Prior to my “parody” … important information
Please know the following is a fact:  A PARENT AND / OR STUDENT DOES NOTdoes not … HAVE TO INFORM A TEACHER THERE IS A “PROBLEM”  between the student and the teacher. It’s true in California.  Hence, my frustration cannot be with a public school’s administration… LET ME BE CLEAR / LOUDLY CLEAR:  A parent and / or student DOES NOT have to … does not HAVE TO … inform a teacher there is a “problem”  between the student and the teacher. A teacher can AND WILL be under investigation PRIOR TO EVER HEARING FROM THE PARENT and / or STUDENT.  This is very important to know.  NO SARCASM.  You may have said something with all the intent to show love and care … but if that “triggers” your student, there is a very good chance, you will find out from the administration before you find out from the student and / or parent.  And by notifying the teacher, the investigation automatically begins.

The days of the following dialogue are OVER…
Administrator:  Have you (student and / or parent) discussed this issue with Mr. Everts?
Student and / or Parent:  No.
Administrator:  Well, there is nothing I can do until you have sat down with Mr. Everts and shared with him your concern / issue.  That is the first step in the process of getting to a resolution / solution with Mr. Ever

According to a law (cannot cite it, nor has it been shown to me) … that dialogue is not a mandatory step in THE PROCESS OF RESOLUTION / SOLUTION.  And now … administrators are MANDATED to do an investigation on a “breath of student / parent being uncomfortable.”  YOU WANT TO BE A TEACHER?


I am happy to share with you all that I received another “DISTINGUISHED” evaluation from the administration at “Pine Crest High School.” (not real name of high school) I am extremely grateful and humbled to be given this “DISTINGUISHED” evaluation.  To be awarded the “DISTINGUISHED” evaluation means a lot to me, especially because of my “disability” – I cannot read minds.    

I am NOT going to go into details about what my led to my “disability.”  I do respect my administration.  They are placed in a difficult position.  So, when they shared with me some news, I thought, “Oh, no.  They know.  They have found out.  I have a “disability” … I cannot read my students’ minds or their parents’ minds.  Now, what I am going to do?” 

How do you know, you have done something ‘wrong’ when no one tells you, you have done something wrong?  Well, YOU DON’T! ☹  Yet, due to the fact that they are children… children always tell the truth.  So when children approach the administration – it is the start on the inevitable end … the preponderance ( the quality or fact of being greater in number, quantity, or importance) of evidence equals “guilty until proven innocent” is THE truth. I do find it “funny” that “quality” is taken out of the process. BECAUSE of (cue: THE SJWL MUSIC) … a new “SJWL” hero!!

And yet, since the students do not tell the teacher they FEEL a certain way, we (teachers) are supposed to be able to read their minds?  What happens with teachers such as me who have this “disability” – I cannot read minds.

In today’s WEIRD-ASS-WORLD, I wonder if I could actually file some lawsuit / claim that me not knowing what people are thinking as… an actual / for reals “disability?”  Gosh… think about it.

I go to some attorney and say, “No one told me that I was “hurting-the-children” by giving them compliments or critiquing them or holding them accountable.  And by no one telling me, I was “admonished.”  I want to claim that that admonishment has led to stress.  And that stress has caused my body great harm / my inability to completely do my job.  And all of this is due to my “disability” – I cannot read minds.

Hey, if there are people who are actually claiming that they are “black” when they are actually “white” and another dude is filing a lawsuit against his parents for being born, or one day I can “feel” like I am a man and the next day I can “feel” like I am a woman and the next day I can “feel” like both …… why couldn’t I claim a “disability” of NOT BEING ABLE TO READ MINDS?!  Unfortunately, thanks to the SOCIAL-JUSTICE-WARRIORS, there is probably some sort of cockimainee sort of claim about not being able to read minds as an actual disability. 

I am proud of overcoming my “disability” of NOT BEING ABLE TO READ MINDS and earn a “distinguished” evaluation.  I am grateful for my students who are allowing me to be their teacher despite my “disability” and KNOW THAT I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH!!  I care about them.  And yes…I worry about them. 

In all seriousness, I don’t want to make light of folks with “disabilities.”  My nephew is deaf and autistic AND KICKS ASS!! 

I do and will make “light” of / MAKE FUN OF every WEAK human being who is:

  • unwilling to accept their role in a relationship;
  • accept their LACK OF INFORMING a person of THEIR FEELINGS;
  • accept their LACK OF OWNING their feelings;
  • use their LACK OF OWNING THEIR FEELINGS to manipulate the other person and control the relationship / SOCIETY;
  • accept their choice to be silent and the results for their being silent; 
  • expect others to always change

Whatever I do INCLUDING WRITING THIS BLOG … I do out of love.  I have never / will never EVER hurt someone.  I can explain every action I take with the reason being: LOVE.  When I say “stupid” I mean WE ARE STUPID, including me and it is our job to become smart.  When I say “suck” … there are times when we do a BAD / TERRIBLE / CRAPPY JOB.  I use the word “suck” to describe a JOB DONE CRAPPY.  I can go on… but (CUE:  the “SJWL” music) AVSbsH will swoop in and “save” the day!  

Remember THE JUSTICE LEAGUE?  Aquaman. Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. The Flash. Green Lantern. Martian Manhunter (WHO WAS THAT?)

Well, there is a new version of The Justice League: THE SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR LEAGUE

And one of their heroes is:  ANONYMOUS VIRTUE-SIGNALING Bite Size HERO!  (I know it’s a little wordy; we can work on the name; I did substitute gender with “hero” – I am getting there)

YOU “Anonymous Virtue-Signaling BITE-SIZE Hero” TURN WHAT I (white / heterosexual / happily married / REGISTERED INDEPENDENT VOTER / fifty-three-year-old / MAN) SAY AND DO into hurt and what is really ironic… ANONYMOUS VIRTUE SIGNALING Bite-Size HERO – YOU are the ONE WITH YOUR SHIELD OF ANONYMITY AND SWORD OF IGNORANCE who is really doing the damage to people and TRULY… our nation (NOT really an exaggeration because every “cause” had to have a “first-step”).