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First, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I am writing this at 10:35am.  The day following Thanksgiving 2020!  I am sitting in my rocking chair / lounge chair in my living room.  I want to write a very brief article.  

Last night, yes on Thanksgiving – we didn’t watch WIZARD OF OZ or SOUND OF MUSIC (Giggle) – we finally watched THE SOCIAL DILEMMAhttps://www.thesocialdilemma.com/ Wow!  Please … make the time to watch this very important documentary, especially if you are a parent of young children / grandparent or a TEACHER or as we are now referred to “Zoom Meeting Leaders.”  (tongue in cheek)  Being a teacher since 1989, I have a better understanding the pain social media is creating in our students, especially THE GIRLS!! 

What really got me thinking about the need to watch this documentary is the timing of the documentary.  With all that is going on in the “developed” countries, we could very well be seeing a major shift in relationships, ending democratic structure.  Heading to a more authoritarian, structure.  If not the real meaning behind the statement:  the meek shall inherit the earth. 

Notice much of the “pain,” (riots / COVID19 / distrust in governments  / poorly rain elections / hypocrisy growing from elected officials (now, it seems to be an “accepted norm”)   created in part thanks to social media, is happening in the world are within the “developed” nations.  Not that there isn’t pain in the “third-world nations.”  However, those “third-world” human beings may not see their situation as painful, but as their normal.  We tend to judge based on our perception.  We – the all mighty / all knowing “first world nations” (sarcasm) – have it all together.  Following watching, THE SOCIAL DILEMMA, not so sure that is the case. 

We need to wake up. 

We need to understand, we are being manipulated.  Watch the documentary and you may arrive at the same conclusion.  At the same time, being a part of the social media is very scary and sad.

Brilliant people (in the documentary – sincerely … brilliant) setting out to help make the world come together, in fact, have helped divide the world.  An unintended consequence – I HOPE / I TRUST. 

In the end – again, I want to make this article brief – please do all you can to own your of respect / responsibility / self-discipline.  Do not fall for a victim of social media.  Please, support and embrace the idea of SOVEREIGNTY OF THE INDIVIDUAL.  Do not allow people (especially on social media) to intimidate you / bully you into thinking they have THE answer.  They do not! 

I will have more to say about my idea – there are words of humanity that need to bring us together. 

For now, here is the “introduction” of the words of humanity

  • Everyone needs to respect himself / herself first and then show respect to others. 
  • Everyone needs to accept responsibility for all their decisions / choices. 
  • Everyone needs to have self-discipline. 
  • Every needs to have integrity. 
  • Everyone needs to have faith (I am not talking just a “religious” faith (even though I live as a Christian man).  I am talking about faith in himself / herself and others.)

In the next coming weeks / months, I will have more to say about “Everyone.”  Know now, when choosing to work with me – “everyone” is literally EVERYONE.  Stop it with the dividing us.  As corny as it is, it has been said and shown for thousands-of-years:  I prick my finger and my black friend pricks his finger – our blood is red.  Even though we look different / smell different / sound different – our needs are the same. 

Looking for people to join me in creating an “ensemble” that is truly diversified with the idea it’s about being human first – not your gender first.  Not your skin color first.  Not your eye color first.  Not your age first.  Not even your religion first (yes, super important to me, but do not want my faith to be in the way of bringing people together).  Bring the “band-back-together.”  

Gonna take some strong people to fight off the “Silo Makers.”  “Silo Makers?” Those folks who want to group us according to what I listed earlier, oppose to being together!  I can still love you even though I don’t love your food or music. 

For all of us to be human first, we need to understand and live:  respect / responsible / self-discipline / integrity / faith.  

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    1. Hello Julann!!
      Wow… what a wonderful surprise! Thank you very much for taking to read the “article.” I am pretty fired about the “plot” to divide us. Not that the tinfoil hat is on too tight – let alone on. (wink) Please consider sharing the post with friends. I believe we need to share the idea of “Everyone needs to be respectful / responsible / self-discipline. There are too many Silo Makers!

      Again, thank you. I appreciate your support and friendship.

      Many Blessings / Agape,

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