Before we do final chapter of MAKE TODAY COUNT

YourThe Written February 6, 2023 …. Posted February 7, 2023

Before I close the series on Dr. John C. Maxwell’s excellent book MAKE TODAY COUNT, I want to do a little “written-word-process.”

The goal of this article is not to make anyone upset, annoyed, angry.  Nope.  Let’s just start there.  Shall we?

A very good question for all of you to ask yourselves, How is it my responsibility for how you feel?  Serious question.  Sure.  At a party I host, part of my responsibility includes making sure there are plenty of snacks and drinks.  Snacks and drinks make my guests feel good.  I can see being responsible for people feel good at a party.

Yet, when I express an opinion, I am told, “Be careful.  You are going to upset Johnny.”  That seems to be a clever way to get us who think differently than you to shut-up.  Correct?  Why would I want to purposely upset someone?  I am allowed to share my opinion as you are allowed to disagree or yes, become angry with my opinion.  When I share an opinion, I don’t expect you to agree with my opinion.

Please know, I hold back a lot on controversial topics.  Topics, such as, abortion, death penalty, gay marriage, etc.  I will share my opinion about those and several other “controversial” topics with family and friends. At work or on social media, for me (and I reserve the right to change my mind), it is inappropriate to share my opinions about such topics.  I would love to share with you my thoughts on those topics.  Why don’t I?  Because, those issues become issues that others want people to conform to their viewpoints.  I am not interested in attempting to prove people are wrong and I am right.  For me, I live my life by the word of God.  Study God (The Bible) and you will know my opinion about the controversial topics.

My brief thoughts on a topic I heard today on a brilliant episode of Triggernometry.

Topic:  Children should not be leading their parents.

If you watch the Triggernometry episode  “Rose” the guest really does a very honest job in sharing her story with the viewers.  She admits she got into a situation where she allowed her son(s) to lead her decision in transition of his gender.  Not only did she admit that, she also admitted she allowed society to push her to agree to change her son’s gender.

Parents – please – as a teacher for over 33 years, reclaim your RIGHTS to be your child’s parents!  Your job is to train your child.  Too many parents are giving into their child’s wishes, be it name change or something as drastic as gender surgery.  It’s one thing to cave in for the child to have some of his favorite ice cream for dessert, but my goodness… When there are literally life changing choices to make, you need to be there for your child as their parent(s).

When your child is 18 years old, your role of parent will change / should change.  You become more of a coach.  Allow your child to become an adult.  When your child becomes an adult, it gives you time to focus on the younger children, yourself and DEFINITELY your marriage!

Bottom line…
You are your child’s leader!  Not the other way around.  Defend your role as your child’s parent.  The experts are humans!  More times than not – MANY MORE TIMES – you know your child better than the “experts.”  There will be issues, such as cancer, that we need to have doctors’ opinions and guidance.  No doubt.  Remember, the child goes home with you.  You live with your child.  The child is looking to you to be their “guardrail.”  They need structure.  They need your ears.  Your eyes.  Your hugs.  To paraphrase a question from the Triggernometry interview:  when was the last time your child entered a room where you made them know you love them?  Your smile.  Word or two of encouragement.  A hug.  Maybe a surprise gift.   Our children need to know we truly love them and care about them to the point where we will say, “no.”


A book recommended on the Triggernometry episode.

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