Health: “I will take good care of myself by exercising and eating right.”

Posted on December 6, 2022 (Written on December 3, 2022 – 7:15am)

How’s your health?  That used to be a personal question.  That question may still be too personal for you.  However, since COVID19 (the ‘shutdown’), it seems that health is another private topic gone public!

Well, I will answer the question.  My health needs to get better.

I am 56 years old.  I am just under 5’10”.  I weigh 260 pounds.  My blood pressure – which was INCREDIBLE – is now starting to reflect an overweight older man.  I did have COVID19.  Yes.  I ended up being in the emergency room August 5, 2021.  My oxygen level was at 87%.  I was not doing well.  I do think that moment led to me saying on October 15, 2021, “I retire, and I will be done at the end of the semester.”  I saw how fragile life is.  My “aha” moment was as dramatic as many others.  Yet, I did think I was not doing well.  And, a year later, I need to do better.  I am on borrowed time.  Again, when I share things with you, I need to hear them / read them.  I am an open book with you.  I am in no way the epitome of “perfectionism.”  No.

I hope by writing this article and sharing it with you, especially at the end of 2022 and like MILLIONS of others looking forward to a new year / new goals, I will begin to take improving my health more seriously.  Improving my health will OF COURSE improve my life.  Same with you.

In the book we are studying, MAKE TODAY COUNT by John C. Maxwell, he writes on page 24:  I will take good care of myself by exercising and eating right. (quote in the title of article) Seems easy enough.  Simple enough.  As you and I know, what seems simple, many times is not.  Let’s take a look at the chapter HEALTH.  As with the previous articles, I will outline part of the chapter and encourage you to fill in the rest by buying the book.  I get no financial gain from the book.  By encouraging you to buy the book, I probably avoid cranky “Maxwellians.”  (giggle)

What is your purpose in life?  Do you have a purpose worth living for?  I hope these are two questions with obvious answers.  My purpose in life is to add value to others while at the same time adding value to my life.  I also have “purposes” worth living for!  My wife.  Our son and daughter and of course their spouses and their families!  I need to make sure they have had the best of me and me not become a burden.  Part of not becoming a burden is better health.  I totally trust PJ & Katy that when I hit the age of being more dependent, they will be there for me.  Until that time, I need to do better with my health.  Those “purposes” you and I have do motivate us to be better in all areas of our life!

One way to help all of our health is LAUGHING!!  I love a Jo Koy video.  I know …. “but, but, but, Paul!  You are a Christian!  How dare you like, Jo Koy?”  Yo!  Pharisee!!  Attend to your own ‘garden!’  I love Robin Williams.  Laughter is very important for me.  When I am down, I will do what I can to find something to make me laugh!  Old Johnny Carson shows.  George Carlin!  In MAKE TODAY COUNT, “Physician Bernie S. Siegel wrote in PEACE, LOVE AND HEALING, “I’ve done the research and I hate to tell you, but everybody dies – lovers, joggers, vegetarians and non-smokers (personal note:  our Aunt (non-smoker) died of lung Cancer).  I’m telling you this so that some of you who jog at 5a.m. and eat vegetables will occasionally sleep late and an ice cream cone.”  Find what makes you laugh!


We have the ability to manage our lives.  Again, make your own bed before you tell others to make their bed.

John C. Maxwell gives you three areas to manage:  Eat Right; Exercise; and Handle Stress Effectively.  There is little doubt that when you manage all three of those areas, your health should improve.  The one that I want to focus on is “Handle Stress Effectively.”

The first two chapters of MAKE TODAY COUNT are wonderful starters for handling stress:  ATTITUDE & PRIORITIES.  I bet if we had a great attitude towards ourselves, others, situations, everything else would fall in line.  Right?  We choose our attitude.  Take responsibility for your attitude.  Choose to do all you can to protect your attitude.  And then, priorities.  Again, we have the freedom to choose our priorities.  Then, we need to – I like to use the word ‘defend’ – defend our priorities.  Defend the limited time we have.  Again, our health is better off when we are focused on our priorities.

We control much of our health.  We cannot control every part of our health.  We may get A.L.S. or Cancer or something else.  However, we do have the choice of how to respond to that news.  You have a purpose to live.  Stay healthy so you can enjoy and thrive fulfilling that purpose.


Please, if you would like to know buy Dr. Maxwell’s book MAKE TODAY COUNT.  Make Today Count: The Secret of Your Success is Determined by Your Daily Agenda: Hachette India: 9789350098783: Books

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Thanks for the time in reading this.  HAVE A GREAT DAY.  Make Today Count.