First Ever Blog – So I will improve

Hello to a NEW WORLD:

At forty-nine years old and soon to be turning FIFTY (January 6, 2016), I am writing my first ever blog and this opening sentence welcomes criticism.  Why?  Because I am sure there is something wrong with the first-ever sentence.  Syntax, or micro-aggression – due to my mentioning my age as to infer that old people have a challenge with technology.  Something will be wrong with every sentence in this first-ever blog because that is what YOU THE READER are looking for.  Could I make a request?  Please look at this first-ever blog as:  what could be a good thing.
This will be the shortest blog I will write.  Just want to inform the world what to expect.  I am a high school music teacher, married to a beautiful lady (since March 30, 1991), father of a super young man who is in the NAVY and a daughter who will be attending a university in Texas (tired of California).

My blog will focus on my passions which include education and family.  So since it is the holiday season which includes more than just Christmas (which is what I celebrate) I thought I would present an article that challenges me:  public schools becoming less “public.”

Being Christian, I expect to be hurt – just part of the “gig.”  But, I also expect to TOLERATE others’ faiths and/or lack of faith.  When I see folks get upset that other faiths, in this case Muslim, be welcomed into the community that was at one time dominated by Christians, worries me.  We need to trust God that all of this is happening for his purpose.

To be upset that there is a Muslim song in school concert, along with Christian and Jewish songs is a sign of weakness.  Find strength in allowing those who want to live a religion – live.  I am glad there was a Muslim song at the concert!  I am glad there was a PUBLIC SCHOOL music teacher who took the time to find a Muslim song to perform and this “gladness” is coming from a CHRISTIAN man.  I am not fearful of another religion and I suggest you live the same way… SUGGEST you live the same way

So, enjoy the article and share your thoughts.  My thought:  A PUBLIC SCHOOL SHOULD DO ITS BEST TO EMBRACE THE PUBLIC and stop cherry picking.  AND if you don’t like what the public school is offering, you need to find an independent school where your child will thrive.

Parents Question Choice To Sing ‘Allahu Akbar’ At Holiday Concert

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  1. Paul what can be upsetting is school’s omitting Christmas and every other holiday from their programs because they see it as a white holiday and not for all races. But what they should see is that Jesus Christ loves all races of human beings and Jesus is blind to all colors. When public schools ban holidays from their programs they are discriminating against white,black, and every other color there is. It is just a shame that little children and grownups alike are not given the chance to enjoy the true spirit of holidays in public school. SHAME ON THEM!!!

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