I Will Take the Risk of Being “Wrong” and Open the Door for a Woman!

DISCLAIMER FOR FOLLOWING SCENARIO!!  Fiction … Fiction … if there is such a church named, “The Right Path Church” that is a MAJOR MAJOR coincidence!!  MAJOR coincidence!  I made up the name of the church!

Hey everybody!  Welcome to The Right Path Church.  My name is Pastor Franz and I am here to —  pump – (clap / point at congregation) you up!  I just want to first acknowledge all the fathers here today.  As you know, it is Father’s Day weekend and I know for many of us, Father’s Day can be a tough day.  Filled with mixed emotions.  As your Pastor here at The Right Path Church, let me just help you relax by saying – I get it!  I understand your anxiety with Father’s Day, but let me just reassure you.  There is one perfect Father and, of course, He is our savior – Jesus Christ.  Please know that if you need some support or prayer for Father’s Day, let us know and we will be here for you.  Other than that … let’s give a clap for the fathers in the house!  Whoop-Whoop!  Thank you for what you do. 

That’s it?  No bookmark?  No golf balls with some scripture printed on the golf ball?  No key chain that says, “God loves fathers.”  No kids coming out and giving their father a hug?  Hmmmmm …

Please know … being the son of single-mother household, I have the “anxiety-card-for-fatherlessness.”  I just don’t carry it with me or even use it!

Now, I know this happened in more than one church in the United States of America.  Have you ever seen the difference between Mother’s Day cards and Father’s Day cards?  Significant difference.  Heck!  At many churches, have you ever seen the difference between the celebrations of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?  Mother’s Day – moms / grandmas stand up.  Pray for them.  Clap for them.  The children come around and give them a flower.  Father’s Day??  Not so much.  NOW!  THIS IS NOT AT EVERY CHURCH.  If the shoe fits – wear it!  But I would venture to say that the celebration between moms & dads is different.  I don’t mind the difference.  What I do mind is if one parent (mom / dad) seems to be a little more celebrated than the other.

MEN – STOP THE MADNESS!!  We need to pushback on this submissive assault on men in the Western Civilization.  Western Civilization??  Come on, PAUL!  Isn’t that a bit much?  Well, in the Western Civilization, the United States of America is very influential.  Therefore, what happens in our nation seems to spread worldwide! Hence, why several nations are pretty nervous about what they see happening in our country.  We cannot even confidently answer the question:  WHAT IS A WOMAN?  We are scared of being attacked / ridiculed. MY GOODNESS!!

Education is important.  Right?  Here is a question:  Is there a “men’s gender studies” class offered at universities?  Let alone a degree in such a thing (“Men’s Gender Studies”).  Why not?

You and I need to stand-up and say, “ENOUGH OF THIS CRAP / GARBAGE!”

How about this?  I am going to guess many of our public agencies (military / schools / offices / etc.) were more interested in acknowledging the importance of “Juneteenth” than they were acknowledging the importance of fathers in our nation.  If you know differently / have evidence that Father’s Day and Juneteenth were equally (not equitably) celebrated, let us know.

I have a strong suspicion the continued assault on masculine men is part of a plan to continue to weaken our culture / our nation!  No doubt.  I have given you links on two of my “blog-posts” about men / fathers.  I encourage you to read them.  Think about the content.  Please – SHARE THEM.

Being the father of a son and the grandfather of two grandsons, I will be damned if I am going to sit silent about what is becoming more and more obvious.  “It” being … the weakening of the United States of America and therefore, the weakening of Western Civilization.  By weaking the masculinity of the men in our nation (and take note:  I wrote “masculinity”) will lead to men questioning all their actions that men hundreds / thousands of years have aspired to be!  No joke!

For Heaven’s sake, we now have a charter school in North Carolina in “trouble” (court favored the plaintiff) because the charter school was teaching boys to open doors for the girls, pull out chairs for the girls, hold an umbrella for the girls so they don’t get wet from the rain.  Those actions perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes!  You have got to be kidding me.  THEN, DON’T SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO THAT CHARTER SCHOOL!  We have schools that promote gender studies and such, but oh no … teach our boys to show / demonstrate respect our girls should stop!  CRAZY!  By the way, many women seem to be okay with chivalry when it comes to the man paying for the meal!

Okay … you know where I stand.  Boys will be boys and girls will be girls.  I love, appreciate and respect the differences of boys and girls.  Thank you for allowing me to have a differing opinion than your opinion.  We will see how each of our opinions or which one of our opinions will help our nation to grow.  I know I will encourage our grandsons to respect girls and that will include … opening the door for them.



To know this article was written in 2011!!  YIKES.  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2003821/Feminists-claim-men-hold-open-doors-women-SEXIST-chivalrous.html#:~:text=Men%20who%20open%20doors%20for%20women%20are%20guilty,%27unseen%27%20sexism%20in%20society%2C%20according%20to%20the%20report.