Guess The Title

We have experienced our first week of SCHOOL CLOSURE due to COVID-19.  On social media, I have seen so many wonderful and loving messages from my colleagues to their students of all ages.  Heart warming.  And, yet, my experience has been very different, and I thought I would share that with you.  I do hope

Suck is a choice.

As strange as it sounds, I was doing really well today until I saw things being canceled.  I had today off from school – not because of COVID-19.  There were mid-terms for period one and two and I have those periods off.  I was very excited to be home with my wife, Diana. We went

The New “Sacrifice”

If I was ever going to get the “equivalent” to the Oscar for being a high school music teacher, I would be AWFUL / HORRIBLE / TERRIBLE if I did not thank my wife for all she GAVE-UP so I could be an award winning high school music teacher.  SCREW IT.  I don’t need to

Content of Character

Let’s take a minute and reflect on what Martin Luther King meant when he talked about the content of character. This refers to the core ethical values of honesty and integrity, respecting others, taking responsibility for one’s actions, being fair and just, and being someone who promotes love and compassion in others.   Sep 30, 2016. Psychology

Put Teachers First

July 3, 1989 was my first day teaching high school music.  When you multiply 180 times 30, I have taught at least 5,400 days.  In addition to the 5,400 days, all the competitions / Saturday rehearsals / performances / festivals.  I would say it would be close to 6,000 days being a teacher for children