It’s Cherry Season!

Written June 23, 2024

One of my favorite fruits is Cherry.  I found a new cherry for me. The Rainier cherry.  It is so sweet and they are big. The Bing cherry was my go to, but no more!! It’s about the Rainier cherry!!

I actually want to go to an orchard and pick cherries.

Well, I will not play with you any longer.  I am not talking about the Rainier cherry or the ever popular, Bing Cherry.

No.  I am talking about a different “cherry picking.”  Something I am accused quite often of doing and yet, I find the accusation to be interesting that it only works against me from people who disagree with me.  Meaning when I cite something it’s “cherry picking.”  When someone else cites something it is a piece of a well-researched source.  Hmmmmm….

How Times Have Changed

If you do not know, I am a school teacher.  Since 1989, I have taught high school music and now you can add elementary and middle school.

I have always loved JESUS CHRIST.  In fact, take a look at this picture of a card I gave to one of my 1994 graduating seniors.  Notice the word, “God” and “Love.”

God was good / is good.

In April 2021, I was told by the principle to, “keep Jesus Christ in the parking lot.”  In October 2021, I was told by the same man who was now in the district’s Human Resources department, not to tell my students I love them and, “I don’t care about your first amendment rights.  You gotta get off social media.”

So, what was admired about me in 1994 is now what got me in trouble in 2021.  Yes.  Times have changed.  I do wish my former students would acknowledge that their former music teacher is the same and understandably, they have changed.  I am the same man who loved them then and to this day, love them!  Despite what the administrators say, it is okay to love our students as STUDENTS.

The Ten Commandments

By now, you are aware that Louisiana schools will need to have a poster size replica of the Ten Commandments in each classroom.

Oh, my goodness!

I posted how I supported the idea of LOUISIANA posting The Ten Commandments in their public schools.  I live in California.  Whatever Louisiana wants to do (within reason) is none of my business.  Would I mind if California schools did the same thing?  Of course not.  Go ahead.  If you are going to have San Diego Students do Aztec chants in their classrooms, then why not have The Ten Commandments posted?  And yes, I know the Aztec chants were deemed inappropriate.  Notice how that did get in the classrooms and something “Christian” would not?

By the way, the people who responded upset at my supporting LOUISIANA posting the ten commandments?  Teachers in three different California school districts.  I don’t remember them being upset about San Diego students participating in Aztec chants.  I could be wrong.

My Cherry Picking?

One response to my support in displaying The Ten Commandments being displayed in Louisiana classrooms came from a former student who is now a teacher.  I loved him before his strong response and I love him now.  Clarification:  The response from him I share is not THE strong response.  

On one of my follow up posts, I shared these two leaders’ Quotes (slides courtesy of William J. Federer) :


The student who was / is upset at me wrote, “…There’s also a tremendous amount of irony in Christians pushing religious fueled political agendas when hardly any truly follow the teachings of Jesus. It becomes a lot of self centered cherry picking. I have no issue with those who are passionately Christian while also following the religion they push, but hardly any fit that mold, sadly.”

Is This Cherry Picking?

Let’s start with a definition of ‘cherry picking.’

So, needless to say, being a moderate-conservative in the liberal / leftist world of education, I had ‘great’ pushback on my stance, displaying The Ten Commandments is fine.  Having the public school students recite them / memorize them is WRONG!  Will not support that in a public school.  (Do I think knowing The Ten Commandments would help our society?  Not memorizing them or reciting them, but living them?  Absolutely would help are decaying society turn things around).

Is either or both of these responses to my opinion cherry picking (The cherry picking fallacy occurs when an argument highlights evidence that supports its conclusion while ignoring significant evidence to the contrary.  Presenting facts in this selective manner can distort the overall picture and yield misleading conclusions)?


I do have concern about the “all or nothing” meme.  No religion at all?  Better understand that “religion” doesn’t have to be “deist.”  “Socialism” is a religion.  “Woke” is a religion.

Also, I will share another James Madison quote, “We have staked the whole future of American civilization not on the power of government, far from it. We stake the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.”  (BTW – when you look up this quote, you will see there are plenty to say this quote is bogus.  And, at the same time, there are sources that say this one posted from Facebook is just as bogus.  Let your discernment help you.)

Bottom Line

I share my thoughts.  In sharing my thoughts, I share my biases.  I would think all people would admit they have biases.  In no way do I have the goal to prove you wrong or to win you over to my side.  And therefore, when you respond in the tone / manner you do, I just give  your response the same respect that I have when sharing my thoughts.   I am just a man (in my case) sharing thoughts as you are responding to my thoughts.  When you accuse someone of “cherry picking” make sure you know you are exposing your biases.  Being biased is being human.  When you think you have an unbiased outlook, check yourself.

My thoughts are my thoughts and therefore, I am very capable of making mistakes.  In no way do I consider myself an expert.  Therefore, feel free to correct my thoughts / sources.  I am agreeing with you that I can be wrong sometimes.  Can you make the same agreement?



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