Hope Our Grandchildren Will See A Return To The Days of : “HAPPY DAYS” (Genre of TV Show)

Written October 5, 2023  9:00am   Published October 6, 2023  5:00am

A well-known pastor was in the hospital.  He lived a full and long life.  He was 88 years-old.  He was dying.

Knowing the well-known pastor was expected to pass away in the coming days, another well-known pastor visited him.

“How are you doing?”

The dying pastor weakly responded, “I am doing well.  I am getting ready to go to heaven.  I would rather be in this bed getting ready to go to heaven than be where you are at.”

The visiting pastor was taken aback by the response.  “Why would you not want to be where I am?”

The dying pastor responded, “I already lived my life and I know what happened.  All the bad.  All the good.  Now, I get to go to heaven where all is good.  You?  You still have to endure events you do not yet know.  Sure.  There will be good moments, but the evil ones.  The evil ones?  You still have to endure those events.”

I am 57 years-old.  I am starting to have a sense that my time in this world is coming to an end.  I do believe in eternity.

Yes!  I know!  I AM YOUNG.  Yet, there is a time when one comes to the realization one is getting older and getting younger is not a wanted to thing.  I do not want to regress.  Life for us humans is a circle.  We come in as a baby and many of us will be needed to be taken care of as we were when we were a baby.

I am teaching at a very good charter school.  They hired me as the after school band director (5th-9th grade) and “Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA).”  Part of my “special assignment” includes do detention.  I am doing what I can to turn detention into a time of “how-to-be-better.”  There are “scholars” that worry me.  I wonder if they will make the changes in time to be a blessing to themselves and others.

Going back to the conversation between the two pastors, I think about my scholars (students).

I want to tell them, “I am so grateful I am not your age because I know what I had when I was your age and compare that to what you have at your current age.  I would take my time over your time hands down!”

What our children are facing can be seen as “criminal.”

The access to the evil is too much.  Our children are being introduced to a world of confusion / demons.

When I was my scholar’s age (1976-1980) just look at the top TV shows / top movies / top songs:

Top TV Shows in the 1970’s

Best 1970s Movies

Best Songs of 1970s

I will let you compare those three entertainment genres to what today’s adolescents are being bombarded with.  They are living in a different nation.

Culture reflects the nation.   What does are current culture represent?  Go to the TV shows, movies and songs and you will see our nation.

If things continue on the path they are (and they will not; there will be another awakening), more children are going to be victims of a narcissistic / nihilistic culture.

When a problem is presented, a solution is needed.  What is the solution, Paul?

You may not want to hear the solution.  It is GOD.  God is THE solution.  We need to bring GOD to our children.  GOD has the answers.  And, again for me, I know Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE.

And even thought Jesus Christ is GOD, I know I do not want live in a theocracy.  I oppose the idea the United States of America becoming the Christian equivalent to any Islamic or Jewish Nation.

I do support the original concept of the United States of America.  How I understand the original concept of the United States of America is independent states being united as a nation.  If my understanding is correct, Alabama – go ahead and criminalize abortion in your state and at the same time, Alabama, leave California alone.  Let California legalize abortion.

Do I support federal laws?  OF COURSE I DO!  And, I support states having their own laws.   Slavery is illegal – needs to be a FEDERAL LAW!  People need the freedom to pursue happiness.  The Right to Vote needs to be a FEDERAL LAW!  And the list grows.

GOD IS THE GOLDEN RULE  A rule that is not displayed in public school classrooms because – frankly – a purposeful attempt to eliminate God.  By eliminating GOD, those who want the power will place themselves / their teachings / their philosophy in its place.  Everything should be centered on THE GOLDEN RULE.

I love this poster.  Sure.  The “foul” language is not good.

Not to know right from wrong because we don’t believe in absolute truth is going to damage our children’s future.  2 + 2 = 4.  ALWAYS WILL and I don’t just say that because I am a white, heterosexual man.  There are people who do not look like me that will defend 2 + 2 = 4!

I wonder what the world would look like if we saw THE GOLDEN RULE as absolute as 2 + 2 = 4?

I will continue to teach the scholars mistakes are the stepping stones to success.

Let’s stop being late to class.  You would want your employees to be on time for work (it’s not racist to be on time – BTW)

Let’s stop breaking rules.  You would want your employees to follow the rules of your business.

Let’s stop being disrespectful and mean to the teachers.  You teach people how to treat you.

Let’s live and be THE GOLDEN RULE!

When one of my students / scholars comes and visits me on my death bed, I want to be able to say him or her (I know – so judgy), “You have a beautiful future and I wish I could physically be there to see it with you!  Our nation has returned to – THE GOLDEN RULE.  GOD IS BACK and now you can see what I saw as a child!”