If June is “PRIDE MONTH” then for me – July is “APPRECIATION MONTH”

Written July 1, 2023  10:13am   Published same day.

This past “Pride Month” was pretty tiresome / heavy.  I have never felt so much weight.  Be it Bud Light.  Target.  Merchandise that says Satan Loves Pronouns  It seems the month took on a totally different meaning than what I remember it being.  What is Pride Month?

I thought, well if there is a Pride Month why not have a “humility month?”  Then, yes, stupid me.  A “Humility month” doesn’t really work with promoting humility.


We have many (really a few) people who are showing anything but appreciation to live in such a beautiful nation.

Look at how other nations treat homosexuals and females.

Homosexual’s rights in other nations.  

There are nations who believe homosexuals should be put to death:  Brunei, Iran, Mauntania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia, and the United Arab Emirates.  And frankly – if I was the President, I would be done dealing with any of these nations until they changed their laws.  Hence, another reason to become more energy independent!  LGBT Rights by Country / Best and Worst Countries for LGBTQ+ Rights 2023

Women’s rights in other nations.

Afghanistan –

Ranks last out of 170 countries on the WPS Index and 157th out of 162 on the UN Gender Inequality Index. More than four decades of conflict and crisis combined with regressive gender norms have left many Afghan women and girls uneducated.

  • Afghan girls who are allowed to attend school generally don’t stay for more than two years
  • This reflects in financial inclusion for women in the country; which the WPS ranks at just 7.2%
  • The country also ranks among the highest for gender-based violence. 35 out of every 100 women are exposed to violence at the hands of an intimate partner.

Along with neighboring Pakistan, honor killings are illegal here, but still widely prevalent.

Syria –

  • 75 out of every 100,000 Syrian women are killed in organized violence
  • Only 16.9% of women feel safe in their own communities
  • Georgetown University qualifies the number of conflict-related incidences of sexual violence as “massive”
  • Nearly 25% of Syrian women have reported experiencing violence from an intimate partner

South Sudan –

  • Less than 5% of women are financially included within their communities and society
  • In 2020, the United Nations did not have enough data to accurately rank South Sudan on its Gender Inequality Index
  • It did, however report that the country has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. More than 1% of pregnant South Sudanese woman will die due to complications from pregnancy or childbirth.  Ten of the worst countries for women’s rights

Of course, to be truer to our Declaration of Independence and other founding documents from our Forefathers, the United States of America has work to do to continue!  Not re-write the documents!  TEACH THEM!  But when the students have a third or sixth grade level of reading – we are in trouble.   Our nation is fallible.  We make mistakes, but what is great about the USA is we do what we can to correct our mistakes.  It will take time.  We will never be perfect.  When I look at two groups (homosexuals / female) and compare how USA treats those two groups compared to other parts of the world, I appreciate living in the United States of America.  I appreciate all the sacrifices those men and women did in the previous generations so I can sit at a computer and share my thoughts.

Please…during the month of July, take time to appreciate living in our great nation.  Study our nation’s history.  See how blessed we are compared to the majority of the word.  Yes.  Fight to keep the United States of America a constitutional republic.  In fighting to keep the United States of America the United States of America, don’t let all the immigrants do the heavy lifting.  They are running away from a bad place that could be turning into that same bad place they left.  LISTEN TO THEM!  When you hear their stories maybe you will appreciate the United States of America.

Love and appreciate our farmers.

Love and appreciate our laws / ideals.

Love and appreciate the military.

Love and appreciate our first responders.

Love and appreciate teachers who want to teach their subject not help train the next activists.

Love and appreciate the fact we have water to drink and toilets to flush!

The list goes on and on and on and on…

My America – Danny Gokey