’s time in front of the senators, the FEMALE HAWAIIAN Senator Hirono was demonstrative during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing time in front of the senators.  Rolling her eyes.  Sighing.  Moving around in her chair.  Senator Hirono is a damn bully!!  As she tells men to shut-up, it almost feels similar to “masculine toxicity” of putting a woman in her place; now, the woman puts the man in his place.  IRONICALLY!!  Again, because SENATOR HIRONO is FEMALE, the poor behavior displayed by the FEMALE HAWAIIAN SENATOR is tolerated / defended. “See, if Senator Hirono was a man, you wouldn’t say anything.” Wrong.  You are wrong.  Really?  No, it is simple:  Judge Kavanaugh is getting his; like so many before him deserved.

Do I need more time?  Yes.  I need more time.  I need more time to show folks all this is a sign of a dying nation (can be saved, though).  To not recognize that Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh have been both hurt and leave it at that, is a sign of a dying nation (can be saved though).  I need more time.  I need more time to show folks two wrongs don’t make it right.  You can’t allow women to get away with the poor behavior that you believe men – white men – have gotten away with and think out nation is evolving.  NO.  We are dying (can be saved though).  I need more time.  I need more time to stand-up to those who act like “Secular (don’t believe in God / follow God) Pharisees (commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity; self-righteous person; a hypocrite).”  Who wear the hats.  The masks.  Shout at people in restaurants.  Who truly believe their way is THE WAY, when in fact, it’s… A WAY.  None of them would want to be treated the way they treat others with differing opinions.

Yes. I need more time.  And as you know, I don’t have more time.  I have one October 2, 2018.

God… I pray we will survive.  I pray we understand what Martin Luther King, Jr. said,  “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  “We are Paul,” says the public.  Really?  When a California governor says there must be so many women on a company’s board?  That is “content of their character?”  When we see women behaving like the men they complain about, that is NOT “the content of their character?”

In the end, it is about power.   Power is blind to gender / race.  When the women have the power (and again, that is suspect as well … men have been empowered; there are more woment than men) that the men have positively used and in cases power abused, women will be just as evil as “those” men.  Yes.  I am sexist (should be genderist – sex is an act).  Women are the givers of life.  It’s a fact – without women our species dies / becomes extinct.  Therefore, the number one need for women is the need TO GIVE LIFE and when the givers of life become who they disdain / they hate / become evil … I won’t have the time I need and your time will run out.