Weak Men Create Hard Times

Written on February 27, 2023  7:54am   Published on February 28, 2023

Sometimes there are unseen problems.  This important Psychology Today article is full of unseen problems.

Many good intentions lead to unintended consequences.  This important Psychology Today article is full of unseen unintended consequences.

We have a “Men-being-Men” problem!

In the hopes of creating a “new man” through all these sensitivity training, we have created soft / weak men and what do soft / weak men create?  Answer:  Soft / weak men create hard times.  The actual quote was from G. Michael Hopf. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.”

Here is THE bottom line in my parenting philosophy:  are you the father or mother you would want to have?  Are you training your son or daughter to be the husband or wife you would want your child to have?  And so forth and so on.

When I read this article from Psychology Today (not one of my top five publications), I see what the United States is going to be a generation from now.  You can see what the United States is going to be a generation from now.  The United States will be the next socialist state.  No doubt.  We are creating dependent men.  Dependent men lead to a dependency on government!

Our men are not working.

Our men are becoming more and more dependent.  Interdependency is a human need.  I cannot be successful on my own.  I need people to help me succeed / make it through the day.  But being dependent on others?  That is not part of the United States “DNA.”

How do we break this dependency link in the chain?   Continue to train / raise our children answering the question:  am I raising my child to be the next great spouse / parent / friend / worker / USA citizen?

How do I do this, Paul? 

YOU BE THOSE ROLES!!  YOU BE GREAT TO YOUR SPOUSE.  GREAT FRIEND.  You be what you want your child to grow up to be.

From Dr. John C. Maxwel, “People do what people see.”  You are always being watched by your children!

For our boys to become men, we (adults) must take the responsibility to be the men we want our boys to become!  And this is coming from a man who was raised by a single-mother and her sister (my aunt).  I have seen how my son is more masculine than I am.  I purposely studied on how to be a man.  What a is a father’s role.

If you are a single mother, please have your son spend time with men you respect.  Men who you want your son to be.  Remember:  “people do what people see.”  My mom did this for me.  She put me in activities, such as, Boy Scouts and Little League.  Back in the Seventies when I was a child, most of those types of organizations were led by men / fathers.  She was thrilled when I had a male teacher.

I made sure the “holes” I had as a father, I filled with men who had those talents.  For example, the first time PJ went hunting was not with me.  To this day, I have never been hunting.  Our next-door neighbor loved to hunt.  When PJ was in sixth grade, our next door neighbor took PJ hunting!  PJ loved it and still loves to go hunting.  The first time I shot a gun?  PJ and I went to a firing range.  PJ, as a middle school student, taught me how to shoot a gun!  That time with PJ was the first time I fired a gun!

By creating soft / weak men, we better open our eyes to the problem “we” have created!  If we want our children, grandchildren and beyond to enjoy the gifts of being Americans (sorry Stanford … I will use the word “Americans”), men need to regain their sense of being men.

What is a man?  (cue “Matt Walsh”)

A man is a human being with XY chromosomes.  That “XY” human being accepts the responsibility to take care of his mate.  A man will have a job, provide for his family, create healthy relationships with other human beings.  Basically, a man is the antithesis of what much of the Psychology Today article is describing.

As is usually the case for Americans (there’s that word again… Sorry Stanford), our society begins with each individual.  You want a man to be a man?  Then – know what a man is and be that man!  If you are like my mom – single mother – then as I said earlier, get your son to be around the men you (single mother) admire / respect.  Make training your boy to be a man your top priority!  In a huge part, our nation’s success is dependent on men being the men I described, and you know!


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