HAPPY FATHER’S DAY: What is a Man?

In honor of Father’s Day … What is a man?

For several years, a conservative man (Matt Walsh) has asked a question, “What is a woman?”  This question has led to a documentary made by him, as well as a question being asked of a candidate for Supreme Court Justice who is now a “Justice.”

I am going to answer, “What is a man?”  And before, I begin to answer the question, I LOVE BEING A HAPPY HETEROSEXUAL CHRISTIAN MAN!  I love being responsible for the well-being of my wife and family (including my daughter-in-law / grandsons / soon to be son-in-law; now, as I get older and they all get older, I become less responsible for them, but I will support them in raising THEIR CHILDREN and their marriages’ growing.  Support is different than being responsible).  I love being a male role model (heterosexual or homosexual)!  I love everything about being a man!  Just to make it clear!  Okay … let’s move forward!

Let’s start with the current definition of a man.  1. An adult male human. 2. A human regardless of sex or age; a person. 3. A human or an adult male human belonging to a specific occupation, group, nationality, or other category. Often used in combination: a milkman; a congressman; a freeman. Man – definition of man by The Free Dictionary

I will let you look at this one Man Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

Checkout this definition.  This one is going to literally upset people and show you how much our nation has changed!  Websters Dictionary 1828 – Webster’s Dictionary 1828 – Man

Paul Everts’ definition:  A man is an adult human being with male genitalia and XY chromosomes.  Simple?  Yes.   

To my brothers, please stop apologizing for being a man (as fits my and several others’ definition).  Please accept you being a man and flourish being a man!  The United States of America man is being attacked!  More so, the Caucasian heterosexual male is being attacked and I get it!  I understand why the Caucasian heterosexual male (MAN) is being attacked.  However, the attack is coming from a nefarious source.

From God, you (my male brothers) have been blessed with abilities / talents that are different than females and those differences are OKAY.  There is a reason why TO THIS DAY (June 13, 2022) men and women still have jobs that are masculine and feminine.  Notice there are still many more male policemen / firemen / construction workers?  What is “wrong” with that?  Why is that “wrong?”  While it is okay (not wrong) to see more females than males as elementary school teachers and nurses?  Seems to be nothing “wrong” with more female than male elementary school teachers and nurses.  Interesting.

We need to return to the “basics.”  It is imperative that we acknowledge the drift (masculine males need not apply) we have been experiencing will lead to the downfall of a great nation, some would even say, a nation blessed by God.

While we spin around / run around attempting to change the definitions of male and female (frankly more of a movement to change the definition of “woman”), other nations (such as China / Russia / Iran / North Korea) are not!  Thanks to those who (supported by China / Russia / Iran / North Korea and handful of others) would like to see the continuing weakening of men in America, we will experience the following:

“Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”  G. Michael Hopf

We are experiencing hard times.  What are some of the hard times (not limited to)?

      • Broken families.  broken families and youth crime – Search (bing.com)
      • Fatherless homes.  The Consequences of Fatherlessness – National Center for Fathering (fathers.com) fatherless homes negative impact on families – Search (bing.com)
      • Government getting larger.  Taking on the role as “provider” for families. Don’t think so?  How can families without fathers make it?  Answer:  Government programs.  As a son of a single-mother home, I am deeply grateful for the government programs.  HOWEVER, I would have been a different man – possibly a better man – if I had a man help raise me.  I want more fathers and less government!!  
      • Critical Race Theory being in K-12 schools (wish CRT would not be here at all, but I would settle for CRT being in the colleges / universities).  I sincerely believe with a man in the home, that man would go to the K-12 school and ask them, “what do I need to do to have you please help me (dad) teach our children to love our nation and make everything based on race?” Difficult to see how Critical Race Theory teachings support a “nuclear family structure.”
      • Introduction to sexual lifestyles as young at K-3. Older?  Well, if the parents know and approve their children as young as 5-9 years old being taught gender (sexual lifestyles would include that), then so be it.  If there were fathers, I can tell you, many of those fathers would be at that school telling the school, “that is my (dad) job.”  Let parents – PARENT!

Men, our nation is calling for us to return to being MEN!  I know that sounds extremely “masculine toxic.”  Yet, again, think about what those nations (including, not limited to – China / Russia / Iran / North Korea) are doing.  China, for example, heavily regulate what is on their version of their creation “TikTok.”  They are not seeing teenage girls dance.  NO!  The children, as well as adults, get a greater “social credit score” for watchign more “appropriate” videos on TikTok.  The lower the “social credit score” the more oppression from the Chinese Government they will receive.  They are preparing to go to war with the United States of America and as long as the United States of America continues on the path to deemphasize the role of masculine men, those nations know they will win!  No doubt.  If you don’t think there is a growing deemphasis on masculine men or making men look stupid and/or weak, then we are going to seeing things differently.  I am okay with being wrong and others being wrong.  Mistakes happen!

As we approach one of my favorite days of the year, FATHER’S DAY, I want to give a shoutout to all the men in our nation who want to be men.

Men who want to be:

      • Respectful
      • Responsible for themselves and the well-being of their wife / children
      • Self-Disciplined
      • Courageous (willing to defend his wife / family)
      • Strong (physical / spiritual)
      • Believe in actions lead to feelings, oppose to feelings lead to / justify actions (choices)
      • Stoic (Stoicism, or Stoic philosophy, is a philosophy of personal ethics and a methodology for seeking practical wisdom in life. A key principle of the ancient Stoics was the belief that we don’t react to events; we react to our judgments about them, and the judgments are up to us. They also advised that we should not worry about things beyond our control as everything in life can be divided into two categories – things that are up to us and things that are not). https://whatisstoicism.com/what-is-stoicism/

As with many of my previous blog posts, I do lean-in on my understanding of the Christian faith.  Ever growing understanding of the Christian faith – BTW!  Therefore, I do appreciate this: