God’s Purpose for Donald J. Trump as President

Like many people, the McCain week of mourning caused me to pause and reflect about where we are as a nation.  To see people (MSNBC / CNN / NBC / CBS / ABC) who were always ready to criticize McCain’s conservative ideals / principles were now fawning all over him and holding him in such high esteem because of his bashing President Donald J. Trump, bothered me.  Then, to see conservatives (FOX / LIMBAUGH and such) tear him down for his inadequacies / “human elements” / standing against President Donald J. Trump, bothered me.  These reactions are wonderful pieces of “evidence / data” of a confused time in our nation.

And who is appointed the catalyst of this said, “confused time?”  ANSWER:  President Donald J. Trump.

DISCLAIMER FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME:  I voted for me to be President of the United States of America.  Heard there were four or five others, as well.  Thank you.  I may vote for me again in 2020.  

Question:  What could be God’s purpose for the United States of America to have Donald J. Trump as President?

So, allow me several hundred words to rationalize my answer.

God wants humans to live.  I strongly believe the world is a safer place when the United States of America is the strongest nation in the world.  Yes.  I know I am being a bit “jingoistic.”  Yet, when the United States of America has been deemed the strongest, we were able to HELP end two World Wars.  And… frankly … when going into Korea / Vietnam, the United States of America became a bit arrogant / full of itself.  I am not a historian.  I am writing this as a person who wants to offer ideas.

At the time, (1914 – “start” of World War One; September 2, 1945 “end” of World War Two), the United States of America was so assured of itself / its mission / its role in the world that the nation didn’t know where or when to end its role.  Hence, Korea and Vietnam.  I am still of need to know the reason(s) for the United States of America to be in those areas.  Yes.  The spread of communism was one of the reasons, but at what cost? That’s the past, but I do think it is very important to know the past.

I see the past being played out today in Afghanistan / Iraq / Middle East.  Define the “role” of the United States of America in those regions.  I would be fine today, seventeen years, later if the President Bush had made Afghanistan a parking lot or turned sand into glass.  There was plenty of evidence to show “UBL” was in Afghanistan.  I am still uncertain (and I am not a military historian … take a frickin’ breath) how Iraq had anything to do with September 11, 2001!  We lost over 4,000 lives for these decisions!

President Donald J. Trump is making the United States of America ready for the next “major war.”  There will be another “major war.”  The previous presidents showed what happens through complacency.  We were becoming weaker.  Our enemies were seeing the United States of America back-off as the leader of the free world.  I certainly don’t want to be the “police” of the world.  Yet, I certainly do believe the most prosperous nation in the world has an obligation to be ready to answer the call for help.  We are getting back to that point of being the nation to respond to the call for help as we did in both World Wars.

So, the past being played out in Afghanistan / Iraq / Middle East in the equivalence to Korea / Vietnam leads me to the conclusion that the United States of America has a difficult time knowing when to stop.  Having self-made boundaries and sticking to them.  Very difficult to have self-discipline.  Every day, I fight for self-discipline.  And I was reminded of this “fight for self-discipline” by the McCain week of mourning culminating with his funeral, specifically the eulogies of his daughter, President Bush & President Obama.

When a close family member, in this case the daughter of Senator McCain eulogizing the loss of her father, I give as much leeway and space for her emotions!  And, understandably, Megan McCain was quite emotional and passionate in her memories of her father.  I even understand and support her negative comments towards President Donald J. Trump.  The President’s comments were appalling.  Awful.  She did what any child worth his or salt would do given the opportunity and defended her father’s legacy.  Good for her!

However, like in the same manner of President Donald J. Trump, President Bush and President Obama showed the lack of self-discipline and respecting the moment.  “We” are now in a time when politics is welcomed at a memorial service / funeral.  How did this happen?  When did “we” condone political thought / rhetoric at a memorial service / funeral?   When did “we” commend such actions at a memorial service / funeral?  Those men took the moment to berate the sitting President.  Something both men condemned President Donald J. Trump doing.  Where is the self-discipline in their choice of words / time / place?  I have heard right action / wrong time equals resistance.  Well, this seems to be that thought in action.

