Not Your Typical Easter Message

Written on April 8, 2023         Published on April 9, 2023 – Resurrection Sunday (EASTER)

Let’s begin with the understanding of how I will be interpreting the word “Resurrection.”  I am going to use the word in a more of a metaphorical sense. “Resurrection” for this article is … resurgence / revival / rising from the dead – in a metaphorical sense.

I will focus on three parts needing a resurrection:

  • Our nation
  • Our public school system
  • Me

Our Nation

Our nation is dying.  No doubt.  Take a look at this picture.  I see four American children holding American flags.  I will get blasted by Stanford University students and alumni for using the word “American.”  In describing the children, I will upset people for not using the words “white” or “bipoc.”  I will earn points from the “Wokians” for not using “gender.”  Not being able to agree the picture is simply four American children holding American flags is a danger sign of our nation dying!

Other examples of our beautiful nation dying –

How do we resurrect our nation?

  1. Stop being in denial of our nation dying.  We need to accept the fact our nation is dying and if we do not make the changes we need (civics in school; incentives to work, oppose to government subsidies; etc.), the death of our nation (some would argue, changing the United States of America) will continue.  Very similar to our own health.  Don’t make the necessary changes in our diet / exercise / sleep / etc., will lead to our eventual death coming sooner than expected.
  2. Elect politicians who make decisions based on principles, not based on donors or the goal to win the next election.
  3. Learn and live your “American Life” according to the Declaration of Independence.  This document is facing the fate of “gradually and then all of the sudden” disappearing.  The quintessential book to learn about the Declaration of Independence is C. Bradley Thompson’s, AMERICA’S REVOLUTIONARY MIND – A Moral History of the American Revolution and the Declaration That Defined It.  I LOVE THIS BOOK. Since its inception, our Declaration of Independence has been under attack by the progressives / “America’s intellectual class.”  “Since the 1830’s, America’s intellectual class has followed the path laid by Harper, Calhoun, Fitzhugh, Hammond, James, Dewey, Wilson, Croly, Becker, and the like in denying the truth status of the Declaration’s principles – and yet, the American people still cling in some vague, emotional way to these principles.  As Becker learned, there are times in the course of human events when we are forced to confront the possibility that the Declaration’s self-evident truths are just that – true.” – p. 386.  Our nation is facing this time again.  However, what is different between those past times and the present?  Our children are not taught the “truths” of our Declaration of Independence.  When one is not taught the truth, everything can be true or the person with the power is the truth.

Our public school system

Our public school system is dying due to it abandoning its role of providing the education parents cannot.  The public school system was meant to fill in the gaps that parents are unable to fill.  Not all parents are equipped to teach math, English, history and other topics.  But, for some reason (sarcasm), the public schools made the decision to raise the children.  Public schools should not have been given that responsibility or taken on that responsibility of raising their students.  Public schools have turned into places to teach values that are not reflected in the Declaration of Independence.  For examples, the pursuit of happiness does not guarantee you are going to be happy.

How do we resurrect our public school system?

  1. Return the public school system to local communities.  Elect politicians who want to abolish the federal department of public education.
  2. Enact laws that the money will “follow” the students to the school of their (parents) choice
  3. Parents need to return to the campuses.  You need to volunteer.  You need to support the teachers who support you – the parents
  4. Public schools need to make the priority to teach the basics to being a good / productive American Citizen, not a global citizen. Basics include, and not limited to knowing and passing a test on the Declaration of Independence; how to balance a checkbook / bank account and write a resume; how to be responsible for their emotions, their actions, and not be a victim (S.E.L. falls short of that)
  5. Teachers need to return to the role of being a teacher, not the pseudo-parent.  Stay in your lane teachers.  These children are someone else’s children.  These children are your students.  Use the word “students.”  You are going down a slippery slope, when you (the teacher) say, ‘my kids,’ ‘my kiddos.’  Keep the relationship professional.  The students are not your friends.  Stop it with the first name.  The teacher needs to have a “title.”
  6. Wellness Centers need to get off public school campuses!  The Wellness Center needs to be in an office building, medical building, church or even – THE HOME!  If Wellness Centers are not going to “honor thy father / thy mother” then get them off public school campuses.


I am slowly dying.  We all are slowly dying.  When the “pandemic” came, I saw the way others wanted me to live.  This way of living was not a new way.  I was becoming more dedicated to Jesus Christ.  As a public-school teacher since 1989, the way the public school wanted me to behave as antithetical to the teaching(s) of Jesus Christ.  Gradually and then all of the sudden, I saw things that were not lining up with who I want to be.  I should have seen this shift sooner!  After all, it is a Supreme Court decision in 1962 that took God off the public-school campus.  How does our nation look since that 1962 ruling?

In April 2021, as I was growing closer to Jesus, I was told by an administrator, “keep Jesus Christ in the parking lot.”  When I wanted to convey the love Jesus Christ teaches me, I was told, “you can’t say, ‘I love ya, kid’ to your students.  Saying that is weird.”

How do I resurrect me? (Much of what I share is from John Eldredge’s book RESILIENT)

  1. I need to renew my love and devotion to Jesus, my deep union with him.  I need to make sure I do not run out of love and devotion and the resilience God-within-us provides before He returns.
  2. I need to add the reality (…filled with the Spirit, with God’s presence) C.S. Lewis pointed out, that God is the fuel the human soul runs on.  God made us:  invented us as a man invents an engine…. Now God designed the human machine to run on Himself.  He Himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on.  I want to make sure I am filled with God.  This requires INTENTION.
  3. Here’s my current situation as best I know it: I have been softened, weakened, robbed of resilience from years of living in the Comfort Culture.  Mental resilience helps build emotional resilience.  I cannot let my emotions drive the bus.  Years in the Comfort Culture made me emotionally soft.  If I don’t feel like doing something, I don’t do it.  If I don’t feel like believing something, I don’t believe it.  Folks like to call this authenticity, but it is really just adolescence.  Like a fourteen-year-old, we treat our emotions as some sort of right, the truest part of our existence.  If I don’t feel love, I think I am no longer in love; if I don’t feel God, I think maybe He’s not around anymore.  I coddle my feelings when what I need to do is bring them under the rule of CHRIST, just like my thought life.  I build emotional resilience by not letting my emotions control my perspective or my reaction to things.  (wouldn’t that be great to teach our children?) Then came global trauma in the years of the “pandemic” and its “sociodramas.”  So, I am depleted and beat up. I am in trauma rehab now, and I need to take that rehab seriously.  Pretending everything is back to normal is delusional.  I am therefore in an especially vulnerable place right now.  Desolation and other predatory forces are trying to make me give up my heart to comforters other than God.
  4. I want recovery and resilience.  I need these two things:
    • First, renew my love and devotion to Jesus Christ (hence, me retiring three years before I would earn the full pension from public school teaching).  I need to give him time each day to loving HIM.
    • Second, create a little margin in my life to allow my soul to breathe.  Being a high school music teacher in California, I couldn’t keep slogging on in an environment that literally said, “Keep Jesus Christ in the parking lot as the rest of us enjoy our BLM t-shirts and Gay Pride Flags.”
  5. No – I am not surrendering to the culture or any other pull to compromise my love for God and my allegiance to HIM.  No.  This is going to be critical against every form of Desolation – I simply cannot give it running room.

Not your typical Easter message.

I do hope you will find ways to resurrect yourself first.  When you resurrect yourself, you will be able to help others and even organizations resurrect themselves.

If you celebrate Easter, I hope you have a wonderful Easter.  If you don’t celebrate Easter, enjoy what a major part of Easter is about – resurrection!!