Happy Sixth Anniversary Ashlee & PJ!

Written and Published on May 20, 2023

Seeing our son and daughter-in-law with their two sons (our grandsons) and their maid of honor with her husband walking around Disneyland warms my heart!  Takes me back to the days when our son and daughter were our grandsons’ ages and we were at Disneyland.  VERY SPECIAL MOMENT!

Yes.  Because I am happy to see important people in my life walking around Disneyland, I lost three more friends.  However, I agree with my son.  He wants to have his childhood memories shared with his children.  No worries.   Someday, the Disney corporation will figure it out.  Their overt support for one group of people is wrong.  Disney is showing us that history repeats itself.  For many years, the white heterosexual male was the example of “some animals are more equal than others.”  I get it!  Now, it is time for human beings’ revenge / retribution.  Human beings’ actions that are centered on revenge / retribution NEVER go well.  Only the Lord should be able to act on revenge and retribution.

Back to the point of the article.

Our son and daughter-in-law are creating the next great family.  I want them to know how “humbly proud” I am of them.  In this day and age, when it is not so cool to be a “nuclear family,” they are now the ‘punk rockers.’  They seem to be the salmon going upstream.  AND yet, they are doing it right!

On my five mile walk this morning (May 20, 2023), I listened to Dr. Jordan Peterson interview Dr. Yoram Hazony:  How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality.

During that fantastic interview is the topic of ‘The Call to Responsibility, Utopian Schemes.’

Dr. Peterson:  I’ve seen on my tours the call to responsibility has become somewhat of a Clarion call and you know you can see the Marxists and the environmental types as well capitalizing on the attractiveness of responsibility and destiny to some degree by offering these utopian schemes as a sort of – Messianic alternative to Adam the enemy of liberals.  Let’s put it that way.  The conservative approach seems to be something more like – um – what would I call it?  The pursuit of responsibility in humble micro domains.  To say it yourself, you should try to set your family relationships right.  And maybe to establish a family and having established a certain degree of harmony and functionality in your family.  Then, maybe you could extend out a few tentacles into the surrounding community.  You could build from the bottom up.  You could build a stable life and a stable social life.  Followed by a stable political life.  Let’s say, from the bottom up.  One of the things I have been heartened by is the fact that if you lay out those arguments to young people, you say, ‘Look!  You need to be embedded in a social surrounding and you need to take responsibility for it.  The reason you need that is because that is where you’re going to find purpose of your life.’  That sounds to me like an echo of this Biblical insistence that there actually is something for the human being to do.  As long as they don’t bite off more than they can chew and get all prideful about it.

Dr. Hazony:  You (Dr. Peterson) said maybe start a family.  This might be controversial with some of your viewers, but in the Jewish tradition, the starting a family is an obligation that everyone who can do it – must do it.  And if you think about that in terms of the responsibility issue, young Orthodox Jews are raised to believe that if you don’t take on this responsibility, if you as a young man don’t make it your business to find a wife and to have children and do what it takes to create a stable structure, you are going to – for your entire life – be unable to understand what it actually takes in order to create human order. I mean, many of the European leaders are unmarried and don’t have children.  Young people don’t learn how to govern.  They don’t know how to be the king and queen in their own homes.  They don’t learn how to hold it together, despite the incredible pain and difficulties that often takes place between men and women.  Children are sometimes fun, but sometimes incredibly painful and incredibly difficult to raise.  This concept that every young man and woman who can do it, must take the responsibility to bring life into the world. To create the world anew.  To try to build up on the basis of what’s been inherited.  To try to make it better than what it was in previous generations.  That view in many ways is the bedrock of the Jewish and Christian view.  That view says, we are not slaves to the gods.  We are partners in creating this world.  That means we have an obligation to do the act of creation.   The most fundamental act of creation is creating a family.  Once you’ve done that, then you can learn how to create congregations to uphold nations.  All of that flows from the first step – young people taking responsibility for creating their own little world in a family.

Dr. Peterson:  There is no more profound responsibility than that and so it’s an initiation into profound responsibility.  I mean, one of the things that happens to a parent is accepting the profound responsibility of being a child’s parent.   I think it is very difficult for this (understanding profound responsibility) to happen if you don’t become a parent.  Once you are a parent, there is someone definitely someone more important than you are.

The interview is FANTASTIC!

A lesson from this interview that I learned is – to disrupt the nuclear family is to destroy the United States of America as the constitutional republic that many of us / THE MAJORITY OF US LOVE. Black Lives Matter wants to disrupt the nuclear family

To see our son and his wife taking on the profound responsibility of raising children gives me hope our nation is going to survive this attempt of a cultural revolution.

I am here to cheer on young families like PJ and Ashlee are creating.  I am here to say there is right and wrong and what you (PJ & Ashlee) are doing is RIGHT!!

Continue to accept the profound responsibility of being married and being parents!  Since May 20, 2017, you have begun to create a family that has the opportunity to help keep the United States of America what the Founding Fathers established!  You (PJ & Ashlee) need to DEFEND YOUR MARRIAGE.  You need to continue to teach your children what is right and wrong.  The American ideals.  Those American ideals that so many thousands are crossing the border to learn.

Young families – YOU NEED TO DEFEND YOUR MARRIAGE!  The goal to keep your marriage alive is more important than your role as husband and wife.  The goal is more important than the role.

All of us OOOOOLD parents with children who are adults, please support the younger families.  Cheer them on!  They are facing obstacles we (been married since March 30, 1991) did not face when we were their age.  During the early years of our marriage, there was no group – that I remember – who made it part of their mission to ‘disrupt the nuclear family.’  There were no books in our children’s school’s library that were so graphic / sexually explicit.  I could go on with what our young families are facing today that we did not when we were their age!  Our young families need our support!

Happy Anniversary Ashlee and PJ.  WE LOVE YOU!

How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality | Dr. Yoram Hazony | EP 305