God wants humans to work and earn a wage.  One of the several positives of President Donald J. Trump is the economy / getting people back to work.  I believe God wants “HUMAN KIND” to work and He brought Donald J. Trump (businessman) to being the President of the United States of America to get folks working!  I know… I know… I am supposed to despise the man (don’t worry – the is coming up; maybe not as strong as you would like; but, it is approaching).  However, facts are facts.  Financially, the nation is doing great!  The numbers are supporting his presidency’s decisions.  I know I am still making money.  Enjoying life.  Probably would make more money if I left California.  But, none-the-less, not one of his financial polices have hurt my ways of earning a dollar.  (Can’t say the same for Governor Brown)

God wants humans to live with a spirit of “ONE ANOTHER.”  President Donald J. Trump is a jerk.  Yes.  I know that is an opinion.  Yes.  I realize he being a “jerk” is part of his “businessman reputation.”  Yet, my question for this blog entry is:

Part of God’s purpose for Donald J. Trump as President, through the teachings of the NEW TESTAMENT, COULD BE to teach us to be kind to one another.  In the Bible (I hope I haven’t turned you off, but I am backing up my ANSWER with my “moral compass.”  Please, respect that.), Ephesians 4:32 – Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.  God, through President Donald J. Trump, is teaching us (if we are teachable / wanting to learn) what happens when we are not kind – we turn on one another.  President Donald J. Trump is a mean S.O.B. and we teach people how to treat us.

Part of God’s purpose for having Donald J. Trump as President COULD BE to teach us do not slander one another.  Again, supporting my “thesis,” James 4:11 – Brothers and sisters, do not slander one another. Anyone who speaks against a brother or sister[a] or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keeping it, but sitting in judgment on it.  President Donald J. Trump seems to “slander” (in a moral sense, not legal sense) people EVERY DAY!!  And again, that doesn’t help President Donald J. Trump.  It hurts him and those he slanders.


God’s purpose for Donald J. Trump to be president is reminding us the importance of relationships / working with one another and MONEY ISN’T EVERYTHING!  Sure.  I love how many folks are doing financially, but that isn’t what life is ALL ABOUT.  Life is about respect / responsibility and DISCIPLINE.  If the economy continues to do well and the world is safer, President Donald J. Trump will be given the adjective “successful.”  But, AND HERE IS A “BIG-BUT(t).”  — in getting the economy to be successful and the world safer comes at a cost in teaching us that it is okay not to be kind / it is okay to be slanderous / it is okay to be conceited, we could be in trouble.  With their McCain eulogies, there are arguments that President Bush and President Obama appeared to be UNKIND / SLANDEROUS / CONCEITED towards President Donald J. Trump.  These are not God’s teachings – sadly displayed in a “house” of God.

I know…being as good a man / Christian I can be WITH PLENTY OF FAULTS (just ask my students’ and their parents (wink) …  what the BIBLE TEACHES me how to live a good life far outweighs the riches of material things or what HUMANS to do TO me or FOR me… and through President Donald J. Trump’s actions, my eyes are opening.  Our THIRD GREAT AWAKENING is going to arrive because we turned our backs to God’s teachings and opened our arms to and welcomed some sense of NIHILISTIC (rejecting all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless) thoughts.

We should always be careful that not every lesson God teaches us is going to end well for us in the HERE AND NOW (or beyond for those who believe in HEAVEN).  When we turn our backs to GOD or I will even give my secular / atheist friends & family members “HUMAN LAWS” such as RESPECT / RESPONSIBILITY / DISCIPLINE rarely does it end well.  President Donald J. Trump’s purpose is to teach us… GOD IS RIGHT; we need and live RELIGIOUS and / or MORAL PRINCIPLES, and to HUMBLE US.  We are at the beginning of the THIRD GREAT AWAKENING (could take generations to “complete”).