The Choice is Yours

I will continue to reflect on what was said to me by a fellow “Christian.”  My fellow “Christian” who happened to be my “boss” (principal of a public high school in Placer County, California) said to me, “Paul, you and I are Christians.  You know I attend Sea Side Church (fictitious name).  I hate to […]

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Is it Time to Repent?

The following is a transcription from a recent interview of James Lindsay done by Dave Rubin. James Lindsay is speaking.  This is around minute 18 of interview. I’ve been preaching a lot of the same thing lately. I found it ironic — perhaps you’ll (Dave Rubin) enjoy this — one of my favorite words is

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Facebook Roulette

I have come to the conclusion that my Facebook posts are similar to the ball bouncing on a roulette wheel.  And instead of black and read, the colors are blue (democrat) and red (republican). On Sunday (11/5/2023), I had a childhood friend admonish me because my Facebook posts were too negative / too political.  And

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We are All Targets

There is a new target on Capitol Hill:  Speaker of the House – Mike Johnson. Before Mike Johnson was elected to be Speaker of the House, I had no idea who he was.  To this day (October 30, 2023) I really do not know who Mike Johnson is.  Put Mike Johnson in a line-up of

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Hope Our Grandchildren Will See A Return To The Days of : “HAPPY DAYS” (Genre of TV Show)

Written October 5, 2023  9:00am   Published October 6, 2023  5:00am A well-known pastor was in the hospital.  He lived a full and long life.  He was 88 years-old.  He was dying. Knowing the well-known pastor was expected to pass away in the coming days, another well-known pastor visited him. “How are you doing?” The dying

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