Today’s SPECIAL: Know Sandwich

I am going to make a “KNOW SANDWICH.”  

Here is what I know. 
I started to write this on May 7, 2020 at 1:49pm.
1:51pm – just as I got all comfortable, I had to go to the bathroom… okay. Now, I am back…

I love Wyton Marsalis’s album with the English Chamber Orchestra.. Listening to it right now.  Helps me calm down and focus.  

Here is what I know.

For the first time since March 18, 2020, today I was on the Oakmont High School campus with my wife and daughter.  We picked up Class of 2020 swag bags.  My wife / daughter / and I went to seven seniors homes – two were students of mine; the other five?  Don’t know.  Loved it.  

Here is what I know. 

Not everyone is wearing masks and other “protective” attire. And I also know… FINE WITH ME.  I am going to die anyway and if it was because you or I weren’t wearing masks – not my problem. Also, now that you got me started.  Didn’t we all wear “masks” before the shelter in place?  Ya know… what is that mask you are wearing?  I think that was at one of those “Professional Development Day” workshops:  THE MASKS WE WEAR.   

Here is what I don’t know

Why?  Why … in regards to not wearing a mask and other “protective” attire.  Why … in regards to wearing a mask and other “protective” attire when those people who did play by the “rules” still got sick and / or died?  

Here is what I know. 

I am a high school music teacher being asked to teach and make music virtually.  I like the one definition of “virtually” – nearly / almost.  Damn.  So, we are nearly / almost teaching music?  We are nearly / almost doing our jobs?  I disdain doing anything “nearly” or “almost.”  Ah-ha… Now I know why this is such misery.  

Here is what I know. 
I woke up today. 
I ate a salad for lunch.  
Drank a chocolate SLIM FAST smoothie (not slimming fast). 
Worked out.
Did podcast episode 33. 
I love my family

Here is what I know. 

I believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart.  He has taught me so much.  He gives me strength.  Jesus is real.  He is helping me to get through every day, especially since March 13, 2020 – the last day we taught our students.  

Here is what I know – as of May 7, 2020.  

Over 70,000 people have passed away due to COVID-19.  Over 180,000 have “survived” COVID19 ……………  30 million-plus have lost their jobs / businesses.   

Here is what I know. 

People are going to believe anything that fits their argument.  If it doesn’t fit their argument, not only is it wrong, it is … dangerous and so are YOU (who think differently)!  

Here is what I know.

Scientists are human and have flaws and … biases (thank you to a former student, KATE, for teaching me that). 

Here is what I know.

I am going to die. 

Here is what I don’t know. 

  • Who to believe – especially when it comes to COVID-19 
  • Did the Oakmont seniors and their families appreciate what the OHS staff / faculty did for them today?  
  • Who is telling the truth.  
  • Am I going to be alive tomorrow?  
  • What will be the next album I play following the Wynton album.  
  • When the world is going to end.  
  • How many friends I have offended and therefore, walked away.  
  • How many friends I have made. 
  • When are teachers going to be able to go back to work?

Here is what I know.
Side A is done of the Wynton album and it is 2:13pm… turning over to side b 

Here is what I know. 

I am very grateful for my mom, Aunt, and Greg – as well, as several other relatives and close friends – are not alive to live through this experience.  I know they would have a difficult time health wise and even seeing the reaction from our country (family / friends, as well).  

Here is what I know.
I took Colace and therefore, I need to use the bathroom again. Damn…  

2:17pm – I am back. 

Here is what I don’t know.  

  • People live life through the “Make America Great” Filter or “I hate Trump” Filter. 
  • Vice President Biden is a good man and will do a fantastic job as our “Moral Compass.”  Seems that is part of the president’s role. 
  • The reason many of us are still content with our relationship with China while over 70,000 Americans have died –  and there will be more Americans – and over 30 million Americans have lost their jobs / businesses.  One billion dollar investment of masks and electric buses.  Have no idea why.  Little loyalty to those lost and hurt Americans!  Loyalty? 
  • Public sector telling the private sector, “I know what you’re going through” when in fact, not one public sector person who is still working has not been paid.  And many of the people who “know” are making money!! Unreal
  • People who are so sure the experts are “always” correct when, in fact, the experts are humans and humans make mistakes.
  • How come we still are into celebrating the diversity thang when we still see – after all the multicultural training for over 30 years in public education – injustice?  A human life is special.  PERIOD.  WE even want to make COVID-19 based on gender and race.  More blacks die – check the race box.  More men die – check the gender box.  WHO CARES about that and why do you?  Damn… Just attempting to understand as “the-new-target.” 
  • How come people – who have studied history – are so trusting of the government?  Notice how folks are willing to allow a “Contract Tracer” to go into a private residence to take out a COVID-19 person and take them to a place (TBD).  Ventura County… g-g-g-g-g-google it. 
  • Why anyone would want to be a “Contract Tracer”
  • People don’t want to work for a living and would rather take money from the government
  • People don’t understand the “power” of power. 
  • How come people don’t get concerned when ideas / statements / thoughts are taken down by YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK.  How come critical thinking is not a thang?  

Here is what I know.
There are so many things that I don’t know.  Too many to list, frankly. 
2:37pm   Side B of the Wynton album ended.   

Here is what I don’t know.
Have you been told today “I LOVE YOU?”

Here is what I know. 

I love you for taking the time to read this and, after reading this, still being my friend / loving family member.  I am grateful.   It’s 3:50pm.

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