No NFL this morning… Tonight, I will watch

As I write this at 1:21pm September 24, 2017, I am choosing to miss today’s NFL football games.  I choose to miss the NFL games because, I can.  I WROTE “NFL Football games.”  In light of kneeling for the USA FLAG and frankly not showing support for the military (unless the NFL donates to the military charities or the Pentagon pays the NFL to show support for the military), seemed to be appropriate to watch the Naval Academy / Cincinnati COLLEGE football game.  Tonight,  despite Marshawn Lynch’s choice to be political / courageousness / social justice / act of freedom (attempted to give his action all the “appropriate” titles) prior to the game, I will watch the Raiders / Redskins game.  I do enjoy football.  I will love my OAKLAND Raiders for the next two years and then I will be done with them.  I am starting to see the enjoyment of the NFL and other “distractions” being taken away.  Like so many, I use sports as a distraction from the politics and crap.  Now, sports – AGAIN – is becoming part of the ENTERTAINMENT WORLD’S crap.

I am tired of politics / social engineering being a part of sports and entertainment.  Using sports / entertainment (TV / MOVIES) were great ways to stick my head in the sand and escape the mean-centered politics and social engineering.  Now, I turn on a football game and the cameras PURPOSEFULLY point out which players are kneeling.  Why?  Because, the media want to promote the idea of “anti-police-violence?” Or some may say, “anti-police?”  Why do we need to see the players kneel? What would be the reason other than pushing a “social agenda?”

The Emmys may have been the top of the mountain of pushing the “anti-Trump” and the “whites are bad” message.  No white person would have been allowed to say, “I am rooting for all the whites to win.”  No.  Not at all.  Not even funny.  But, if it is a black person saying, “I am rooting for a the blacks to win,” we need to have empathy / applaud them for their social commentary on how terrible our nation is.. so forth and so on.  And then, all the “anti-Trump” stuff.  Again, I did not vote for TrumpI VOTED FOR ME to be president.  To root for a president to fail, be it Donald Trump or Barack Obama is STUPID!  Yes!  It is stupid… as goes the president, so goes our nation.  Rooting for President Obama to fail:  STUPID.  Rooting for President Trump to fail:  STUPID.

I would love an intellectual / no emotion discussion on:  WHY ARE THE RATINGS DOWN FOR THE EMMYS & THE NFL? We can guess.  Answers in the form of questions:

  • The folks who do enjoy movies / TV / sports are conservative and are tired of being GROUPED with the “crazy-right-wing” people???
  • The liberals did not realize how many conservatives were a large part of the paying audience / crowd of the entertainment industry or sporting events???
  • Most of the liberals do not financially support the entertainment industry or attending sporting events and we did not realize this until now?

There must be a reason to “why?”

In the end, the secular world (which the USA is slowly becoming) wealth & “stuff” & FAME are the main motivators.  The secular world, our self-esteem is being wrapped around with tangible items.  The more we have, the more we are happy.   When the money starts to run dry (movie attendance – down; attendance at sporting events – down; the purchase of music – down; ratings for TV – down), these once “morally-centered defenders of social justice” human beings will become quiet.  The nation is divided.  There is fifty-percent of our nation that does not want to support the message the athletes / actors / actresses / musicians are pushing.  Really … they don’t.  And, if fifty-percent of the nation is not buying their message and that fifty-percent not buying their message may be the majority supporting their salaries…things will change.  FOLLOW THE MONEY.

I AGREE!!  President Trump blew this up!!  HE DIDN’T START IT!  JUST A THOUGHT-TANGENT:  He could have been quiet, but something else is happening OR is about to happen.  He did this because there is something else going on that the federal government doesn’t want us to know.  Look at this hand!  Never mind that hand.  I felt the same way every time President Obama would take time to get involved in the Police vs. Minorities discussion.  Something is up.  It is a “shell game.”

When we see this bitter / nasty / caustic / unkind behavior or read similar messages, I would encourage all of us to go to our family.  Love our family.  Love our faith.  Respect our family.  Respect our faith.  These people (athletes) taking a knee… these people tweeting opinions… are NOT PART OF YOUR LIFE.  NOT PART OF YOUR LIFE.  Really?  They don’t genuinely care about you.  They don’t.  Well, I take that back.  The athletes / actors / actresses / musicians will start caring about you when you start to not care about their games / movies / concerts.  There is a “conditional love” with these fellow human beings.   Conditions:  GO TO THEIR GAMES / MOVIES / CONCERTS.  Conditions:  MUST BELIEVE WHAT THEY BELIEVE.

Go rest.  Take a walk.  Go read.  Hug your parent.  Pray.  Pray for those who are taking a knee.  Pray for those who differ from you.  Meditate.  Quiet time.  Burn a candle.  Do what you need to do to make yourself better.  USE YOUR TIME WISELY.  I did… I wrote this for you, my family and our God.

PSStephen Curry, please continue to show / demonstrate a “Christ-Centered” direction of life.  Show people, we don’t need a president’s approval.  You don’t need to go to the White House.  I do wish you would have thought the same when you went to the White House for the Golden State Warriors previous championship.  But, now … now, Stephen Curry you can say, “I need Jesus Christ’s approval…not ANY president’s approval.”  Be the bigger man.  Show the world the power of Jesus Christ.  Be part of the next GREAT AWAKENING our nation needs.  Our nation has had several GREAT AWAKENINGS and now…needs another one.  GOD BLESS.  (and if Stephen Curry reads any of this… I will be shocked ?)