Be Careful of What You Hear

Been too long…

I recently did a “Two Minutes (possibly three) with Paul” on the topic of “Constitutional Republic.”

Then, with in a day of posting that video, I heard there is a 2023 statement by a UTAH STATE – again, STATE – school board member, Carol Barlow Lear.  “I’m not a fan of preserving our constitutional republic,” said Utah State Board of Education member Carol Barlow Lear, “but if we have to do that to make the Legislature happy, I will hold my nose and agree with it.”  


What does that mean, “…not a fan.”  If one isn’t a fan, what does one do?  Go to another “team?”  Attempt to change it so he/she (I know, “So binary / old school, Paul.”) will be a fan?  I encourage you to read the article and do your own research (something that should be a NORM:  “your own research.”)  Here is a search I did.

Play on Words

“We need to save Democracy!”

“This election is about saving Democracy”

Those statements are said by who?  Answer:  Mostly Democrats.

Do you think there is a play on words here?

By Democrats saying, “we need to save Democracy” they are saying “vote DEMOCRAT!”  The words, Democracy & Democrat, do sound very similar.

Yet, these highly educated Democrats know the truth.  The truth is the United States of America is a type of Democracy and that type of Democracy is:   a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

Why would the Democrats NOT say, “We need to save our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC?”

Not A Fan

By the Democratic Party not saying, “constitutional republic” are they “not a fan,” like Carol Barlow Lear?

Or, is the Democratic Party not saying “constitutional republic” because – get ready for this simpleton thinking – it hints at “Republican?”

I know.  CRAZY!

Yet, think about it.

When we hear “Constitutional Republic” that certainly sounds like “Republican.”

Please!  Be careful of how we are being manipulated and frankly, “we” can be Liberal and Conservative.

By the discussion by State Education Boards like Utah’s, we are reminded there are small groups of people who have too much promoting their personal thoughts being given to your children.  Just teach the subject.  Stop teaching “activism.”

Our children need to know the Constitution.  However, more importantly our children need to know what John Adams said, on January 27, 1795:  “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Ladies and Gentlemen (there ya go again, Paul), what morals are we teaching our children?  Religious?  Have you seen the drop in church attendance?

We better wake up!  The “Woke” is awake and they are working hard to change things they are fans of!