Keeping Secrets Can Do Harm

Written at 8:40am, September 10, 2023    Published later that same day

So, you want me (your child’s teacher) to keep secrets from you (the child’s parent)?

Let me ask the question in a different way.  You (the government) want me (teacher) to keep secrets from my students’ parents?

My response:  What was that?  You (the government official) don’t have any children?  Never been married?  Don’t have children?  You are telling me to do something that has NO direct impact in your life.   Oh, you have a child that is facing gender dysphoria or something similar.  Very interesting.

On September 6, 2023, I watched ten minutes of the Rocklin Unified School District Board meeting.  Here is the link to that meeting.  Rocklin Unified School District Meeting, September 6, 2023

I encourage you to watch at least 10 minutes of the public comment section of that meeting.  Here is what I observed:

  • People who have been hurt
  • People who are taking out their hurt on others.  The school board endured a “struggle” session for almost SIX HOURS!  Told their decision would lead to “blood on their hands.”  Terrible!!
  • People who are ready to tell how awful conservative Christians are and yet, these same people critical of conservative Christians were behaving the same way they were criticizing
  • Mean people
  • Bullies

So, I ask again, you (the government) want me (teacher) to keep secrets from my students’ parents?

When I was told this was going to mandated, that would be one of the many reasons to walk away from a noble profession.  If I contacted the parents to inform them, your daughter wants to be a son or some other animal, I was risking my career.  I was the bad teacher because I wanted to include the parents in raising their children.

I did a LITTLE research (google search is a little research) on the topic, what does keeping secrets do to one’s health  I encourage you to look at that “research” and reflect on what you (the government and the small percentage of people) are asking the teachers to endure.  Teachers, I wish you would also look at the research and see what keeping such secrets from parents is doing to you.

I get we all have secrets, but my goodness!  Why put more stress on teachers to keep secrets from parents?  Parents who frankly have done nothing to show they (the parents) could not handle knowing their daughter wants to be a son or their son wants to be a daughter or even a non-human.

Shouldn’t parents know their child is vaping in the restroom?

Shouldn’t parents know their child is drinking booze or watching porn in the classroom or on the playground?

Why is this gender issue getting the pass that these other topics are not getting?  Or…are they getting a pass, as well?

Checkout this quote:  It falls, then, to the family, the church, and educational institutions to transmit “to each new generation the virtues without which free societies cannot survive: basic honesty, integrity, self-restraint, concern for others and respect for their dignity and rights, civic-mindedness, and the like.” 7 In other words, even the structural constraints of our Constitution will fail without institutions to teach people how those constraints protect liberty, to explain why that liberty is vital to the success of our country, and to inculcate the virtue needed to resist a culture of immediate gratification.  PRESERVING A CONSTITUTION DESIGNED FOR A MORAL AND RELIGIOUS PEOPLE

If we continue to take actions that really model the OPPOSITE of basic honesty, integrity, SELF-RESTRAINT (no alcohol or vaping or breaking other laws), keep secrets from our students’ parents, I argue our free society will not survive and our free society not surviving is the goal!

I could go on, but I will get long winded.

Bottom line…

My opinion on what I have read.   A majority of the people making these laws / policies (that include keeping secrets from parents) are people who are unmarried and/or do not have children!  They want you (parents of children) to raise people who think and look like them!  Even the people who have sincere challenges in their families (as many families have) are creating an environment that can cause you to endure the same or similar challenges.

Parents – continue to fight to be your child’s parent.  What an honor and blessing it is to be a father or mother.  Not “sperm donor” or “chest feeder.”

Stand-up against this attack on our “free society” – OUR LIBERTY.

Colorado Teachers Union Told Teachers To Destroy Evidence Of Student Surveys On Gender Identity: Report

Teachers to keep secrets from parents  (I do what I can to give balance; so, yes, there will be sources that will show disagreement with my opinion.  Cool.  Discourse is healthy.  Still believe parents should know what is happening with their children’s lives)