I Had an Epiphany!

Written on June 12, 2024   Published on June 14, 2024  3:00am PST
I love to read.
Currently, I am working on two books.  Dr. Maureen Stout’s The Feel-Good Curriculum:  The Dumbing Down of America’s Kids in The Name of Self-esteem and Dr. Phil’s We’ve Got Issues.
Dr. Phil’s book is highly recommended.
From his book, I answered the following questions:
1). Did you feel “love-bombed” at the beginning – were you told how smart and wise you were? The group leaders or recruiters really made you feel wanted. My answer: yes
2). Do you like them primarily because they like you? My answer: Yes, but not necessarily “primarily because they like me.” They were supportive. Gave me great advice.
3). Is this group that you’re part of open to criticism? My answer: NO. Can they ever admit being wrong? My answer: NO. Do you ever hear them say anything like, “We have to admit, the other side has a really good point there?” My answer: NO
4). Does an issue agenda start to feel like a religion? My answer: yes. Does it feel like you’d almost be “excommunicated” if you asked questions or expressed doubt? My answer: yes.
5). Did you come to a conclusion on one issue, but now find yourself being asked to believe in related things that have you feeling less comfortable? My answer: yes.
6). Do you find that you’re cutting off or being cut off from other sources of input, information or commentary? My answer: at times.
7). Do you find yourself growing more distant from people to whom you’d been close for a long time, like friends and family? My answer: Yes. WITH THE caveat, not being isolated from certain friends and family.
8). Does it feel emotionally painful to dial back or step away, almost like loneliness or grief? My answer: strong yes.

What do these questions refer to?

This is very difficult for me to say.  These eight questions and answers refer to my time in public education in California.

My wake-up call was when I decided to retire early.  I was looking forward to phone calls asking for me to come out and help my former colleagues.  Emails asking how I am doing.  Nearly nothing.

I openly admit all the questions in Dr. Phil’s book hurt, but the one that hurt the most is, “Does it feel emotionally painful to dial back or step away, almost like loneliness or grief?”  That question is incredibly revealing.

If you don’t know me, I do ask questions and challenge our profession.  I did not take the vaccine and stop telling me students “I love ya.”  I refused to “keep Jesus Christ in the parking lot.” (Administrator gave me that directive)  On social media, I do share my opinions.  I do all I can to avoid, “I am right.  You are wrong.”  Yet, those who disagree with me?  They let me know it (which is fine).

How can this article help you?

I encourage you to answer the eight questions.  In regard to what your answers reveal, Dr. Phil says, “If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve given more of yourself than you should to others, and you need to make sure you’re operating in the realm of reason, the realm of truth.

Because that’s the first and most basic way in which you might be “programmed” – by a simple inability to distinguish truth from fiction.”

You need to face the truth and the truth?  YOU NEED TO FIND THE TRUTH!

From the “We’ve Got Issues” Book – The Truth is Out there

What is the most basic question you can ask when presented with a piece of information? “Is this true?”

We’ve all heard the saying from Mark Twain that a lie can travel around the world and back while the truth is still lacing up its boots.  Today we know exactly how true that is.  A couple of professors at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology did a study where they looked at over 100,000 news stories that had been tweeted by 3 million people over 4 million times – and they found that lies traveled six times faster than the truth.”

I want you to read how they summarized their study, because I can’t say it better myself: ‘Falsehood diffused significantly farther, faster, deeper, and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information, and the effects were more pronounced for false political news than for false news about terrorism, natural disasters, science, urban legends, or financial information.  We found that false news was more novel than true news, which suggests that people were more likely to share novel information….Contrary to conventional wisdom, robots accelerated the spread of true and false news at the same rate, implying that false news spreads more than the truth because humans, not robots, are more likely to spread it.’

Listen to what they’re telling us here – one of the reason that lies travel faster is because they sound “newer” and more interesting.  And you know this.  The truth is messy.  There aren’t always clearly defined heroes and villains.  If a story seems too neat and tidy to be true, it probably is.”

Be Ready To Answer ‘Rude’ Awakening with LOVE

Be ready for people to do all they can to convince you – you are wrong!  And, I will encourage all of us to not let an opinion end a relationship.  I have allowed that to happen and I am sorry for that.  Yet, I do have my faith that I follow and that commitment to follow my faith has led to others to walk away.  By the way, all of us have sins.  I guess because I don’t like your sin you have come to the “truth” that I don’t love you.  Guess what?  You are wrong.  I love you!