When is enough … enough? Thanks PHIL!

I have a friend who has been asking me the question, “When is enough … enough?”  When are we going to realize that the cell phone has been helping our nation’s demise? 

The “Devious Licks” should be a rallying cry to our nation that our children (and immature adults) are under “their” control!  Our local schools (Sacramento Region) are experiencing vandalism that is attributed, in part, to the TikTok challenge to students to vandalize their school. 

WHAT THE ___________, PEOPLE?           

Your children are under “their” control.  This is not just some little cute idiotic “challenge.”  Your children are challenged to BREAK THE LAW!  Breaking the law is not some silly / innocent little challenge. 

What are going to be the next challenges? 

Where is this type of challenge (break the law) going to take us?  We now have an example that “they” can get our children (and immature adults) to break the law with their “challenge.”  Play this like chess.  Play this three steps from now.  How far is this going to go?  Where can it go? 

This cannot be ignored / looked away.

We need families do their job and raise / train children to be human beings who know and live by the GOLDEN RULE.  The Golden Rule is NOT just a Judeo Christian rule.  Here are examples for you…

Islam:  “None of you has faith until he loves for his brouther or neighbor what he loves for himself.”

Judaism:  “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man.  This is the entire Law; all the rest I commentary.”

Buddhism:  “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would not find hurtful.”

Hinduism:  “This is the sum of duty; do naught unto others what you would not have them do unto you.”

Zoroastrianism:  “Whatever is disagreeable to yourself do not do unto others.” 

Confucianism:  “Do not do unto others what you would not have them do to you.”

Bahai:  “And if thine eyes be turned towards justice, choose though for thyt neighbor that which thou choosest for thyself.” 

Jainism:  “A man should wander about treating all creatures as he himself would be treated.” 

Yoruba Proverb (Nigeria):  “One going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts.” 

Christianity:  “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” 

Instead of a society that knows and lives THE GOLDEN RULE, we have been dragged to some whacked out / woked up Marxism!! 

Look at the roots of Critical Race Theory and they will lead you to Marxism. 

And remember … Marx condemned religion. Karl Marx was a serious atheist. He didn’t think that religion was mad or particularly bad: it was “the opium of the people” but “the heart in a heartless world” too. Instead, he had a theory about the nature of religion that attempted to penetrate to the heart of the human condition.  June 29, 2009 “The Guardian”

This “Golden Rule Thing” just would not fly with Marx and many of his followers.  They don’t get it! 

So, since 1962 Supreme Court decision Engle vs.  Vitale (The Court ruled that the constitutional prohibition of laws establishing religion meant that government had no business drafting formal prayers for any segment of its population to repeat in a government-sponsored religious program.), we have seen an erosion of our nation; to the point where a “challenge” to break the law is now something “fun” / a “joke.” 

If our nation did not give up GOD in our public forums (including public schools), I strongly believe we would not be arriving to a “breaking point” in our nation.  I purposely used “a” and not, “the.”  Because, I don’t believe this will break our nation.  It is “Motte and Bailey.”  The leftists got a little more “land” and they will retreat back to their little corner with more “land.”  Then, the leftists come back out another generation (or sooner) and get more “land” and then they retreat back to their little corner with more “land.” 

We are at another crossroads in our nation.  We have examples of “Marxists” attempting to over throw our government.  Turn order into chaos.  Survival of the fittest.  But, the previous times did not have SOCIAL MEDIA.  They were small little fires.  Now, SOCIAL MEDIA is a wild fire and every little negative / disgusting / evil post are the embers that build the fire! 

I am a high school music teacher.  Been one for 33 years. 

Our children (and too many adults) cannot be without their cellphones.  I cannot think of another invention that has so much control over our society.  Well, I know what I just wrote could be read as hyperbole.  There are arguments for drugs / alcohol being “inventions” that have control over our society.

Human beings need to be part of group.  We need others.  Well, social media is an incredible “tool” to connect us while at the same time… divide us.  Definitely a tool to manipulate people.  Drink that grape Kool-Aid!  

Please … do all you can to get off your cellphone.  Find the down time.  Get off your computer.  Do all you can to regain your self-control.  I  KNOW I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA!  Everything I write is for me, as well.  

Also, please consider my earlier point.  Once those in power (go figure – those in power want Marxism / Socialism) choose to be more “Marxist” and take God out of the public, see where our nation has gone and where it could continue to go! 

Zoom / Covid could have (still can) taught us we need family.  A family:  two parents and child.  I do believe studies will show a “nuclear” family is a POSITIVE PART of civilized societies.  We need to push for families.  Two parents responsible for raising a child! 

We need to be active in our children’s live.  From the time, we find out, she is pregnant until the time the child graduates from high school. 

Parents – do not get burned out.  Be there for your child’s high school days!  When your child is high school, your child needs you as much as he / she did when he / she was zero-to-four years-old!  Just in a different way.  A way that is more of a “coach.” 

Coach your child to be an adult.  Support your child.  Do not do the work for your child.  Your child is having a challenge with a teacher.  Tell your child, “Before I get involved, I want you to have a meeting with your teacher and a counselor – together!  Then, if that does not go well, I will be more than happy to meet with you, your teacher, and counselor.” 

Get involved in your child’s activities.  Go to the performances.  Go to the games. 

Be involved IN YOUR CHILD’S SOCIAL MEDIA!  If there is a need for “helicopter parents,” it is your child’s use of social media.  That is really the only time you should treat your high school student as a child.  There simply is too much CRAP on social media that is negatively influencing their lives.  When a message is sent encouraging breaking the law (vandalism) that should be a large red flag.  “Danger Will Robinson.  DANGER!”

If you do not have children, you still need to be interested in the direction this is all heading.  To know there are teenagers who are going to act in a criminal way to a TikTok message?  Yes.  You have a stake in this topic!  You could be the next victim of a TikTok message!

So, when is enough … enough? 

Today.  Vandalized high school restrooms.  Ha-ha … so funny. (Sarcasm – just in case you needed clarification)

Tomorrow?  A TikTok message sent out to vandalize your home.  Not so funny now. 


4 thoughts on “When is enough … enough? Thanks PHIL!”

  1. Very important message Paul. Scary stuff happening. Love the references to multiple religions relationship to the golden rule (and the Lost in Space reference 😉)
    Well said as always!

    1. Hello Boyd:
      What a blessing it is to have such a kind comment. There is evil in this world. Your kind comment is water that helps put out the fire of evil that is around me. Thank you very much. This comment is really needed.

      Many Blessings / Agape,

    1. Hello Julann:
      Thank you very much. Means a lot to me. As I said to Boyd, there is a fire of evil around me right now. To have friends such as you (and Dave….. and Boyd) is the water that puts out that fire. But “rest – assured” — embers leave that fire to start another one. God does send “fire fighters” to us to help put out the fire of evil. Also, there are times when we need a fire under our tush!! But, at this time … I know it is the “fire of evil.” 🙁

      Love ya.

      Many Blessings / Agape,

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