Actions Do Matter

We are living in a time of “self-expression at anyone’s expense.”  Not “the” time … a time.  We are seeing more and more folks expressing their emotions / beliefs on issues at others’ cost.  More emotional than rational.  I have selected several photos that represent (in the following order – Left To Right:  BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY; WHITE SUPREMACISTS; ANTIFA; KKK.  I chose these photos below because they look the same.  However, the photos  represent very different groups.

I oppose these actions you see in these photos.  I don’t understand how anyone can condone what these people are “giving” us!  So, to folks who BELIEVE in these groups and their actions, I look forward to you explaining to us how your actions / your group’s actions make us a better nation.

My writing today is going to be brief.

I choose to judge people not on intentions … but actions.  I really have a difficult time judging one’s intent or heart.  When I see hate or violence that is what I see.  NO PUN INTENDED … it is “black & white” for me.  You break someone’s store window – you are evil.  When you use vulgar / racist language – you are evil.  When you take a person’s article of clothing, especially OFF THEIR BODY – you are evil.

Those who believe negative / evil / mean-spirited actions are wrong represent me.  The only time I can really feel that I would have to look at this statement I just made differently is — when defending one’s self. But, promoting one’s belief in riotous moments?  Come on!  You have got to please check yourself.  How does breaking a storefront window show LOVE?  How does carrying a tiki torch / yelling at others show a willingness to connect with others you differ from?

I told you I would be brief… I ask for you to stand with me to END VIOLENCE TO PROVE YOUR POINT.  Stop the hate-filled actions.  Stop intimidating others with your mob mentality.  Look at these photos below and ask yourself, “Do I want to be part of that person’s group?  Do I want to be seen with a person who behaves like that?  Could I (the reader of this blog) see myself in a similar photo to any of these and be at peace with who I am?”  Stand in poo long enough, you start smelling like.

To match violence with violence is revenge / retribution and you have created another group of victims.  Your violence / your group’s violence perpetuates the hate us “middle” folks are tired of seeing / living. Whenever “man” believes “he” is equal to God (in this case, deciding how to deal with revenge / retribution) is a sign of a “man” who is morally corrupt.  I could go on, but MY WRITING TODAY IS GOING TO BE BRIEF.  Which photo best describes your group?  They all look the same to me.