If that’s true…

In the 1950’s, this statement was heard, “Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?”

Some 60-plus years later, here is the post-modern version of that same statement given in three different ways.  Shorter, but just as effective:

If that’s true…

If it’s true…

If true…

Recently, Buzzfeed gave us a story with the headline, “President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project.”  I have attached that article for you to read.  The news outlets latched on that story!  Until … well, until the unconvenient truth comes out from the Mueller team.  From the Washington Post:  “In a rare move, Mueller’s office denies BuzzFeed report that Trump told Cohen to lie about Moscow project.”  I have attached that article for to read, as well.

Days later – as it seems to be the case in this fast moving world – days later, a group of boys from a Catholic school was accused of displaying “blatant hate” towards Native Americans.  That story / video has gone viral.  Yet, it seems to be only PART OF THE STORY.  Again, for your consideration, I have attached that story to this entry.

Literally, within two days, the student has a response with a very different version of the “real story” given by many news outlets.  I have attached the article from THE HILL with the student’s version of the story. 

The point of this article isn’t about either story.  NO.  The point is my admission that I jumped too fast in believing the first version of either story and I apologize

DISCLAIMER:  In 2016, I wrote in my name for President of The United States of America. 

In regard to President Trump, I have had so much negative press thrusted upon me that I immediately thought, “Here we go again.  So, he did lie to his attorney.  Wish it wasn’t true.”  AND GUESS WHAT?  There is still some level of integrity in the country.  Muller’s “people” come out to deny BuzzFeed’s story!  But, wait … If that is true … If it’s true… If true …. Got me by my “nether region.”  I FELL INTO THE ORWELLIAN TRAP!  There was a great montage of all the “liberal” news agencies of “It that is true”. I attempted to find it and I couldn’t.  There must have been over a dozen of opening salvos that started with a form of “If it is true” and I STRONGLY BELIEVE that was done on purpose. That being … start with “if it is true” because it gave them an “out” in case it wasn’t and at the same time gave a message that is very well could be.

Blatantly … Rachel Maddow interviews Michael Issikof about the BuzzFeed story.  Even as Mr. Issikof was saying there were “red flags” about the story, there was the “headline” below him talking, reading:  Sources Tell BuzzFeed That Trump Directed Cohen To Lie To Congress About Trump Tower Moscow.”  I thought THIS IS AWFUL.  Maddow is interviewing Issikof about the story and Issikof is agreeing with the Mueller team that BuzzFeed was inaccurate with their story.  BUT, THE “HEADLINE” DOES NOT READ THAT WAY.  Does it?  

I fell for that and I apologize. 

Then, there is the Covington Catholic School from Kentucky.  Since July 3, 1989, I have taught high school music.  I know how teenagers can be me / disrespectful / rude.  So, when I saw this story on FACEBOOK, I went to my experiences with teenagers and thought, “Here we go again.  Teenagers being stupid.”  But, unfortunately, I fell for the “danger of the single story.”

I mean come on!  The teenage boy is wearing a MAGA hat.  He has the teenage boy smartass smirk.  Poor Native American older gentleman hitting his drum.  I instantly went, “guilty.”

Then, all of the sudden, news comes out people saying, “there is more to the story.”  How about the four or five gentlemen representing the Black Hebrew Israelites who approached the boys and started to harass them?  I missed those TOXIC MEN in the original three-minute video.  They sure seem to be an “important” part of the story!  Why were they not included in the original video? I have my suspicions.

How about the Native American man in the video saying (paraphrasing) he wanted to avoid an escalation of tension and therefore, got in the middle of the Black Hebrew Israelites and the Covington Catholic School students. 

I apologize for jumping on the side of “idiot teenagers wearing MAGE had to be causing problems” band wagon.  I should have known better and waited to see where this was all going. 

I would like all of us to learn from the BuzzFeed story and this Covington Catholic School story.  THE DANGER OF THE SINGLE STORY IS REAL!  We need to slow down.  We need to give people the benefit of the doubt and that we starts with … ME. 

Be careful of the “IF IT IS TRUE” stories.  I am going to doubt every story that begins with “If it is true…”  Because, there is a good chance it is not true.  And the problem is … that it is “crying wolf.”  Several of the “if it is true” stories are true and we may become desensitized to the “truth” because we are too damn busy and a in a hurry to check for the truth.  NOT GOOD. TRUST YET VERIFY.






The interview continues as Mr. Isikoff says, “there are ‘red flags’ in the BuzzFeed story.”