Let’s Be Optimistic!

Written January 13, 2024.  9:28am   Posted January 23

Yesterday afternoon, I had a conversation with the superintendent of the charter school I am currently serving (working).

“I would like to have your help in creating a program for Saturday school,” he said.  “Something happened following COVID 19.  We got off course.”

I thought, that’s it!  We are starting to wake up.  It’s like the Chronicles of Narnia.

I have a feeling this is the United States of America!  There are more and more people learning more about very troubling events since the response to COVID 19.

Fauci and response to COVID 19

There are other stories needing to help us come out of the “spell.”  Stories including, not limited to:  January 6, 2021; the BLM riots (the striking difference in response to January 6th – see photo at end of article); the real reason(s) for the Ukraine – Russia war; what is the story behind the horrific attack of Jewish people on October 7, 2023; the ‘sudden’ evolution of DEI / CRT in our schools / business; millions of people coming into our nation illegally.

People are waking up!  We hear more people start to ask questions about the issues I mention.  And with each answer to their questions is allowing “Narnia” (USA) to wake up.

Oh, so you mean the boarder is not closed?

The students ARE learning white people are “bad / evil.”

So, you mean we can stop gender “affirming” surgeries happening for minors!

Jeffery Epstein did do bad things to girls / woman and he did have connections with “important people.”

Biological males should not be allowed to compete as females against females?  We can make that happen?

And of course, the stories about Fauci and COVID 19.

All I will ask is, for us to continue to ask questions, listen for the answers, and be at peace with telling someone, “No.  I am not going to do that and I am ready to face the consequences.”

As you know the saying, “I came in this world with nothing.  I will leave this world with nothing.”  However, what you can leave this world with?  IT BEING BETTER THAN HOW YOU FOUND IT!  Ask questions.  Make the powerful responsible for their leadership.  Make it a goal to get the United States of America to be what the Founding Fathers envisioned it to be:  FREEDOM. LIBERTY.  SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVDUAL.  Lift the fog / break the spell that has currently fallen on our great nation.

I know this makes several people cringe:  As the United States of America goes, so goes the world.  People of power want the United States of America to go away.  For the sake of humanity and the honor of God – NO!  We will not go away.

We want our nation (and other nations that want what we have) to continue to be one where it is truly “WE THE PEOPLE…”  Cue:  “America The Beautiful.”

Yes. What is in the blue and red boxes I concede as opinions.  The other boxes?  Facts.