Mr. Patten simply shook the President’s hand

Due to our second PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FRIDAY in three weeks, I had some time to share some thoughts.  I do pay to have a website and I need give my nine readers a BLOG entry.

What has happened since January 20, 2017?  TOO MUCH!

Not NECESSARILY TOO MUCH from the President.  I didn’t vote for President Trump.  I still stand by my vote:  me.  I had a choice between Clinton / Trump.  I chose:  ME.

In twenty-one days of being President, President Trump has done a lot.  I do have concern about Betsy DeVos.  However, as my nine blog readers know, I CAN’T STAND THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION!  I find the federal department of education to be impotent.  So, our nation deserves to have Betsy DeVos.  You want to see what the federal department of education can do? … ENJOY!!  Until February 7, 2017, Secretary DeVos had the power to influence public education in the state of Michigan.  Look at how much she has done for that state’s education system.  NOW? She has the power to influence an entire nation’s PUBLIC education?  Something she has never been a part of.  Wisdom from nowhere?  WARNING – HERE COMES THE “FALSE EQUIVALENCE” (I am learning how to use “false equivalence” – I get “nailed” with that all the time…sigh):  SECRETARY DeVOS KNOWS AS MUCH ABOUT PUBLIC EDUCATION AS I DO ABOUT BEING A WOMAN.  I mean… I have no “right” to speak about being a woman as she has no “right” to speak about Public Education?  Correct?  I am so confused.  I am having a difficult time with how I am supposed to talk / what I can talk about in the FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED AMERICA.  Is the new rule in the FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED AMERICA about sharing views: YOU MAY ONLY SHARE VIEWS ABOUT PEOPLE WHO SHARE THE SAME VIEWS THAT YOU DO?

I digressed…

Basically, President Trump has followed through on several promises he made during his campaign.  Yes, some I appreciate, some I question (because I don’t know) and some I disagree with, but he has followed through.  And now the response?

If you (in this case a small business man will be my example) simply go into the White House and shake President Trump’s hand, you are now open to criticism for simply shaking his hand.  The shake of a hand shows loyalty?  Support?  Hmmm… so strange.  A shake of hand?  One shake of a hand can begin to ruin your life.  What in the world is YOUR PROBLEM people?  Casey Patten answers “the call” to go to the White House and now is vilified.  We have no idea what Mr. Patten’s view of President Trump is.  Does Mr. Patten benefit from President Trump’s plan for small businesses?  Maybe.  What is wrong with small businesses profiting from a president’s plan?  Oh…  Because, you don’t like President Trump and anyone who benefits from one of his decisions is also evil.  Better not fly on Delta.  They just approved 25,000 jobs following a meeting with the President.  WARNING:  FALSE EQUIVALENCE ALERT.  You who are so anti-Trump sound like most conservatives when they spoke out against Obama!  Damn.  Again, retribution and revenge is meant for God.  Different topic:  Where were y’all with all of President Obama’s deportations?Sure missed those airport protests.  Hmmmm…

I want this blog entry to be brief so I will end it now.  Those of you who are choosing to “hurt” people who are benefiting from the President’s policies… you were the same people who were upset by the conservatives speaking against President Obama.  The folks who are hurting this nation (list not in any specific order):  THE PARTY LOYALISTS (including extreme conservatives / extreme liberals – not interested in either person’s thoughts); RULE FOLLOWERS (those who believe “rules” override COMMON SENSE); RULE BREAKERS (I am mad, so I will throw this barricade through your school’s window and not give a crap that it could hurt someone because they should hurt as much as me).

My hope from this blog entry?  Rahm Emanuel:  TAKE A CHILL PILL (Damn… I quoted one of the most troubled city’s mayors?!)

I am going to make a confession:

  • I have had the same twenty-one days of President Trump as you have had.
  • I haven’t thrown a barricade through a window.
  • I haven’t “defriended” anyone on Facebook who has “accused” me of being a bad person for attempting to rationalize / understand what the FLIP President Trump is doing.

Again, in disagreeing with another’s opinion:  conservatives – the person I disagree with is “wrong;” liberals – the person I disagree with is “bad.”  I will continue to believe your opinion has as much TRUTH / ACCURACY as my opinion.  Please do all you can to stop hurting people.  Do you want someone who disagrees with you to hurt your business?  Do you want someone who disagrees with you to throw a barrier through your business’s window?  Mr. Patten simply shook the President’s hand.