We are All Targets

There is a new target on Capitol Hill:  Speaker of the House – Mike Johnson.

Before Mike Johnson was elected to be Speaker of the House, I had no idea who he was.  To this day (October 30, 2023) I really do not know who Mike Johnson is.  Put Mike Johnson in a line-up of five people – four women and him and I still would be guessing who is Mike Johnson.

On Facebook, I posted a “congratulations” to the Congressman and the firestorm started!

Here is one response from my congratulatory:

It must be nice to not be one of the targets of the “Alliance for Defending Freedom”. Anti LGBTQ in the extreme, so much so that they’ve advocated for making it illegal to even exist as anything EXCEPT straight white and male. Anyone claiming to be “ordained by god” to be in power is delusional at the very least and extremely dangerous at the worst. How much horror has been visited upon this world thanks to religious fanaticism?!? How many more atrocities must we endure? Bless this man? Only if it means his tenure is exceedingly brief. I do not consent to live in “Christian Nation”. Hitler’s Germany was a “Christian Nation” and nothing, absolutely nothing good came of it.

When I get such a strong response, I need to consider the source.  My skin is getting pretty thin.  Hence, why I need to grow closer to Jesus Christ.  I need to be Ephesians 6

I wish all of us were not someone else’s target, but alas we are.

To the best of my ability, I understand how those in every other community “except straight white and male” feel they are targeted.

What I don’t understand is how those in other communities, including not limited to LGBTQ, biological females, people of color believe they are the only ones targeted.

The irony?

Those (“marginalized” groups) I listed make others who are not like them – TARGETS.

It’s true.  Protests in front of homes.  Ransack stores because that is a way to have reparations.  Attempt to get teachers fired due to their faith.

Turning people not like us into targets must be some part of human nature.  Humans want power over other humans.

The Alliance for Freedom comes off being anti-LGBTQ.  I agree with my friend who responded to my congratulatory post for Congressman Johnson. And yet again, to believe that The Alliance for Freedom has no counterpart is ignorance.  This piece, What is Conservatism and What is Wrong with It, seems to be targeted at conservatives; a hit piece if you will.  Getting people fired up to oppose conservatives.

The  Southern Poverty Law Center sure seems to be an organization focused on conservative groups.  Yes.  There are some “conservative” groups that they list that are hate groups.  I am waiting to see their thoughts on all the Antisemitic groups protesting.

Here is a fascinating article about the ACLU.  Is this the next group that will be focused on conservatives?  Once a Bastion of Free Speech, the A.C.L.U. Faces an Identity Crisis

Like President Obama did for a time, Congressman Johnson opposed gay marriage (President Obama & gay marriage).  Yet, the LGBTQ community embraces President Obama as their ‘ally,’ while Congressman Johnson is their enemy.  Wow!  Important to know this  Speaker Johnson on same-sex marriage: ‘I am a rule of law guy’   When does Congressman Johnson earn the same ‘grace’ President Obama has?

Not “one” group gets to be “the” target

To those who are like me (straight, white, male, Christian), you are a target as well.  Don’t be a victim.  Embrace and accept the fact, it is human nature for humans to make others not like them – be their targets.

I would encourage all those who are not like me to also know, you are a target (my friend is correct) and I would ask, stop being a victim.  You don’t own the market of being targets.  Sorry.  You don’t.

Look at how the Jewish people around the world continue to be targets.  I thought only a certain group gets to be ‘targets.’  (sarcasm)

I agree with my friend.  There was a time when someone like me (straight, white, married Christian male) wasn’t a target.  I was someone who was just another straight, white, married Christian male, not bad or an oppressor.  Just did my job.  Loved people (still do).


Children / students are being taught I (me) am the oppressor (target).  My identity has canceled any hope of showing my good character or chemistry.  People like me are ‘bad.’  Just look at my posts and “he is the oogie-boogie-man.”  While in reality?  I LOVE PEOPLE.

My advice for all of us who are somebody else’s target:  IN AN EVER GROWING SECULAR / HUMANIST WORLD, BEING ANOTHER’S TARGET IS PART OF BEING HUMAN.

A world that does not teach THE GOLDEN RULE     

Remember, in many public (government) schools, this poster would be “illegal.”  If not “illegal,” deemed unprofessional and the teacher would have a letter of reprimand and told to take it down.

Where do we go from here?

I am going to continue to do all I can to empathize with those who believe / feel they are being targeted and at the same time teach them – YA AIN’T THE ONLY ONE and I love you!

We need to teach our children – do not fall into the “tribal-trap!”  Give all, especially the people who are not the same identity, the benefit of the doubt.  I would be so bold as to teach, do your best to hang out with people who are not like you.  Show them you are strong enough to be with non-like-minded people.  Learn from them.  While at the same time, know that it is human nature to bond with like-minded people.  By being with non-like-minded people will stretch you and that is good!

I would also teach children, you can get along with someone who isn’t exactly like you.  Just because they are gay and you are not doesn’t mean you can’t work together.  Just because she is a Christian and  you are not doesn’t mean you can’t work together.  Learn how to work with those who are not exactly like you.  Make the mission statement of your business, not who you sleep with, connects you.  Make the success of your business what binds you together, not who or what you worship.  Just because another person is not exactly like you or sees a part of you as something they can’t identify with makes that person ‘bad’ / ‘wrong’ / ‘incompatible.’  You are at work to – work, not to convert the other person.

Learn to wish people who are not like you “the best.”  They don’t have to be exactly you to wish them “the best.”  I don’t know who Brad Meltzer is.  For all I know he could be the freakiest of all freaks and yet, I like his quote, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.  Be kind.  Always.”  And yes, even this straight white male has battles you know nothing about.

So, again, Congratulations Congressman Johnson, I wish you the best.  Please continue to learn how to represent all the people, while at the same time, respect / live your Christian values.  I hope all the people will learn – in the end – we are all citizens of the United States of America.  Time to re-connect with our fellow Americans.