A picture is worth a thousand words.  I will make this less than a thousand words.

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Here are three pictures (a collage being one of the three pictures).  The “truth” is in the eye of the beholder.  So, when looking at these pictures, what is your “truth,” Paul?

Answer:  The pictures show violence / anger. The pictures show humans hurting humans.  That is the the truth.  Any other description of the pictures will be opinions.

Recent photo of Antifa

Part of our challenge today is your opinion is your truth and therefore, anyone who doesn’t believe in your opinion / your truth is lying or living / promoting a lie.  Correct?  I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking.  I don’t.  Now, I will subscribe to … you make fun of / mock my faith – WE’RE DONE.  You make fun of / belittle my wife / daughter / son / daughter-in-law / grandchildren – WE’RE DONE.  I have left several jobs teaching HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC due to parents hurting my family.  I do have boundaries.  (Want to keep this less than a thousand words (smile)

So, the only person who sees these three pictures being different, is a person who is more into “tribes” / more into “groups,” than being an individual.  I love being an individual and being an individual means being lonely.  I am becoming more and more lonely and conversely, becoming more and more content being alone.  I want to be the best for those the closest to me.  That’s not too many people (smile)  I do wish people would allow me to be who I am as I allow those be who they are.

Elaine Chao – Mitch McConnell is her husband – being harassed outside a restaurant.

But, Paul… don’t you go to church?  Not every Sunday.  I go to church when I can go to church.  I don’t feel guilty by missing church.  Here is a difference (notice I chose “a” – not “the”), when looking at these pictures.  I do believe people who see anything more than humans hurting humans or HURTING HUMANS will feel guilty when they don’t call THEIR group “Patriots” or the synonym of “Patriots” in these pictures.  The Trump / Anti-Trump people have lost being individuals.  The test to see if they are not individuals?  When the Pro-Trump or the Anti-Trump folks can justify the same behavior displayed by either group.

What do you see in these photos?  My hope for an answer is: HUMANS HURTING HUMANS OVER HUMAN MADE IDEAS.  Very sad.

There… 416 words.


  1. A difference of opinion is not an excuse to hurt others period. Having civil discourse and debate is as American as our constitutional right to do so. Men and women in uniform have died to give us these rights so that we don’t have to be violent towards each other. I welcome different opinions as it challenges me to think through my position and either defend it or change it … if I choose and I hope that others that I meet along the way do the same with me when I challenge them and their views. Doesn’t mean I won’t defend myself if and when I have to. I just don’t want to feel like I have to physically defend myself or my loved ones over a conversation and different opinion! Peace ✌️

    1. Hello Trevor:
      First and VERY IMPORTANT…. thank you very much for your time in reading my blog. VERY KIND OF YOU. I strongly agree with your comment. Good man YOU ARE!! Love ya. Thanks again. Please consider sharing my website with your family and friends.

      Many Blessings,

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