Let me know what’s wrong…

When did many people decide to relinquish personal responsibility? 

I don’t have an exact time and date.  BECAUSE, THERE IS NO EXACT TIME AND DATE. 

It may not be the correct question, “when did many people decide to relinquish personal responsibility?” 

The question probably is close to “how come many people decided to relinquish personal responsibility?”  Answer:  Humans want easier lives and part of that “easy life” is NOT ACCEPTING personal responsibility. 

But, not accepting personal responsibility leads to one not being of value to himself / herself and that eventually leads to not adding value to another.  Part of a human being’s role is to add value to others.  As we add value to others, we add value to ourselves.  When you are down in the dumps, go do something kind for someone else. 

There is nothing more of a good feeling than saying, “I am responsible.”  Say it:  I AM RESPONSIBLE.

When I say, “I am responsible” it causes me to pause before I make a choice. 

Now, there will be times when I cannot take time to make a choice, but in the end, knowing that I AM RESPONSIBLE, I will be able to explain that decision and then … be able to live with myself. 

Take 100% for everything you do.  Jocko Willink calls this thinking:  EXTREME OWNERSHIP. 

Can you imagine what our children would be like if they were taught from birth through teen years to simply say and believe:  I AM RESPONSIBLE?  Seriously…

I believe our children would be more confident in taking risks because our children know it was / it is their responsibility.  It is their choice.  Be confident in your choice because there will be times when your choice is going to be the correct choice.  Take the shot.  You may make the shot and you may miss the shot.  But, not taking the shot, you miss the opportunity to be the hero.  

Tell your children:  before your respond to Johnny’s crap with your version of crap, you will be responsible for your version of crap.  Are you (my child) ready to face the consequences?  And the answer will be  I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONSEQUENCES!  Then, go for it! 

I did teach my son, avoid conflict with others.  However, if Johnny hits you first … hit him as hard as you can until he is done!  And… I will stand by my son and be responsible for teaching him to defend himself to the point where the other dude is done! 

Apparently, many people today are passing on their responsibility / relinquishing their responsibility in the hopes that “no one will hold them accountable.” 

  • It’s simpler to say, “it’s the alcohol company.  They know what alcohol does people.” 
  • It’s simpler to say, “it’s the guns fault.  If guns were not available, I would not have used them.”
  • It’s simpler to say, “it’s my spouse’s fault for our break up.  If she would have just done what I asked, we would be together.” 
  • It’s simpler to say, “it’s my dad’s fault that I am an alcoholic / wife beater.  I saw him drink and beat my mom and therefore, I am now him.”
  • It’s simpler to say, “it’s my son’s teacher’s fault.  He doesn’t know what he is doing and doesn’t like my son.” 

When we accept responsibility people will increase their trust in us.  They will believe in you!  Your influence increases.     

They will admire your character. 

They will give you more responsibility and as you are given more responsibility you gain more confidence. 

Sure.  You will screw-up occasionally.  WE ALL DO.  But, at the end of the day, people will respect you for what?  Yup… “I screwed-up.  It was my responsibility.”  You don’t even have to say, “It was my fault.”  Say, “it was my responsibility.” 

Please … make the change in your life and accept responsibility.  I strongly believe our nation needs a THIRD GREAT AWAKENING…  “The Age of Responsibility.” 

Once we are THE AGE OF RESPONSIBILITY, we will see a drop in the number of abortions; drop in the number of divorces; drop in the numbers of suicide and… and … and… 

You are responsible for the abortion because, you had sex. 
You are responsible for the divorce because, you did not pay attention to your choices that impacted your marriage.
You are responsible for the suicide because, no one told you to kill yourself. 

What a sane person wants to be responsible for their death?

We need to see in our classrooms: 


In the end, let me know what is wrong with:  I AM RESPONSIBLE.