Schools Cannot Suspend Students…

So, what are we (teachers / administrators) to do with following law:  As the law stands now, schools cannot suspend students in kindergarten through third grade for willful defiance, but the new law extends that ban to include students up to eighth grade. Beginning in 2020, schools will no longer be able to suspend students in grades four and five. Well, first answer to “what are

Your Students are “YOU”

Sorry for not writing for a while.  ‘Tis the season.  During the holidays, Thanksgiving / Christmas, I tend to get very busy.  With finding time with the family to getting the band / jazz band ready for concerts.  So, what do I want to write about?  Something “band-directory.” “Band Togethery”   Well, this will be short…

Our culture has accepted two huge lies.

Our culture has accepted two huge lies.  The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them.  The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do.  Both are nonsense.  You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.  –  Rick Warren How


As I listen / watch the hearings today … the questioning from Congresswoman Sewell to Ambassador Yovanovitch, I had a sudden moment of PTSD.  The PTSD moment came about when Ambassador Yovanovitch’s talked about her reputation being sullied.  How President Trump “sullied” her reputation.  Wow.  The Ambassador and I have something in common. What do

Weak men create hard times

As with every generation gets to say, “we are living in interesting times.” Every day since November 8, 2016, I have greeted my FACEBOOK FRIENDS with the following message:  Good Morning. For TWO-YEARS-TWO-HUNDRED-SIXTY-NINE DAYS, I wake-up and realize, it is my choice to make my world better with God by my side. It is sad

Education Code Section 52720

Had an interesting epiphany related to “patriotism.”  Or… lack thereof… Or… lack of knowing the importance of patriotism… Or … how many California teachers break the education code (sadly… from time-to-time, including me… THE DIFFERENCE… I admit when I am wrong… SOME / FEW / LESS THAN A 100 of my colleagues defend when they


It is time.  It is time to start sharing stories.  Write essays.  In my first book, I take the reader up to the beginning of my time at Kilarney High School (not the school’s real name; also, some of the stories may not have happened at the specific high school I cite; gotta watch the

Homage to My Friend, Greg

“What are you doing Carleen?”  forty-seven years later, I still remember that question.  When was that question asked?  Days following my sisters sixth birthday.  Carleen (my mom) was Duke’s (my dad) wife.  Mom had had enough of dad’s abuse.  We never saw him hit mom.  But, my goodness… that countless times dad would be verbally

Let me know what’s wrong…

When did many people decide to relinquish personal responsibility?  I don’t have an exact time and date.  BECAUSE, THERE IS NO EXACT TIME AND DATE.  It may not be the correct question, “when did many people decide to relinquish personal responsibility?”  The question probably is close to “how come many people decided to relinquish personal