Written Saturday morning, January 20, 2024.  Post on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 3:00am PST.

To get a better perspective of how to read this, here is a BRIEF description of me… center-right.  I enjoy the idea of being a person who answers to JESUS CHRIST.  He is my authority.  Now, this doesn’t mean I ignore our laws / break our laws.  The Bible tells Christians (me) to follow the government’s laws. My decision making is Bible-Centered!  FOR ME!  Do I believe you will have a better life being a Christian?  Not necessarily.  I certainly suffer because I am a Christian and I don’t blame my Christianity for the suffering.   Suffering is part of being a Christian. I don’t get to pick and choose.   I don’t change the Bible.  The Bible changes me!

I love the word BAMBOOZLED.

One of my “vices” is watching TIMCAST hosted by Tim Pool.  Tim is around 36 years-old.  Known for his black clothes and beanie.  From my ears, I hear a libertarian speaking to me.  Last week, he gave his viewers some updated information about the downfall of major US companies, maybe even “institutions.”  Then, he said something that inspired me to spend part of my Saturday morning writing for you.  “Should we really be celebrating the downfall of Bud Light / Disney / Target?  After all, these are major businesses, some would say, ‘institutions.'”  Therefore, the American public may be being BAMBOOZLED in celebrating the destruction of these and future AMERICAN businesses thanks to them choosing the Woke Agenda over character & meritocracy!

Woah!  What a paradigm shift.

Yes.  Being CENTER-RIGHT (personally “JUST RIGHT”), I have jumped on the “bandwagon” to stop purchasing Anheuser Busch products, stopped going to Disneyland or Disney movies, and we sold our TARGET stocks and I haven’t been in a TARGET for almost a year.  I have no desire to support companies that have created “marginalized” groups.  When one chooses to support one group, that one has chosen (benefit of the doubt:  unintentionally) to turn away from other groups.

Being a Christian, I have a difficult time with anti-Biblical practices.  All those companies are asking me to support anti-Biblical practices, including racism.  Nowhere in the Bible is “race” mentioned.  Hence, “race” is anti-Biblical.

Now, that I have made some of you mad at me (YOUR CHOICE – not my intention; thanks for continue to read my article), I don’t think we should be celebrating or even encouraging their demise any longer.

Losing American businesses is not a good thing!  It isn’t something that should be celebrated.


Every time we lose an American business, we lose choice.  We also lose many jobs (consider the size of the business).  More and more people will head to a COSTCO or sit at the computer in home to make their purchases.  I WANT CHOICE!

What took generations to develop – I am thinking of Disney / Anheuser Busch – is now suddenly being destroyed!  For those who want to see the destruction of the United States of America, could the destruction of iconic businesses such as Anheuser Busch and/or Disney be part of the vile plan to destroy one of the freest nations in history?  Not a perfect nation.  A nation of liberty, freedom. and sovereignty of the individual.

I am not asking you to stop your boycotts.  I plan not to buy or at the least – AVOID – Anheuser Busch products, shop at TARGET, or get rid of all the Disney products we own.  When I can afford it, I will go to Disneyland / Disney World.  Currently, way too expensive.

What I am asking you, and all of us, to consider is – stop celebrating the destruction of American businesses.

Those businesses are going to survive.  They would thrive if they stopped “marginalizing” Christians and other groups of faith (believe in GOD).  If you are going to have a PRIDE MONTH, do it!  But then, let the other 11 months be for everyone else.  PRIDE MONTH is a month that is for one specific group.  I don’t believe in the month long celebrations.  They served their purpose.  They can slowly fade away.

Our nation needs to return to the days where we appreciated the content of character more than anything else, followed closely by CAN YOU DO THE JOB (meritocracy)?  I don’t care if you’re straight / gay; white / BIPOC; one armed / two armed; male / female / fill-in the blank.  CAN YOU DO THE JOB?  Well, to be able to prove you can do the job, we need jobs!

One more thing…If you happen to be at a company that cares more about DEI than your character, start your own company or go to work for another company.  DEI is unAmerican!  There.  I said it!  Cue:  AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL.

Businesses Suffering because of Woke Agenda

Businesses Succeeding because of Woke Agenda

DEI is DEIstroying companies!!