Rumors = Evil

Written May 1, 2023      Published on May 2, 2023

God is THE best drummer!  He has impeccable timing.

Yesterday, I read a “Bible Study” that could not have been more appropriate for me at the right time.  Kind of like a drummer giving a great “fill” for the band to jump in and BLOW!

In 1989, I began my awesome career as a music teacher.  I taught at three elementary schools in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

Around March 1989, I received a phone call from a high school junior, Tara.  Tara was in the high school band where I student taught.

“Mr. Everts, we want you to please interview for the Riesling High School music teacher position.”  And that would be the first of several changes.

  • 1989 – 94 “Riesling High School”
  • 1994 – 97 “The Bay Area Christian School”
  • 1997 – 05 “Stone Lake High School”
  • 2005 – 08 “Littletown High School”
  • 2008 – 17 “Killarney High School”
  • 2017 – Retired on December 22, 2021 – “Pinecrest High School”
  • On June 8, 2022, I received two phone calls, Dean from “George Washington Academy” and Chris from “Grizzly River High School.”  I informed both men (who attend the same church), I was retired and had not decided if I was going to continue.  Well, they did a wonderful job cheering me up and gave me their complete vote of confidence.

“Pinecrest High School” was tough on my spirit.  After all, when an administrator tells me, “Paul, ya gotta leave Jesus Christ in the parking lot” while fellow teachers and activists (students) are wearing “Social Justice” themed attire and/or waving their “Social Justice” themed flags and yes, reading Ibram X. Kendi books /articles, I knew I was a marked man.

In several upcoming articles, I will share with you stories from “Killarney High School,” “Pinecrest High School,” and “Grizzly River High School.”

This article’s theme is:  LET THEM EAT MORSELS.

In my book, CONDUCTING MY LIFE, I give the reader stories about my experiences at the first four high schools.  I encourage you to purchase and read the book.  I hope this book would help teachers recognize similar experiences and give some insight from what I learned.  Please order “Conducting My Life”

Another motivating factor in writing that book and my next book is to give my side of the story.  It is so interesting, frustrating, and sad to hear all the rumors, gossip and lies about why I left each job.

“Oooooo.  Mr. Everts got fired!” Said with glee / happiness / cheering.

NEVER.  You are lying!  Even slanderous.

Jesus Christ gave me and you many gifts.

One of the many gifts Jesus Christ gave me is building programs.  I am not a “maintainer.”  I am a builder.

In 2005, and this is in the book, when I told the Stone Lake High School principal, I was leaving he said, “Paul, you are like Saint Paul.  You go into a village.  Build a fantastic church and leave with everyone wanting to take off your head.”  He is accurate.  I don’t do jobs to be “loved.”  I do jobs to love and yes, to help support my family’s needs.

Once I have built a program (WITH A LOT OF HELP; NEVER ON MY OWN!) and folks are not enjoying what I am / we are building, it is time for me to leave.  I want the next person who follows me to enjoy all the work we did to make that program grow.  With all but one of the five high schools, each person who followed me did or is doing a great job!  I love seeing those schools flourish with next director.

So, not to disappoint any of the haters / doubters / liars, I left each job because I was not making the difference I enjoy making.  Each job was very interested in me staying.  Sure.  Some were probably happy I was leaving, but none of them were out to fire me!  Therefore, when you hear I was fired, you are being introduced to someone who is a liar.

Going back to that April 30, 2023 “Bible Study.”

“Israel’s King Solomon knew well the power of misinformation. He wrote, “The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to the inmost parts” (Proverbs 18:8). Sometimes our fallen human nature causes us to want to believe things about others that aren’t true.  Yet even when others believe untruths about us, God can still use us for good.  God’s purposes for our lives still stand, regardless of what others say or think. When others gossip about us, remember that His opinion—and His love for us—is what matters most.” – James Banks  

Please know, especially if you are leader, people are going to say mean things, tell lies, share the truth through their lenses and, there is nothing you can do about it.

I strongly believe God does have purpose(s) for my life and I am beginning to see them.  Heck!  This article is fulfilling purpose for my life.

When you start hearing negative things about you, respond in kindness.  Kindness is different than nice.  Too many of us Christians have been too nice and letting things go.  We need to start defending ourselves.  Hence, pray for your enemies.  You know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

As I have shared in previous articles, I admit, my early retirement has left me lonely and at times, feeling the spiritual war (which I am thoroughly in).  When we are busy / occupied / distracted, we don’t recognize satan’s attacks.  Now, with some “free” time, the ‘scales’ are falling off my eyes.  I see what the world of public / government and unfortunately private education is becoming.  On a public (government) funded school campus, when others can wear their “Social Justice” gear, wave there “Social Justice” flags, keep secrets about a student’s well-being from parents and us who are “believers” are not afforded equal (not equitable) treatment, something evil is happening.

I am writing this to tell you, GO TO GOD!  Open your arms up!  His arms are open and ready to welcome you.  It’s been rough, but there is nothing more comforting than a hug from your Father.

Hope this helps.

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