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I want to be careful to NOT make this blog “feature” the length of a THE ATLANTIC article.  Just started to read a lengthy article and instead of reading it, I thought I would listen to it.  There are publications that have audio presentations.  This audio presentation of THE ATLANTIC article is 45 minutes!!  My goodness. 

On February 20, 2021, I made the decision to use facebook for business only.  What “business only” means is:  blog / YouTube / podcast posts.  That’s it.  No family news / pictures.  No what is happening at my job.  No politics.  Just arrived at a spot in my life – if folks want to know what is happening with me / my family / my job, those folks will contact me.  Not too many contacts (giggle).

Well, it has been an interesting 102 days since I made the change in how I use facebook!  Not surprised.  Thought I would share with you what I have observed.

This is what I have seen on facebook as I scroll through:  EVERYTHING IS GREAT!  Seriously.  Nothing is wrong.  When I look at my friends’ posts, there is nothing wrong. Their jobs are great.  All their programs have survived … if not thrived while being ZOOM.  At least that is what is said on the posts.  I know I couldn’t write that.  

And of course, that previous paragraph is oozing with sarcasm.  But, as to be expected, since January 20, 2021 … the United States is damn near perfect and that perfectionism is something I cannot meet.  I am not that “perfect.”

Therefore embracing my imperfectionism, from time-to-time, I am going to write a blog titled:  NOTHING TO SEE HERE.  I will point out things that have caught my eye and was missed by the facebook eye.  Comparing my eye to the facebook eye.  My eye is close to the “Greek Eye” / the “evil eye” The term refers to negative energy caused by another’s jealously, which Greeks believe can cause minor troubles and even physical symptoms for the victim (September 21, 2017 – USA Today)  What I will share is what my eye sees as something that is hurting a community and / or nation.

Let us begin with these three stories: 

A Cupertino elementary school forces third graders to deconstruct their racial identities (my thought: this exercise is really meant for the white humans), then rank themselves according to their “power and privilege”

San Diego school district trains white teachers that they ‘spirit murder’ (my thought:  interesting they used “murder” and not “kill” – hmmmm…. Thou shalt not murder…. quasi-religion is evolving)   black children and need ‘antiracist therapy’

California’s Department of Education is proposing to eliminate opportunities for accelerated math in the name of “equity.”  That means discouraging algebra for eight graders and calculus for high school.

Those three stories seem to be missing on facebook; well, at least the 1,116 of my friends. 

When I see those three stories, I am saddened. 

All three stories are from California – my home state.  A state I have a difficult time recognizing.  “Thank God that ain’t happening in my state,” says a person from Booger Hole, West Virginia.  Get ready.  There is a plan to make the United States of America like California!  NO?  Los Angeles Times begs to differ with your “not gonna happen in my beloved Booger Hole, West Virginia.”  I have a friend in Louisiana who attended an “Educational Conference.”  One of the seminars?  “The Influence of California.”  Sad to see a great state believe our future is one that has these three stories be part of the new “enlightenment of average.”

Difficult to see emotions lead to decision making.  We don’t like to see our children hurt and therefore, we need to do all we can to make things “easy” for them / “simple” for them.  This (avoid hard work / failure) cancer of “average” is going to lead to a disappointing life.  After all, average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best.  There are folks who don’t want or believe the United States should be / needs to be – THE BEST OF THE BEST.  I want my students to aspire to be the best of the best that needs to include being the best with and for others!  

The idea that a group dictates or can lead to a result is ill.  Because you are this color, you are an oppressor.  Because you are this color, you are oppressed.  Let us (government) fix this by adjusting the standards to fit your people.  What in the world? 

Don’t all productive Americans need to learn how to do basic math? 

Don’t all productive Americans need to learn how to write a sentence?  A paragraph?  A resume?  

According to the leaders in California, when our students cannot reach a certain threshold / goal, the leaders need to lower the standard.  We don’t want to “hurt” the children. 

I could go on, but again… don’t want it to be the next THE ATLANTIC article.

My hope for doing this occasional blog series is to be “the eye.”  Please know there are some really questionable decisions being made.  Decisions that make the future American dependent on the government!

Sure.  There were some rough times from January 20, 2017, to January 20, 2021.  NO DOUBT!  Saw it on Facebook.  Heard it from friends.  OFTEN!  Even lost friends / family due to their passion for how terrible those four years were. 

Many of those same folks who thought those four years were awful now say:  third graders (especially if they are white boys and girls) deconstructing their racial identity is forward progress.  And … teach white teachers, they ‘spirit kill’ black children is forward progress.  And … eliminate accelerated math in the name of equity is forward progress … I guess progress depends on what your destination is. 

Please consider, to stand on your own.  Standing on your own is lonely.  No doubt.  Since February 20, 2021, I have been alone – often.  One or two folks have quietly offered to / agreed to stand with me and I am grateful!  I would rather stand alone (and wait for others to join me) for our nation’s values / principles established by our Founding Fathers than be with a group of fellow Americans who believe, since I am a white teacher, I “spirit murder” black children. 

Nothing to see here.

We need more folks to speak up!

Any thoughts to how come not all news affiliates are reporting on this story?



2 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here – 01”

  1. Boyd Latimore

    I stand with you – I worry a lot for our state and our country’s future with these “forward-thinking” programs. I had heard (and privately failed to others) about the math, but had missed the other two stories – “murder” their spirit? Rank themselves by power and privilege? Insanity. I appreciate your voice and spirit Paul – one of the joys of you on Facebook was you would point out some of these articles for those of us who perhaps don’t dig as deep into the news (sadly, I tend to avoid the news most of the time, the way you have moved from FB). All well said and appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and enlightened.

    1. Hello Boyd:
      Thank you Boyd for your kind words of encouragement. I appreciate your support and courage in showing your support.

      Well, my self-imposed “exile” from facebook is a good decision.

      At my job, I was told “stick to the subject. No sharing stories. No life talks.” Really? Wow! As math teachers are learning how to teach word problems from a book “Math and Social Injustice.” Wow! “Math and Social Injustice” gets a pass, but me saying “Music reflects life. There are right and wrong notes in music, as in life, there are right and wrong decisions” is deemed inappropriate in the classroom. Interesting. Nah … nothing to see here!

      Like my job, there have been plenty of friends who have told me my viewpoint is not appreciated on facebook. Therefore, I will find another way to share it. I have found it. Point out stories I don’t see on facebook.

      Again, it is very accurate. On facebook, there is barely anything said about President Biden & Vice President Harris – pro or con!! Interesting. Not even PRO-Biden or PRO-Harris?? I will post this today and take a stroll on the facebook just to see if there is anything about the President & Vice President. I would encourage all of you to do that! And then ask … why are people not talking about Biden / Harris? There are some serious things happening: pipeline hacked / meat company hacked / the border crisis is real / in some sports, biological females being asked to compete against biological males … and on and on… Even showing some sign of support of “appreciation” for the job President Biden and Vice President Harris are doing about those issues I just mentioned. But, we do know Chocolate Ice Cream is a favorite on long weekends.

      There is a “war” / “fight” to change the United States. We have AT LEAST another 1,250+ days (most likely longer)! This is far from over.

      Thanks again / Many Blessings / Agape,

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