Good Morning 2018!!

I don’t know you yet, but let me tell you… I do have some hopes and dreams for our GROWING FRIENDSHIP.  I offer my hopes and dreams (2018) to our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I would also add, for my friends who do not believe in Jesus Christ – please read and send well wishes / good thoughts…as, I will for you! 

  • Continue to make our marriage beautiful / GOD-CENTERED
  • As Katy continues to deal with her new medical condition (private – out of respect for our father / daughter relationship), may she learn to flourish and add value to her life … and others who have similar challenges. Kick booty at the UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO.
  • As PJ / Ashlee continue to be NEWLYWEDS, may their marriage continue to GROW stronger. As PJ actively protects our nation as an officer in the United States Navy, we wish our military strength and safety.  With her job, may Ashlee continue to have peace as she deals some humans who – frankly – are lost souls.
  • May our mom continue to be in good health at BROOKDALE – SALINAS.
  • May Jenny, my sister, continue to have good health and enjoy living in beautiful Monterey, California
  • May Susie, my sister, continue to be the awesome wife and mother she is and may Kyle (their son) & Erin (their daughter) continue to do well in school and be super human beings. Uncle Lee – continue to be the awesome manager you are!  AS WELL AS HUSBAND / FATHER!
  • May my job at Oakmont High School continue to be one where I can add value and my students / their families continue to adjust to a new way; hope all their families enjoy 2018.  Add prayers for Mr. Hasty, our principal, for good / strong vision for the school. And Prayers of thanks for all his support, thus far ?
  • Specifically, to our friends / students we left behind in Dublin, we hope things will return to calmness for that community. The school will continue to honestly assess itself / come to grips with what it is today and meet the needs to support their teachers.  We miss you dearly and love ya.
  • May all my friends who are struggling with health (off the top of my head: PAUL, ANGELique, SUE – know there are more folks) improve and if an improvement is not foreseen soon … please live pain-free and receive all the hugs and kisses you need!!
  • May all my friends who have struggles, other than health, may your struggles end sooner-than-later, and may those struggles turn into moments of growth. Each setback is a set-up for a comeback (TD JAKES).

And finally, may all of us continue to find the right words / actions to represent a nation that is so blessed.  There seems to be a lot of hate and finger-pointing to others for the cause of the hate, when, those people throwing out the hate (including throwing hate for a president who at times (okay – many times) shows a lack of empathy) are blind to their hate.  Open our eyes.  Remind all of us … we do what we see and our children (my students) are seeing too much CRAP.  Show our children (my students) how to love, including loving those we cannot stand…

Have the 2018 YOU WANT TO HAVE and for us “believers” – have the 2018 GOD WANTS US TO HAVE.